Roni Size – Heroes [1997]
December 10, 2013

Is it a track that even needs an introduction? Its one of the best known offerings from Size and Reprazent and definitely one of the most popular tracks released from the seminal New Forms.

For me, while it was absolutely caned on release, its a track that has easily stood the test of time. It sounds no less fresh than the day it was released, you couldnt believe that it was released 16 years ago. The drop is a masterstroke, with the start of the track sounding very Hospital records before it drops and that cracking bassline takes over.

Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag [1997]
June 15, 2013

Damn I have been lamenting the loss of my copy of New Forms today. You always want the albums you dont have to hand, doubly so when you know the CD has vanished. This, while not my favourite track from the album, right now, sat at work, this is what needs to be playing. I’ll be honest, I found a lot of what Size, Full Circle etc were pushing out back in ’97 to not be quite my flavour of DnB at the time, I guess I was still stuck on broken amen’s and terrifying basslines. But around 2000 when I actually picked up New Forms, it was a glorious return to some fantastic DnB during a time where there had been a fair bit of stagnation in the current DnB world.

This track is one of those defining DnB tunes, taking an extremely simple arrangement and layering lots of exciting facets to it, from the mutated bassline to the various vocal stabs and synth effects the whole track is woven expertly around that frantic (non-Amen based) break. I shouldnt undersell the fact that there’s no Amen break in this track, for 1997, thats pretty much all there had been for the past 4 years. Now, some 15 years down the line and this track still sounds fresh as the day it was released. A bona fide classic example of the genre.

Daft Punk – Around The World (10 Hr Edit) [1997]
April 25, 2012

Well, since its been a week or so, its time for the big reveal. Back to the USA we go which is why its been a bit sparse around here of late. So in honour, we have the 10 hour version of Around The World from Daft Punk. 10 hours, roughly the same length of time you’ll spend on a plane flying from London to the West Coast of the USA.

On to the track, well its the seminal Daft Punk sound and production. I think most people got their start with Daft Punk after hearing this track, its definitely responsible for turning friends of mine to the house sound. Its not all that hard to see either, its catchy as HELL. Probably why the 10 hour version doesn’t sound wholly repetitive since it rearranges the composition enough to keep the track interesting.

So, as for the cans, we’ll be a bit quiet for the next few weeks while moving! See you on the flip side!

Medicine – I’m Sick [1997]
March 30, 2012

Holy shit this is an unabashed pounder designed to rock your socks clean off. The break is a brutal assortment of bass drums and snares, sounding more like the thunderous cacophony of a car being shredded than a rocking breakbeat. Mixed up into that maelstrom is a filthy synth hook and a cheeky machine gun bassline for good measure. A quality floor killer from the excellent duo, Liam May and Luke Ezra.

Freska Allstars – We Come to Rock [1997]
March 26, 2012

Cracking breakbeat beastie from the Freska Allstars, once again featuring that great string riff from the Simple Minds. This track is most definately on the Big Beat tip, sounding like it might have lifted the original sample from Company of One rather than the original. Regardless, its a belter of a tune, get in!

Nico Featuring Makai – Omen [1997]
March 2, 2012

Oh my gosh! Talk about dark, this one hunts your nightmares at the best of times. A cracking dark drum n bass track from Nico and Makai, with one of the longest buildups in history I reckon. What, 4 minutes of scare your gran strings and bass before the beats kick in like an assault from some slasher flick. Again, not much else to say, its golden era DnB, filthy and distorted, full of bass and malevolence. What a cracker!

Pamela Fernandez – Kickin’ In The Beat (Extended Mix) [1992]
February 27, 2012

I reckon its about time we paid our repects to the excellent Pamela Fernandez and the seminal classic that is “Kickin’ In The Beat”. Yeah, that accapella has been caned within an inch of its life, found predominantly listed as remixes of this tune but often just snippets of the whole. You’ll find a bunch of those tracks listed on here but the highlights for me have to be Sublime’s The Theme and the Club For Life track from Chris & James. Fernandez’ voice is tailor made for house music and the Todd Terry remix of this just brings it all together with a funky but chunky house arrangement and the vocals stomping all over the track like Godzilla. There’s a bunch of other decent remixes out there, some house heavy tracks, some more progressive. Lets see if we cant list some of the better ones eh?

Tommy Musto Remix – Glam House from 1994

Standard Issue Dancing Diva’s mayhem from 1994

Deeper Alex Party remix, also 1994!

The cracking Sub-Urban Kickin’ Mix from……. 1994!

The inexplicably popular AIM Dub mix, choppy raveyness/bouncy houseness in here… 1992

Finally and most importantly, the original accapella;

Dave Angel – Funk Music (DJ Tonka Remix) [1997]
February 24, 2012

What a cracker this is, its fast enough to be a Dave Angel techno wonder but Tonka chucks in a bucketload of disco-house goodness wrapping the whole track into an absolute dancefloor destroyer. Its got the trademark Angel crispy high hats and snares but lots of string work (from Tonka no doubt). If this track cant get your ass moving you’ve gotta be dead since every dancefloor I’ve seen it dropped on the place has just erupted! What a great track.

Adam F – Dirty Harry (Grooverider Remix) [1997]
December 20, 2011

You have to hand it to Adam F, full respect for Colours, its one of the genre defining Drum & Bass albums ever released. More so to have the good sense to use Grooverider’s remix of Dirty Harry as the one that makes its way onto said album. This really is 6 minutes of pure perfection. The introduction is the dogs, the easy wind up steppin’ business of the first 2 mins and into that cracking breakdown just sets the whole track up for some serious head nodding and shuffling. There have been a ton of remixes that do this original cut proud but nothing beats the original remix! To be honest, I cant actually say ive ever hear Adam F’s original, unsurprising considering how massive this track is.

Cracking remix from Decoder & Peshay

And not forgetting this excellent cut from Ganja Kru. I have to say, the break is the star in this version;

Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix) [1997]
November 25, 2011

Let us now take a moment to give this classic its due respect. Sure, its been played to death, now stalking dancefloors like some undead vinyl monster but when it dropped, it destroyed everything in its path. At the time, the UK was buckling under the weight of fluffy/disco house music, DnB was finding its feet after spending 3 years in the jungle, techno was as underground as it ever was. Globally, the scene wasnt all that much different, Balearic house beats dominating everywhere. Josh Wink masturbating on his 303 to create that abomination known as Higher State… Suddenly, out of nowhere, suddenly this was in every single club you found yourself in. Didnt matter if you were in your local Ritzy or at some underground house joint, somewhere, at some point in the night, this would drop. And its effect would be identical. It literally destroyed the crowd, the place exploding with half a decade of pent up fatigue with four to the floor house beats. It layed bassline work that would be emulated for years to come, everything from Speed Garage to Dubstep. A track that reminded us all that a really good tune isnt just something to dance too, but something to travel to another time and place with. Fucking masterpiece.

From Discogs
Armand’s remix is a classic “no need for any other remixes” piece of work. This tune still sends shivers down my spine everytime I hear it. The bassline is “down and dirty” and the overall vibe is quite chilling and dark. Her vocals are quite “druggy” sounding and the lyrics suggest being sexual and provacative. “Spin Spin Sugar” is a classic song that should only be dropped on occasion while in the best of company. One of my all time fav’s from 10 years ago that doesn’t sound remotely dated at all. Every DJ should own this and logically so!!