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Tekno Too – Cum On (Club Mix) [1992]
October 1, 2014

No, I had not forgotten you folks! Just been slammed like a beast as of late. That said, many hours of music have been consumed so there should be plenty to see around here for a while. Starting with this Turbo Cheese Behemoth from Tekno Too. I originally heard this on my beloved Grooverider, Dreamscape 2 tape and as a young 12 year old lad, it blew my uncultured socks off.

But what a hardcore track this is, hell it doesnt even bother with a handy DJ friendly intro. Nope, its just POW, here have a facemelting piano. Forget trying to beatmix this badboy. Just hard cut at the top of a buildup and you’ll have the place erupt. An absolutely unashamedly Hardcore banger in the classic sense of the word. No fancy stuff just a break to get you shuffling and an assortment of epic riffs and vocal stabs to get you grinning from ear to ear. Bonafide legendary status this one.

Tensnake – Feel Of Love ( Kaytranada Edition ) [2014]
August 22, 2014

There’s been a glut of incredible tracks filling up my Soundcloud feed as of late, this latest offering from Kaytranada is no exception. Its like liquid summer exploding all over the inside of your skill. An absolute masterclass in soul and groove from one of the best producers in the business. Get your ears around this immediately, you will not be disappointed.

The Beastie Boys – Jimmy James [1992]
August 22, 2014

It took me a while to really get into the Beasties. By the time they had put out Pauls Boutique, I was neck deep in hardcore breaks, rave and techno and sorta just missed all their releases around the golden period of 1989-1996. I was actually fortunate enough to go to one of their last Wembley concerts (with backstage pass) and had an absolute blast. I would say it was that concert that had me revisit their back catalogue. That and my better half reminding me how incredible Pauls Boutique is.

This being the first release AFTER Paul’s Boutique had showcased the Beastie Boys talent for breaking out of the mould they had been shoehorned into, it had some huge shoes to fill. To be honest, I think I may actually say that this track stands alone, better than any one track from Pauls Boutique. Its mature, its got some great rhymes and the beat is top notch. Whereas the entire album of Paul’s Boutique stands together as a twelve course meal of sample mayhem, Jimmy James is like the best damn burger you have ever eaten. Taken on its own, its a bloody masterpiece.

Smoove & Turrell – Will You be Mine [2013]
July 28, 2014

My apologies for the delay in posts, its been a busy few months and sadly WP have changed their default posting backend making it rather troublesome to post on this POS Atom machine I use. That said, this is how you do a triumphant return, with a corker of a track like this.

Ive enjoyed pretty much every Smoove release i’ve heard. He’s got a real knack of kicking out some of the freshest sounding funk this side of 1979 and with his collaborations with Turrell, its just onward and upwards. Broken Toys is their forthcomming album, #3 in total and the standout track for me is this track. Its an absolutely perfect marriange of electro, funk and soul, with fantastic lyrics, a driving bassline from heaven and plenty of soul to keep you nodding. I heard it originally on Zemeralds most recent mix on Blue Racoon radio and must have repeated that part of the mix a dozen times before locating it.

For those interested, the link to the soundcloud copy of Broken Toys from Smoove & Turrell is below. Give it a listen, its amazing. Standout tracks other than the one above are Broken Toys and People Keep Talking but to be honest, the whole album rocks it.

Deltron 3030 – Positive Contact (Charlie Clouser Remix) [2001]
May 12, 2014

For the most part, all the Deltron 3030 tracks are basically perfect. An example of mashing two behemoths of beats together without any financial or social constraints. Del The Funky Homosapien has been one of my favourite MC’s for years, Dan The Automator has always blown me away with the complexity of the beats he lays down. If you’ve never listened to any of their stuff, both separately or as Deltron, I’d rectify that asap.

On the other hand though, despite my earlier gushing, this would be one of those rare occasions where the remix clearly betters the original Deltron offering. Clouser shifts gears into a nice breaks flavour and throws some devilishly evil synth strings behind Del’s lyrics, turning the track into a dancefloor destroyer. Rough, brutal and fucking brilliant.

Nas – Get Down (The Quantic Soul Orchestra Mix) [2006]
March 4, 2014

Now this is what im talking about. A remix with big chunks of soul and funk and a healthy slab of reggae styled percussion. Not much not to love about this one, Nas laying down the exceptional lyrics from one of my favourite tracks of his and layered on top of some slickly produced post-modern soul. Beats for your feet never had a truer meaning wouldnt you say!

Sunset Regime – You Gotta Believe [1993]
February 5, 2014

Differing significantly from what would become Ramos, Supreme & The Sunset Regime’s seminal “You Gotta Believe”, this version by onle one of that triplet I believe actually predated its better known brother by a number of months. It was featured on the excellent Twice as Nice compilation from Fantazia and is far more a snapshot of what was happening late 1992 than what came about in the early months of 1993. Its a balls to the wall hardcore monster with huge pianos and phasered to fuck ravey synth sections all mashed together with that superb female vocal guaranteed to have you swinging from the rafters.

You can now buy this on Vinyl for the first time since release as Fantazia records have started to release their Album only classics as standalone vinyl EP’s.

From Discogs
Fantazia Sampler EP 3;
Following on from Fantazia’s Sampler EP #1 (1992) and Sampler EP #2 (2005) which feature tracks from the album ‘The First Taste’, this EP features 4 tracks from all three of Fantazia’s hardcore albums released between 1992 and 1994 – ‘The First Taste’, ‘Twice As Nice’, and ‘Made in Heaven’. Tracks A2, B1 and B2 have never been released unmixed or on vinyl before. Track A1 was originally released on the Chromatic II EP which is hard to find and sells for a decent amount.

Delerium – Deluxed [2002]
January 27, 2014

A truly superb reworking of the main theme from Clint Mansells Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. It evokes a pretty good chunk of Hybrid’s Theme from Wide Angle but with the strings from the soundtrack. Nothing at all wrong with that statement, this is a perfect snapshot of the turn of the millenium in dance music. The surge in breakbeat lead dance music tracks, huge sweeping synth arangements and soaring strings. Whats not to love!

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist [2000]
January 4, 2014

Happy New Year folks! To celebrate the madness of working the entire holiday period, here’s one of the very best sample based tracks of the past decade. It takes some serious talent to mash this amount of completely disconnected samples together into a track that not only makes sense but is insanely catchy as well. The music video is completely off the wall but the track is a masterstroke in breakbeat lead samplage. Its a track you’ll be humming long after you first heard it.

Geon – Super Extreme (Columbo Remix) [2012]
December 23, 2013

I recently caught this on the absolutely brainmelting mix from Phloax titled Low Earth Orbit (Link is at the end of this post. But this is one of the standout tracks on there for me and its mostly because im a cheesy bastard at heart.

The track is a slow burner for starters but as the breaks and strings weave around each other you begin to hear the low but pronounced buildup of a piano. Not any piano either – if you are a crusty old raver like me then you’ll notice the pitch and arrangement sounds extremely familiar. You’ll suddenly find yourself whispering “Hugh, Pugh, Barney Magrue…” and not knowing why.

Then it’ll hit you, that piano riff is an almost exact copy of the piano break from Urban Hype’s 1991 cheeseathon, Trip To Trumpton. You’ll feel guilt and a good swathe of nostalgic glee hearing that piano sound-a-like woven into this clean and crisp breakbeat tune. What a tune it is as well!

Here is the full mix from Phloax!