Gorgon City – Here For You Ft Laura Welsh [2014]
October 7, 2014

So I have been digging back through all the Soundcloud finds from the last 6 months. Kicking off with this belter from Gorgon City. A proper UK House banger if every there was one with that wonderful twangy bass contrasting perfectly with Welshes vocals AND the wonderful string sections of the bridge. A cracking summer track and one ive been caning the hell out of for months.

Smoove & Turrell – Will You be Mine [2013]
July 28, 2014

My apologies for the delay in posts, its been a busy few months and sadly WP have changed their default posting backend making it rather troublesome to post on this POS Atom machine I use. That said, this is how you do a triumphant return, with a corker of a track like this.

Ive enjoyed pretty much every Smoove release i’ve heard. He’s got a real knack of kicking out some of the freshest sounding funk this side of 1979 and with his collaborations with Turrell, its just onward and upwards. Broken Toys is their forthcomming album, #3 in total and the standout track for me is this track. Its an absolutely perfect marriange of electro, funk and soul, with fantastic lyrics, a driving bassline from heaven and plenty of soul to keep you nodding. I heard it originally on Zemeralds most recent mix on Blue Racoon radio and must have repeated that part of the mix a dozen times before locating it.

For those interested, the link to the soundcloud copy of Broken Toys from Smoove & Turrell is below. Give it a listen, its amazing. Standout tracks other than the one above are Broken Toys and People Keep Talking but to be honest, the whole album rocks it.

Basecamp – 2 Thingz [2013]
November 19, 2013

One sent over by my much better half, Basecamp look to be doing a cracking job of meshing R&B/Dub percussions with huge sweeping synths and textured electronic landscapes. While in itself that would normally be all I need to sign up, you also have a fantastic set of vocals that really polish the track into a total cracker.

They have rather generously uploaded their entire EP to Soundcloud and while all the tracks are great in their own right, this is the standout for me. Its all about the bleeps man.

Here is the artist page with links to the entire EP for your listening pleasure, enjoy.

Mix – Electrojunk Spring [2013]
June 21, 2013

Electrojunk – Spring 2013 by Dan Wuh. on Mixcloud

Since work is easing off, I figured it was time to get a bunch of the track’s ive been caning the past few months into a mix. Its a bit different to my other mixes but ive been really loving some of the beats and sounds coming through my soundcloud feed of late. So, on a far more relaxed, head nodding kind of trip this one.

Sei A – Frozen Flower (dangerDAN Remix) [2011]
December 30, 2011

Would you listen to that, just another cracking remix from dangerDan. Heavy on the atmospherics but the synth work in this is fantastic. Really appealing tones, understated but guaranteed to get your head bobbing along to that cracking kick drum.

My apologies for the sporadic posts over the Christmas break, its been a whole lot of moving around as of late but hopefully due to stabilise in 2012!

A GUY CALLED GERALD My skool! mix 2010-08-10 18h58m30 [2010]
August 13, 2010

A Guy Called Gerald mixes some of the best Acid of the day into this incredible mix. Listen. Now.

Pimpsoul feat Claire G – Noggin’s Groove [2009]
April 2, 2010

Funky as all hell breakbeat pounder from Pimpsoul. Been rocking this mashed with The Source’s You Got The Love accapella. Sounds farkin’ stellar. GET IN FRIDAY!.

Pimpsoul Soundcloud. Check out the 09 Summer Demo. Wicked.

From soundcloud.com
Formerly known as the artist “Darftphunk” Pimpsoul have been firmly putting their stamp on the music scene for over 10 years. This 5 piece funk project are totally unique as it is comprises of two DJs, a vocalist, an MC and a saxophonist, who between them have over forty years worth of experience in the music scene
Whether its DJ set or a live set, to knocking out slabs of funk on labels Bombstrikes, Splank, Ground Level and Breakin Even. Pimpsoul are always bringing you the party sound…
The brain behind this act is Steve Jeffery, who during the last 10 years has headlined gigs from London to Liverpool, Cornwall to Croatia and Azerbaijan to Australia.

Skeelo – I Wish (Slynk Remix) [2009]
January 6, 2010

Testing Soundcloud integration with WordPress by showcasing yet another belting remix from my man Slynk. Funky as all hell, get that nod going 🙂