Nu Soul Ft Kelli Rich – Hide-A-Way (Lisa Marie Experience) [1996]
June 8, 2011

Huge uplifting classic from Nu Soul & The Lisa Marie Experience. Its a classic bouncy house tune that found its way into every mega-club residents box. Healy caned it, Tong flogged, Jon Pleased killed it hell even Sasha dropped it a couple of times. Its not all that surprising, the vocal and piano drop is a cracker, pure upflifting fluffy housey business. I’ll be honest, the track doesnt really deliver all that much aside from that, the beat is that basic of most basic four to the floor combo’s that put me off house in the first place. I would say this was definately one of the few track that really did stand out for me during the mid nineties, simply because of that vocal.

For that reason alone, there’s another quality remix that cant be overlooked;
Nu Soul Featuring Kelli Rich – Hide-A-Way ( Helicopter Vocal Mix )

This is far more bang on the hedonistic tip, even more vocal, bigger piano. What a corker.

D:Ream – U R The Best Thing (Sasha Full Edit) [1993]
December 7, 2010

Damn, remember when Sasha was untouchable? This is just another absolute classic from Sasha, taking the pretty damn cheesy pop original and turning it into a huge anthemic masterpiece. D:Ream, pretty much flash in the pan commercial house-pop music probably couldnt believe their luck when Mr S came a’ knocking.

Sterling Void – Runaway Girl (12″ Mix) [1988]
November 29, 2010

No its not as huge as the full length Dub mix but this 12″ Mix of the original composition still rocks it for me. Absolutely huge piano monster and those epic vocals. Anyone with half an interest in dance music knows this classic. Best way to come back in from a week away in England, freezing my ass off. Let Sterling Void warm your soul!

Utah Saints – Something Good [1992]
November 9, 2010

Off the back of the massive “What Can You Do For Me” the ‘Saints dropped this which fared far better in the charts than its predecessor. Making cracking use of a craft vocal clip from Kate Bush’s Cloudbursting, bashing it together with a huge piano and massive bassline. Sadly, despite its mainstream success, its came a bit too late in the game to push the Saints to The KLF like stardom. The underground scene was fracturing already causing many to abandon the “stadium” rave stuff for the emerging jungle or techno scenes. Still. I have very fond memories of leaping around to this banger during ’92, an under appreciated classic.

Shiva – Freedom (BT’s Subconscious Freedom) [1995]
October 28, 2010

The original was pretty much a middle of the road house track offering, however BT’s Freedom remix cranks it into overdrive. One of the reasons this is one of those “beloved” tracks can likely be attributed to the tragic death of the lead singer, Louise Dean, a couple of months after this was released. Legend goes that when Sasha dropped this at Angels in Burnley, approximately the time of Louises death, the place just erupted. Same goes for Rampling around the same time at Up Yer Ronson. A vocalist with a very promising future, cut short far too early.

From Discogs
From the inlay: “This single is dedicated to the memory of Louise Dean 04.04.71 – 18.06.95”. She died in a tragic car accident. Her vocal was massive, and the news of her death hit many people hard. A woman, loved by many.

The BT mix brings all emotions together into one unity. Serious, compassionate and deeply heartfelt. A unique tribute to Louise Dean.

East Side Beat – Ride Like The Wind (Factory Remix) [1991]
September 21, 2010

Ah those Italians, masters of sampling they were. East Side Beat, a group of 3 Italian guys remixing Christopher Cross’ 1980 classic “Ride Like The Wind”, with Dave Seaman doing the remixing on the Factory version. The piano is classic Ital-house work, the vocals are integrated perfectly. In fact the only thing lacking is a decent percussion set since all thats used is a fairly anemic 4 beat and weedy high hat. Despite all that, the track was massive for years and for good reason – its an arms in the air, sing along classic.

Degrees Of Motion – Shine On (Junior Style Dub) [1992]
April 26, 2010

Heller and Farley give this monster from Degree’s of Motion a slow moving remix, plodding along for3 1/2 minutes before exploding into a bloody incredible vocal and piano break. Its pure, unabashed arm waving brilliance that benefits from it being cranked up loud as all hell. Benefits from a small 3% pitch up to really get it banging. An all time classic found in pretty much every Sasha set from early 92.

Power-Pill – Pacman (Power-Pill Mix) (1992)
April 9, 2010

Taken from 1992 12 inch on London Records,

Some early work from Mr Richard James aka Aphex Twin, on a party tip, Insert coin!


Ken Doh – Nagasaki [1996]
March 4, 2010

There was A LOT of shit house releases between 95 and 97 but this was not one of them. It literally leapt out of the speakers when I first heard it, a pefect dance track. Its got easy vocal licks, a killer synth riff that you cant forget and a four to the floor beat with a bassdrum thats warm and heavy. I have a stack of memories of me throwing my arms around inside any given club of the time. A track that reminds me of the days before I had to start behaving myself!

From Discogs
This record was a landmark tune on the UK club circuit in 1996. For a commercial track, the tune features a rather long break down in the middle of the track. The tune builds back up again to one of the best climaxes of the era, The pianos kick in, and the vocal mix features (unusually again for the era) a male voice singing “I need a lover tonight..”. The tune was a very big hit and exposed a lot of clubbers familiar only with top 40 club hits to a formula that would later prevail much more on the underground circuit. The quality of this piece was such that the non vocal piano mix was the usual track to get the club play.

Orbital – Are We Here? (Who Are They?) 1994
February 6, 2010

Taken from 1994 2 x 12 inch on FFRR records.

My favorite track by Orbital, I fell in love with their album “Snivilisation” and I dont think they have topped it since, including vocals from Alison Goldfrapp and a  sample from “Man at C&A” by The Specials. Are we here?… Quality.