Daft Punk – Around The World (10 Hr Edit) [1997]
April 25, 2012

Well, since its been a week or so, its time for the big reveal. Back to the USA we go which is why its been a bit sparse around here of late. So in honour, we have the 10 hour version of Around The World from Daft Punk. 10 hours, roughly the same length of time you’ll spend on a plane flying from London to the West Coast of the USA.

On to the track, well its the seminal Daft Punk sound and production. I think most people got their start with Daft Punk after hearing this track, its definitely responsible for turning friends of mine to the house sound. Its not all that hard to see either, its catchy as HELL. Probably why the 10 hour version doesn’t sound wholly repetitive since it rearranges the composition enough to keep the track interesting.

So, as for the cans, we’ll be a bit quiet for the next few weeks while moving! See you on the flip side!

Simple Minds – Theme For Great Cities [1981]
March 26, 2012

However, it can be said that Pete Heller and Terry Farley did not originate their string section from the excellent Perfect Motion remix. Nope those strings have a far wider legacy than just that progressive track. In fact, the introduction, melody and drum programming from Theme From Great Cities have found their way into countless tracks spanning every possible genre of sample based music.

Now take a listen, can you tell why? Yeah, I bet you can, this track is a fucking stormer. Hard to believe it dates back to ’81 as it still sounds as fresh now as it did 30 years ago. Simple Minds man, always comming out of left field to remind you why they remain one of the truly unsung heroes of modern music.

Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love [1981]
March 20, 2012

One of those tracks that clearly demonstrates why its such an unmitigated classic. Despite it being a cover, this track shines like the sun with Brown’s vocal talent clearly center stage, dominating the track. Its tracks like this that put paid to the fallacy that “Disco” is dead. Just go to the comments section on YouTube or run a search online, you will find thousands of people who celebrate this tune and others from the era. Just fucking legendary.

From YouTube
If you weren’t there you will never understand what these songs mean´╗┐ to so many of us. This was our gospel, this how we got through our lives. This is a great song, so many memories. Thank you for posting.

Bassomatic – Fascinating Rhythm (Lisa Loud Mix) [1990]
September 14, 2011

Probably one of the very best tracks released in 1990 and one of the very best examples of why electronic music became so huge. Since, this track isnt a house tune, nor is it a hardcore track. Its not techno, its not ragga, reggae or any other classification. Its all of them and none of them all at the same time. I also had no idea that Mr William Orbit was actually part of the Bassomatic crew, not that im surprised. Now I hear this track again and you can see his signature style all over it. Catchy hooks, rolling basslines, irreverent breaks in composition to keep the melody interesting but most of all, flawless production. The bass is pushed to the very limit of its range, so its loud without distorting, absolutely crucial to this track as the bassline is what dominates the entire track. I could gush about Fascinating Rhythm for hours, its without a doubt one of my favourite tracks of all time.

From Discogs
I remember very well hearing this for the first time aged just 9 years old on the Chart Show that used to be on Saturdays on ITV at 1200hrs, and i absolutely loved it. I think from that moment on, without realizing it, i knew i was going to end up being a music junkie. I still do to this very day. It’s all about the Lisa Loud remix here, odd because i never knew she provided the killer remix it until recently.

The track is a very odd hybrid of hip-hop tempo and break with a house feel and house sounds. The vocal is actually very good and fits perfectly. Those chrods are sublime and there are some nice keys in the chorus that compliment the vocals. It’s very hooky and very melodic.

It just goes to show how good those early acid house days really were, this tune is a melting pot of influences, whereas records today have to be neatly filed as house or techno, or trance, or dubstep which is not what music should be about.

Massive Attack feat. Martina Topley-Bird – Babel [2010]
June 24, 2011

Like pretty much every Massive Attack album after Blue Lines, Heligoland takes a fair amount of time to get into. On first listening, it has that rinse and repeat Massive Sound, some 3D chatter, laboured breaks. Give it some more listens and you begin to pick up the small nuances that make owning a Massive Attack album such a worthy purchase. Its rare that an album changes how it sounds depending on when your listening to it but Heligoland is without a doubt one of those albums.

Babel is the most commerically accessible track on the album, Topley-Birds vocals are absolutely perfect for this track, giving it an irreverent but engaging entry point before being smothered by the truly excellent soundscapes that lurk behind that vocal track. Amazing tune.

From Discogs
OK…If you haven’t heard this stunning work yet you are truly missing out. I consider myself a pretty jaded listener these days and find a lot of newer music missing something. This is missing nothing. Massive Attack have this innate ability to make electronic records that sound timeless…like Mezzanine for one. Heligoland weaves the dark with the light seemlessly. Love songs with darker messages and without missing a beat. There may not be any kitchy coolness or intentional underproduction to create a ‘sound’ (see Passion Pit) and why….because this is that good that each track is stand alone good. So good that they drip with class and stunning top-notch production. It never feels dated. It never feels forced. It feels like it fits into a pre-arranged space in your brain that has always been there waiting for it. But make no excuse, it isn’t predictable. This record is straight up smack. Download it, buy the wax, the cd…it’s meant for your brain.

The Chemical Brothers – In Dust We Trust [1995]
September 29, 2010

Once upon a time, Exit Planet Dust was released and it blew me away. While ive mostly loathed all their subsequent releases, their first album was basically the nuts. With this track being the stand out one on the album for me. Huge breaks, the Chem’s signature synth work and rocking basslines. Whats not to love!

From Discogs
This is ground zero for big-beat/break-beat afficionados… You can’t call yourself one without owning it. To paraphrase the Rolling Stone review, ‘whether you enjoy the ecclecticism of the Chems or not, Exit Planet Dust will still cause more hedonism per square foot than any other CD for a long while.’

Daft Punk – Burning (Ian Pooley Cut Up Mix) (1997)
January 19, 2010

Taken from Daft Punk 12 inch on Virgin Records 1997

From discogs –

Hailing from Mainz, near Frankfurt, Germany, Ian Pooley, alongside other nu school German artists such as Mousse T, Boris Dlugosch and partner in crime, DJ Tonka, has been swapping the traditional hard trance/techno sounds typical of some German clubs for the funky and sublime sounds imported from America, to great affects.

This is one peice of vinyl that has seen endless rotation since the day I purchased the beast, Ian Pooley does a fine job on Daft punks “Burnin” one of the finer tracks from the awesome “homework”. A stomping peice of tech house that never fails the get people up and dancing!


Altern 8 – Infiltrate 202 (1991)
January 3, 2010

Taken from 1991 12 inch on Network Records

Still sounds great! I know…..but when you want me..