Tekno Too – Cum On (Club Mix) [1992]
October 1, 2014

No, I had not forgotten you folks! Just been slammed like a beast as of late. That said, many hours of music have been consumed so there should be plenty to see around here for a while. Starting with this Turbo Cheese Behemoth from Tekno Too. I originally heard this on my beloved Grooverider, Dreamscape 2 tape and as a young 12 year old lad, it blew my uncultured socks off.

But what a hardcore track this is, hell it doesnt even bother with a handy DJ friendly intro. Nope, its just POW, here have a facemelting piano. Forget trying to beatmix this badboy. Just hard cut at the top of a buildup and you’ll have the place erupt. An absolutely unashamedly Hardcore banger in the classic sense of the word. No fancy stuff just a break to get you shuffling and an assortment of epic riffs and vocal stabs to get you grinning from ear to ear. Bonafide legendary status this one.

The Beastie Boys – Jimmy James [1992]
August 22, 2014

It took me a while to really get into the Beasties. By the time they had put out Pauls Boutique, I was neck deep in hardcore breaks, rave and techno and sorta just missed all their releases around the golden period of 1989-1996. I was actually fortunate enough to go to one of their last Wembley concerts (with backstage pass) and had an absolute blast. I would say it was that concert that had me revisit their back catalogue. That and my better half reminding me how incredible Pauls Boutique is.

This being the first release AFTER Paul’s Boutique had showcased the Beastie Boys talent for breaking out of the mould they had been shoehorned into, it had some huge shoes to fill. To be honest, I think I may actually say that this track stands alone, better than any one track from Pauls Boutique. Its mature, its got some great rhymes and the beat is top notch. Whereas the entire album of Paul’s Boutique stands together as a twelve course meal of sample mayhem, Jimmy James is like the best damn burger you have ever eaten. Taken on its own, its a bloody masterpiece.

Main Source – Fakin’ The Funk [1992]
April 21, 2013

You know, the Main Source might be one of the great overlooked Hip Hop acts of all time. They just arrived big when the conscious lyrical style of hip hop was being commercially trounced by the heavier, more aggressive sounds of “Gangsta” (god I hate that term) rap.

Regardless, this is one of the highlights of their first and only album (which is packed of classics by the way). You cant fault the lyrical skills of the Large Professor on this one, the sample work is absolutly top notch and there is such a huge slice of classic funk going on in the background, I guarantee you’ll have a sore neck by the end.

From Wikipedia
Main Source was a Canadian/American hip hop group that was based from New York City/Toronto composed of Toronto’s Sir Scratch and K-Cut, and Queens’ Large Professor. Later, Mikey D (also from Queens) replaced Large Professor.[1] The group was often compared to Steely Dan for its meticulousness in the studio.

Underground Resistance – Kamikaze [1992]
January 10, 2013

Today’s slice of banging techno comes to you from a good mate of mine, John. Unfamiliar with this track prior to about 20 minutes ago, its hard not to wack a great big grin on your face with the bleepy goodness of this belter. The beginning is a cracking onslaught of the senses but the real fun comes about 2 mins in when the track lays down and strips itself bare before slowly reintroducing all the elements that made up the beginning assault. As you know by now, im a huge fan of really superbly layered electronic tunes and this belter is no exception, top dollar techno tune.

From Discogs
The introduction by Monte Markham, whose speech is taken from the series of documentaries Air Combat, aired on NBC in the early 1990s, gives way to the screaming sound of a crashing plane that sets the mood. Then, it is rave terror ahead, with a gentle Acid line, techno beats and a roaring hoover. The result sounds a little dated, really and is perhaps only worthwhile for nostalgia value. Yet the break at the end of the second third brings in deep, lush strings that only Mad Mike could have produced.

Supermarket – Supermarket [1992]
November 20, 2012

Alright, enough of working my ass off, lets get down to some proper tuna. Kicking off with a sneaky tune I heard only a handful of times but always wanted to know what the track was called. Now I catch it playing on Jumping Jack Frost’s EXCELLENT set from Amnesia’s Book of Love, quick spot of internetting and hey presto!

Now the track itself isnt really what you would call a classic, in many cases its more of a filler type tune had it not been the preponderance of MONSTROUS BREAKS. Im telling you, these might be a couple of my favourite breaks in any hardcore tune and i’m willing to bet y’all feel exactly the same way. Simple bassline, rocking breaks, what more could a guy ask for?

Family Foundation ‎– Xpress Yourself (Original Don Mix) [1992]
August 22, 2012

Oh My Gosh! A total stormer from the Family Foundation with a break so filthy it should come with a health warning. Chucked onto that is a ton of crowd pleasing synth riffs and the prerequisite female vocalist, making this yet another beloved hardcore classic.

The release itself is a cracker, with four excellent remixes featured on the vinyl and CD releases, all with their own slight twist on the original. But to be honest, nothing comes close to this version, no wonder its the Original Don Mix, it towers over the others! The very definition of a classic this one!

Family Foundation ‎– Xpress Yourself (Ragga Rave Mix)

Family Foundation ‎– Xpress Yourself (Extended Vocal Mix)

Family Foundation ‎– Xpress Yourself (Jungle Techno Mix)

Mix Factory – Take Me Away (XTC Come Hard Mix) [1992]
August 22, 2012

First off, make sure you have that bass cranked right up because this banger has a sub base for destroying dance floors. Its an absolute classic, found in just about every dj set during Autumn 1992 and for good reason. Listen to that vocal punch its way through the track, dominating even the excellent synth riff. Designed for soaring across the throngs of ravers desperately trying to grab a hold of the last shreds of summer! What a monster!

Freestyle & DJR – Madness (1992)
July 25, 2012

HUGE piano tune drenched in that crossover sound, heavy on the breaks and bassline and that whopping great piano riff. I heard this first on the classic Easygroove set from Fantazia’s 92/93 NYE celebration at Littlecote House. Thankfully, the synths are punchy and exciting, it doesnt go full force cheese at any point, preferring to keep the tempo up for some proper foot shuffling business. What a cracker of a tune!

Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony (Italian Smooth Remix) [1992]
July 15, 2012

Just wow, one of the very best early progressive house tunes with a string section thats like a warm cup of ovaltine and a furry slippers on the comfort stakes.

Overall its a pretty simple track, almost filler if it wasnt for the strings and the vocal stab that just evokes a feeling of summer evenings surrounded by a thousand gurning ravers!

Liberation – Liberation [1992]
July 14, 2012

From the minute you hear that choppy intro riff, you know exactly where you are and whats comming. A track that found itself everywhere from house mixes to techno sets, its a cracking snapshot of that time. Quite why it throws that piano riff from JT Company’s, Dont Deal With Us, im not sure but hey, its a classic one in its own right and a welcome addition!

From Discogs
Last tune played by Mr Weatherall at the end of a Primal Scream gig at the Hacienda…may be dated now but still a snapshot of the feeling at that time….pure euphoria!