Blame – The Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix) [1992]
January 13, 2010

One of the most recognisable early nineties hardcore tracks, the 2 Bad Mice version keeps the beats hard and backs off on the cheese a bit. As always with the Mice, its all about beats and basslines and this does them both with style. I think I was still hearing this mixed into sets in 1994 which gives you an idea of how beloved a track this belter is. Honestly, it got on my nerves after a while but going back for a listen after a break just takes you right back.

From Discogs
The definitive version! Worth hunting down and paying the extra dosh for, the Seal vocal ‘music takes you round and round…’. It is only used twice, maybe it could have been used more but hey, what a tune, absolute stone cold classic! Check the 2 Bad Mice remix which is wicked also. Big up Blame, good to see he’s still around and making quality tunes, and Moving Shadow, so many essential releases and still going strong!

Renegade feat Ray Keith – The Terrorist (PA Mix) [1994]
December 13, 2009

6 minutes of ruffness. Absolutely legendary DnB cut from Ray Keith. Immediately recognisable, everyone knows that drop is comming but that bassline is out of this world. Literally WROTE the book on rollin’ – love it.

Incidentally, the Piano is sampled from Japan’s “The Nightporter” taken from their 1980 LP “Gentlemen Take Polaroids”.

From Discogs
Whoever listens this timeless Breakbeat classic “Terrorist” by Ray Keith & Gavin Cheung (A.K.A. Nookie) for the first time will never imagine what comes right after the opening dramatic pianos taken from Japan’s “The Nightporter”: an oscillating bassline from Kevin Sauderson’s classic “Just Want Another Chance” (1988) as Reese and the Amen Break based Breakbeat storm (sampled from the complete drum solo drop out of “Amen, Brother” by The Winstons, 1969) that would cause a very singular impact on the history of Jungle & Drum n’ Bass. As a natural consequence, “Terrorist” was included on many important compilations such as ‘Drum & Bass Selection 2’, ‘Jungle Fever Vol. 1 – The Jungalistic Revolution’, ‘Jungle Mania 2’, ‘The Ultimate Jungle Collection’, ‘Radio Dreamscape Volume One’, ‘World Dance – The Drum + Bass Experience’, among others.
Although there is no credits on the sleeve or label for Nookie, he was with Ray Keith the composer and producer of this single.

Foul Play – Music Is The Key (Omni Trio Remix) [1994]
December 13, 2009

Strap this bad boy on, what a remix by Omni Trio from the Volume IV Remixes from Foul Play. The track would have been epic had it not been for the the drunk vocalist, but screw it – its farkin’ awesome.

From Discogs
A perfect remix, completely rewires the original and invents a new genre in the process, for is this not one of the earliest examples of ambient jungle? The orignal was a classic,one of my personal faves,that tuneful deep bassline always gets you. Who would have thought the remix could be even more uplifting? This record has a touch that is so light,so delicate – yet never wishy washy in a way that say someone from the Good looking label would have made it. The effect is to quote Simon Reynolds ‘one of the most far out alien slices of artcore’. Must be amongst shadows most worthy releases (it all went rather down hill after that eh? rather bukemesque!),and sadly Foul Play’s last good record.

Hyper On Experience – Lord of the Null Lines (Original Mix) [1993]
November 10, 2009

Taken from the Hyper On Experience EP “Deaf In The Family”. The Foul Play remix is the darkest, most heavily rinsed edition of this classic but my heart goes with the Original. Probably due to King Willy samples, some fucking crazy drops and a healthy dose of uplifting vocals.

From Discogs
This represents the pinnacle of Hyper On Experience’s kitchen-sink brilliance. The tracks themselves have so many changes and edits from start to finish that they’re almost impossible to mix. All the DJs played the Foul Play remix of “Lord Of The Null Lines”, and it’s great to be sure, but I prefer the sheer uninhibited insanity of the original version. “Thunder Grip” and “Time Stretch” are gems as well, with the remix of “Imajika” being the only less-than-brilliant moment.