Howie B – Hey Jack (UNKLE Metamorphosis Mix) [2003]
April 10, 2012

Now this is a cracking remix from UNKLE and while I cant comment on the original, this remix has the lot. Taken from the mix album “Big Brother Is Watching”, another concept mix cd that allegedly has its roots in a mix that James Lavelle did for an essential mix. The track has an awesome menacing build-up, dark scary basslines and razor sharp breaks giving the whole track another trademark grimy UNKLE tune. Absolutely fantastic.

Smoove – The Revolution Will Be Televised [2003]
September 21, 2011

What a track from Smoove! Taking the identical format of Gil Scott Heron’s seminal The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and turning it into an ironic social commentary was a stroke of complete genius. Whereas the original was a rallye call to everyone to stop being sedate and to race to action against the forces of oppression under the guise of Democracy in the late seventies, Smoove instead adopts a very British approach. In holding up a mirror to all the crap we all get fed day to day its a complete paradigm shift from the original. Gil Scott wanted you to stand up for what you believe, fight against the homogenisation of society, Smoove is simply showing that society hasnt moved anywhere. If not moved backwards with rampant commodification of everything including a societal revolution.

Of course, I could be reading into this too far, it could just be a track taking the piss out of the original. Regardless, the track is a blasting example of classic Acid Jazz production with a fantastic bassline and rocking break. Instant classic.

UFO – Punk [2003]
September 16, 2011

Its been a while since we’ve had any post 2000 hardcore around these parts and before you all start running for the door thinking I mean Happy Hardcore, hold up. No, when I say post 2000 hardcore, im referring to the heavily trance drenched, hard house, pounding style of the likes of Sharkey and Scott Brown. For example, this is a perfect demonstration on how to take an average Trance tune from one of the bigger trance acts of the day and kick it into overdrive. Ferry Corsten did the original and it is a great track in its own right. A fantastic riff, nice and atmospheric.

However, stacked next to this reimagining from UFO, the original just sounds so tepid. This version is a no holds barred, F5, swirling maelstrom of hard as fuck synth led hardcore techno trance. Its probably the first track I heard back then that had me venture back to that part of the scene that for so long had been dominated by that horrific toytown techno sound. An absolute banger!

George Benson – Give Me The Night (Phats & Smalls White Label Rmx) [2003]
August 2, 2011

Fantastic rework of Benson’s classic, Give Me The Night, pushing the disco funk-o-meter into overdrive. You want the original 12″ remix, which is a cleaner version of this white label. Its actually on the Adventures in Clubland – A Decade of Stress Records, which has sat in my car for about 3 years now. A perfect track for weaving through LA traffic when its 100F outside.

Un-Cut – Things You Do [2003]
August 1, 2011

Without a doubt, my favourite track on the whole of The Uncalculated Some. Its full on Jazz Funk DnB all the way with a breakdown that is just perfect! Get in!

Supreme Beings of Leisure – Under The Gun [2000]
November 1, 2010

Way back in 2000, SBL dropped their first album on an unsuspecting public. Nothing but downtempo funky grooves that evoked a multitude of sun tinged memories. Sultry vocals, massive basslines and fat beats sew this head nodder together perfectly. I love a lot of these post-Acid Jazz tracks, the Shadow posting below got me all started on digging out some old classics.

From Discogs
The Supreme Beings of Leisure’s unique sound was created almost by accident; while recording a rap demo, Rick Torres, Kiran Shahani, and Ramin Sakurai asked Geri Soriano-Lightwood to try her hand at writing and singing over the tracks. The result was a pleasant surprise, and a new kind of band was born. The Supreme Beings of Leisure blend clever programming and seductive grooves with distinctive vocals communicating sentiments of longing and disillusionment. The inimitable result has garnered praise from fans and critics alike.These unique musicians are distinguished as much by their use of cutting edge computer electronics as they are by their disparate cultural influences. Raised in “white,” upper-middle-class America, the band members, whose cultural heritages range from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to Japan, Ireland, and Iran, always felt somewhat out of place. After coming together, a global, widely appealing sound flowed naturally out of their distinctive yet collective life experiences.

MR. Lif – Pull Out Your Cut (DJ Hype remix) [2003]
January 28, 2010

Ive been rocking the Lif ever since you stuck Live From The Plantation up here. However this blinder is a remix from German Turntablist DJ Hype. No drum n’ bass in sight im afraid focus, just some tight as shit beats, quality scratching and and a sample of Francesco Tamponi - Crisi Dell’industria.

Francesco Tamponi - Crisi Dell’industria – You Tube