Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale feat. Norah Jones – Easy [2007]
September 29, 2011

One of the reasons I absolutely love KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic is because I usually wind up getting surprised by tracks I would normally have never even entertained. Take this track for example, the fact that Nora Jones is tied to it would usually force me running in the other direction. Never been that big a fan of her Singer/Songwriter wailing. HOWEVER, Shanka & Kale just knock the melody out of the park with this one, very sedate and atmospheric, it helps blend down Jones’ vocals to the point where the whole track sounds fantastic. Not my usual cup of tea, I will admit but the melody just gets you in the chest and wont let go. Taken from the 2007 album Breathing Under Water, an album I am currently downloading to my ipod 😀

Disrupt – Jah Red Gold and Green [2007]
March 11, 2011

I got sent this by someone at work and loved it so much I grabbed the (excellent) album. This is what im talking about when I come to Dub, hit it with a hint of electronica and im a happy man. This is some proper deep dub as well, I highly recommend picking up the album, Foundation Bit.

Telemetrik – Cosmos [2007]
September 23, 2010

Absolute BEAST of a tune from Telemetrik. That raw, tearing bass-synth is nothing but head nodding, hot steppin’ bliss. Incredible.

Greg Wilson – Two Sides Of Sympathy (Greg Wilson Edit) [2007]
June 22, 2010

Absolutely STORMING remix/mashup from the man himself, Greg Wilson. He re-edits his original to be longer with more break and vocal work and its just massive. You’ve got one half of the track sampling the hell out of Unfinished Sympathy and the other rocking a pitched up Sympathy for the Devil from The Stones. Seamlessly weaving them together is Amerie’s accapella from 1 Thing and what a vocal it is. Fucking incredible job.

From Phonica
Following on from the coupling of essential Greg Wilson edits, “I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1” and “Gotta Keep Workin’ It”, the 2nd release in the Reactivate series brings together 2 more super sought after GW favourites from recent years. “Two Sides Of Sympathy” has become something of a signature track for Greg, combining the PTA edits, “Unfinished Thing” and “One For The Devil”, for a truly mammoth mash-up of Amerie, Massive Attack and the Rolling Stones, which has rocked dancefloors worldwide following its limited 2007 Edit The Edit pressing, having originally been a GW exclusive during the preceding years. Flip the record over and you’ll find another limited release from 2007, Greg’s remix of Sugardaddy’s “Hypnotise” – a silky smooth groover that was first issued on his own short-lived B77 imprint and now re-appears in what’s sure to be an even more conducive climate for this epic vocal delicacy.

Sarah Bettens – Come Over Here (Kraak & Smack Remix) [2005]
May 14, 2010

Six day weeks fry your head, thats for damn sure. This Kraak & Smack remix takes the acoustic feel of the original and pushes the electronica overtones to produce this slick as all hell funky electronica version. Bettens vocals are treated with respect, kept at the forefront of the tune but the backing bassline and string section just make it a lush sounding track. Hopefully it’ll work its magic and keep the cogs turning!

Sarah Bettens – Come Over here (Original Cut)

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Ashley Beedle Re-Edit) [2007]
March 17, 2010

Wow. What a re-edit this is, so good its not even a label yet – simply put its allegedly a reworking for easier set mixing than the 12″ Original mix its derived from. Taking cues from the Synth-Pop original, Ashley Beedle puts a modern twist to it giving it all the layers in the world, stretches out the buildups and tightens the choruses. The vocal is timeless but is reworked to cut back on the whine and keep the best version of the chorus at the forefront. Mixed into this is a deep, dark rolling sub bass and stomping percussion that drives the track on relentlessly. This is absolutely my favourite track of the day, perhaps the week. Its EPIC sounding and deserves several replays.

Vandal – Bad Acid [2007]
March 8, 2010

Filth. Absolute Filth. Just caught this on the end of a cracking mix from DJ Vorn (Shoegazing Vol5) and was aghast at the utter grime this track has to offer. As soon as you get past the lacklustre intro, the damn song goes off. Gone are the irritating distorted guitar riffs and in comes some utterly filthy breaks and acid work. Dunno who Vandal is but this is one fithy electrobreaks stormer.

Looks like it was released as an album title to Lot49’s Meat Katie Vol 1 album. Dirty as fcuk!

Matrix & Futurebound – Sand Storm [2007]
February 23, 2010

Taken from the same album as Coast to Coast and is another sweeping string belter. I actually bought the whole album “Universal Truth” and its cracking. Well worth a look in!

Matrix and Futurebound – Coast to Coast (Ft. Louis Smith) [2007]
February 22, 2010

If your gonna do a “liquid” (man I hate that term) Drum & Bass track you can do a lot worse than this belter from Matrix & Futurebound. Like any DnB tune should be, huge and enveloping I think its only the canned break that really lets the track down. But I think that can be said for most of these liquid tunes – half of them sound like they got Pendulums Library Breaks’ CD in the mail 🙂 Despite that, this track is an absolute blinder, huge piano and strings and a classic vocal wraps this into one of the best produced tunes in my opinion of 2007.

From Discogs
The B Side however really is a bit special, kinda epic rock sounding with one of the most original vocals I have heard in a D&B track-Think classic FUGAZI vocals & lyrics & you are halfway ther.

I’m under obligation to leave a comment here. I got into electronic music at around 13 years old and yet it wasn’t for another 18 years or so that i really started to appreciate drum & bass. Coast To Coast wasn’t my first favourite, but without question it eclipsed everything else i’ve heard either before or since. Full of energy, but i’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the subtle piano in the background that’s made me love it like i do. I took this travelling with me the other year and listened to it on a daily basis without getting bored of it at any point. Truly a tune that’s opened up my musical tastes to a new direction.

Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – Harder [2007]
December 17, 2009

Absolutely banging remix of Daft Punk’s “Harder Faster Stronger”. Crunchy basslines abound in this slice of rolling DnB. Love it!