Hardnoise – Mice in the Presence of the Lion [1991]
January 22, 2014

YEAH. An absolute banger from UK Hip Hop outfit, Hardnoise. Demonstrating everything that was absolutely magical about early 90’s UK Hip Hop in just one song. Kick your Wednesday in the face with this, it deserves it.

From Discogs
DJ Son, DJ Nyce ‘D’. and T.L.P.1 got together to form Hardnoise. Primarily a sound system, but mainly friends from school/college. At college they teamed up with DJ AJ & Gemini & put together their first track, pure destructive Power, an unreleased gem, their 1st release was ‘Untitled’ a massive underground British rap tune using the famous ‘Apache’ sample from Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band like never before. Produced by DJ Son, T.L.P.1 & Mastermix, with cuts by DJ Son & the newest member to the crew: Adam Pancho AKA DJ Mada (2), this was a self financed venture which Music Of life Signed them for. The crew’s second release was the single ‘Mice In The Presence Of The Lion / Serve Tea Then Murder’. Another firing release, with the M.C’s voicing solo tracks, each track showing their own unique styles. But sadly this was their last. So as elusively as they stepped on the scene, they disappeared from the scene, but not entirely, as they all carried on with their own projects, “AJ” Is currently producing beats & regularly puts out mix tapes (‘A.J’s Planet of the Beats’), Gemini did the Bushkilla tracks & is currently in the studio working on new material. He now goes under the title “BLOODHOUND”. “DJ Son” is DJing at clubs in the London area playing a mixture of soul, funk, breaks & rap. Some of the remains teamed up to form Son Of Noise. Unfortunately no news from T.L.P.1 anymore, but there are rumours he still writes lyrics. Adam Pancho too is still representing, he runs a nice website on British Rap.

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam ‎– Let The Beat Hit ‘Em (Paradise Garage Club Mix) [1991]
April 6, 2013

We dont often get to revisit a track around these parts because usually i’d like to think ive uploaded the definitive version of that given track. However, since I had this mix rocking my socks all afternoon at work, it seemed prudent to give it a revisit.

Gone is the exceptional vocals from Lisa Lisa, replaced with a genre spanning house banger that will have your head bouncing for hours after you’ve stopped listening. You’ve got huge slabs of synth work in here, some light breakage and a truck load of classic house rhythm. Topped off with the occasional vocal stab and some cheeky nods to the original and your laughing. I just cant get past how great some of the remixes of this track are.

Visionmasters and Tony King feat. Kylie Minogue Keep on Pumpin’ It Up (Angelic Remix) [1991]
January 16, 2013

What a stormer this tune is and it still blows my mind that Minogue and Pete Bloody Waterman were tied to one of the biggest hits of 1991, the original mix of this track from the Visionmasters. Sure, there’s a lot of it that sounds pretty damn dated now but anyone who lived through the explosion of house and dance music of the late 80’s and early 90’s must carry a special place in their heart for this banger. There’s nothing really to dislike to be honest, we’ve arm waving strings, got some dark synth work evoking early tribal type beats and techno before out of NOWHERE comes the trademark Visionmasters Piano based club to the face. Gone is the dark beats and your strapped into a full force Ital-House sounding facemelter. Classic house perfection.

From Discogs
If you ever want to make a perfect dance-tune. Listen to this one. This definitely is one of them.. Easily. ‘Cause in one country in this whole wide world. There was a Platinum-award DJ (No names). When I put this 12″ to go, even he came to see, what is this jewel I was playing.. 😉 and party people went crazy.. as always..

Kylie Minoque is/was a super star from Australia (like Nasenbluten) but she made a strange breakthrough to UK-underground with this precious one. I raise my hat for that,indeed.. Both sides are respecting the underground, and even someway the belgium scene (Flipside), take one in your collection, if you ever have a chance. It’s a surprise you don’t regret!

ABS -My house is Your House [1991]
February 24, 2012

Cracking piece of Euro Techno. Heavv on the stompage with that brutal kick drum just punching you in the chest at every beat. There’s a generous helping of synth stabs but the special part of this for me is the hover type synth riff that comes in at the intro and weaves itself through the moog bassline and then throughout the track, its permanently there driving the track on. A proper shape thrower.

Sub Sub – Ecto-Jam-Sub [1991]
February 8, 2012

The B-Side to Space Face and a pretty clear departure from the laid back hedonism of the title track. This is pure northern sounds here, stacked up next to offerings from 808 State, I doubt you could tell them apart. Its got all the prerequisites, bouncy acid riff, deep sub base and a pounding bass drum. Not as prolific as the A side but a cracker none the less.

