Ann Peebles – Somebodys On Your Case [1972]
August 10, 2011

Absolutely faultless vocalist, Ann Peebles released tons of quality soul/funk tracks throughout the 70’s to huge critical acclaim. This is just one of those classics, funky as hell, conscious lyrics, buttery vocals. Perfection!

Desmond Dekker – You Can Get It If You Really Want [1970]
July 27, 2011

Once the sole domain of Bank adverts, job center commercials and all manner of advertising for any kind of product you can imagine. But take that out of the picture and what you have is a classic from Dekker. Now the original was Jimmy Cliff’s, released in ’69 wheras Dekker released his in 1970. But for me its all about the delivery, the band is funkier on Dekker’s version, his voice is a bit more buttery smooth than Jimmy’s. Thats not to say I dont like Cliff’s version, I just prefer Dekker! Plus, its the title track of the fantastic Desmond Dekker album, containing many other gems including That’s The Way Life Goes, Peace On The Land and I Believe. Well worth picking up.

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 – For What Its Worth [1970]
October 27, 2010

Wow. Just Wow. I had no idea Mr Lounge, Sergio Mendes did a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What Its Worth”. This was a sneaky limited release all the way back in 1970 AND its the damn B-Side. HOW! This cover is incredible. Much funkier than the earlier Brasil 66 releases, with a soulful vocal that hooks itself around your cerebellum and starts to massage. A track that should be mandatory listening for just about every human on earth, I know my life just got better having discovered this. Fucking incredible..

S.O.U.L – Express Yourself [1971]
August 25, 2010

Last one from “What is it!” from S.O.U.L. Probably the best known cover of this classic originally from Charles Wright Watts and 103rd Street Band. Heavier on the Funk than the original but retains all the soul of the original.

Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Express Yourself [1971]

Jean-Jacques Perrey – EVA [1970]
November 23, 2009

Taken from Jean-Jacques Perrey’s album Moog Indigo, the French synth master tore up the early 70’s funk sound with this genius cut of Electro-Funk excellence. Yes, we all know it as the sample from “Just to Get A Rep” by Gangstarr but is it not in another league. The guys did well to only “borrow” parts. The full track is too large for anyone but Perrey to contain…

From Discogs
Jean-Jacques Perrey was born in France in 1929. He was studying medecine in Paris when he met George Jenny, inventor of the Ondioline. Quitting medical school, Perrey travelled through Europe demonstrating this keyboard ancestor of the modern synth.
After moving to New York he befriended Robert Moog and became one of the first Moog musicians, creating “far out electronic entertainment”. In 1965 Perrey met Gershon Kingsley, a former accomplice to John Cage. Together, using Ondioline and Perrey’s loops, they created two albums for Vanguard: The In Sound From Way Out (1966) and Kaleidoscopic Vibrations (1967). Perrey & Kingsley collaborated on sound design for radio and television advertising. Perrey returned to France, composing for television, scoring for ballet and continuing medical research into therapeutic sounds for insomniacs.

Eddie Bo – We’re Doing It (The Thang Part One) [1970]
October 27, 2009

A lifelong New Orleans resident, piano player, producer, and ambassador for the City, Bo was a legend. He came from a Jazz family (who were key players in the New Orleans jazz scene before World War II), and went on the become a noted musician not only in the Crescent City, but throughout the world as well. Not only did he contribute to the rich Nawlins scene, he produced and wrote songs for artists such as Irma Thomas, Art Neville, Johnny Adams, Robert Parker, and others. He has recorded more 45’s than anyone in New Orleans other than Fats Domino. He’s contributed to some of the heaviest New Orleans Funk records to come out of the city (Hook and Sling, Pass The Hatchet, Lover and a Friend, We’re Doin’ It and the list goes on).