Sub Sub – Space Face [1991]
February 8, 2012

Another classic release from Sub Sub who would later be known as “The Doves”. This was actually their first ever release, tapping the popular breakbeat sound and throwing a funky as hell bassline behind it and tarting it up with some seriously lush strings and a cracking synth/piano riff combo thats just perfect. Naturally, like the Coast EP that came after it, this was MASSIVE and still inhabits a soft spot in many a heart, mine included. Magic on wax this one.

From Discogs
First heard this classic Mancunian track on a Pirate Manchester radio station called ‘Sunset FM’ back in 1992. The Mix Factory was the name of the DJ slot I think ?, also ‘Paul Walker, 808 State’ are the one’s I can remember. Management Kenny Grogan Underground Manchester is on the jacket credits.This could have some relation to Underground Records in Manchester where you could buy rave music, closed down many years ago some time after the Manchester bomb. Manchester has World class A1 Music and in my opinion this is one A1 class Mancunian delight. It is a classic drum/keyboard/string/mellow yet dark rave track that I haven’t heard replicated before. B side ‘Ecto-Jam-Sub’ could have been released as a A side single the quality is there.

Thompson Twins – Come Inside (Feedback Max House Mix) [1991]
January 31, 2012

And here is the track that Freestyle and DJR nicked that piano riff from. Strangely, this track shares a lot in common with that Freestyle/DJR track. They both have cracking breaks and a rocking bassline. They both have shape chucking ravey-riffs that really dont stack up that well next to the piano but hell, who’s counting. You dont give a crap once the piano drops, your off flying around the room swinging from the rafters.

One quality part of this track however, is the sudden appearance of some NY sounding garage break right in the middle of the track. It provides a nice change of feel that bridge a couple of genre’s ensuring there’s something in here for everyone. Great tune!

Rhythm Section – Emotion [1991]
September 9, 2011

Speaking of breaks, here’s a classic from some of the hardcore breakbeat pioneers, Ellis Dee, Renee Pilgrem, Nick Newton and Richie T, aka Rhythm Section. Taken from the seminal Commin’ On Strong EP, this is a lighter breakbeat affair with some cracking melody changeups mid way through the track. Those changeups give the whole thing a sense of urgency in an otherwise laid back vocal lead track keeping the whole thing interesting and most importantly, funky. The synth riffs are pure ’91 hardcore style, not a whiff of cheese in this one, just a track designed to get your feet shuffling, your face smiling and your arms waving. Crackin’

Desired State – Dance The Dream [1991]
August 29, 2011

I cant believe its taken me this long to get this posted. Probably because there’s not really any way im going to be able to actual do it justice. It is, without a doubt one of my all time favourite tracks, solely because of how Mad P introduced the Top Buzz set that kicks off with this track. Up until that point, i’d not heard a Top Buzz set, didnt really know all that much about them. I was heavily into my Sasha, Tong and other uplifting house DJ’s. I liked a lot of breakbeat but found myself far more familiar with the few more high profile releases. I dont know who gave me this tape, it had to have been about 4 – 5 months after the night, around the middle of summer 1992 and it blew me away. It remains still one of my all time favourite hardcore mixes of all time. Trying to describe it is pointless, give it a listen;

You know that mix, the only mix where you know every single line uttered by the MC? Yeah, thats this mix for me. But I am not alone in this, hell the set is so good, they played it almost song for song at Fantazia Westpoint ON.THE.SAME.NIGHT. If ever there was a mix that cemented Top Buzz in the hearts of Ravers, I think this might be the one. It certainly did me.

So back to the track? What makes Dance the Dream so great? Well, its got that pitch perfect piano break, starts with a no-nonsense buildup and mashes it together with a monster break and bassline. The synth riff is Straight Outa Romford, cheesy shape-throwing awesome but not overused. Its all about the piano in this track and what a piano riff it is. This version sounds great as it is, better pitched up about 10% as it is from Top Buzz.

Pretty much exactly what they did for this remix to be honest 🙂

So there you go. Probably one of the first tracks that ever truly blew me away, in no small part to Mc Mad P and the Buzz.

2 For Joy – Let The Bass Kick (Heron Mix) [1991]
August 15, 2011

Yep, its the same name, its even the same title of the track but this couldnt be any more different to the Original Mix posted prior to this. Going for a more laid back, breaky funk/groove sound in no small part directly due to the bassline from “Memphis Soul Stew” and samples from “Whats Goin’ On?” by Marvin Gaye. One of my favourite tracks as a kid, I used to love sliding and grooving around the ole bedroom to this banger. A shame this never got more airplay!