Beatman and Ludmilla – Inka (Backdraft remix)
March 30, 2012

While it would seem every man and his dog might have worked on this track at some point, it doesnt mean that the track feels disjointed. No this is a seriously rocking breakbeat track with all the stuff you could ever want. A really crisp, kick ass break. There is a dark as hell growling bassline that is out to hunt you down in whatever corner of the club your hiding in and the synth sweep is the icing on the cake. A seriously rocking piece of tuneage.

Bomb The Bass – Black River (Gui Boratto Remix) [2009]
September 28, 2011

What an incredible remix from Gui Boratto, preserving the wonderfully melancholic vocals but dropping it over a completely different flavor of composition. Darky, haunting but slightly uplifting with a slice hint of malevolence. The track is a masterstroke of electronic, giving all the big boys a run for their money. You can find this masterpiece either on the 12″ release of Black River or alternatively on the incredible album from Bomb The Bass, Future Chaos. If you dont have this album, rectify that immediately, its chuffin’ amazing.

A great review of Future Chaos from Bomb The Bass

Jonny L – Oh Yeah! [2008]
June 16, 2011

Jonny L, there’s a guy who’s produced some classic DnB tracks in his time. Somehow this track passed me by completely but hey, thats what happens when your an ex-pat I guess! The vocal on this track is ace, powerful and irreverent, you can hear her having fun singing this. The rest of the composition is wonderfully easy going, rocking bassline and thankfully, considering its release date, absolutely no Pendulum breaks!

Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down [2008]
March 5, 2011

A real breath of fresh air for me at least, a liquid track with some soul! Its got a cracking breakbeat, pitch perfect sub base and that vocal just kills it for me. Top drawer DnB tune.

From Discogs
The Brookes Brothers seem to be doing fairly well with their dance floor friendly dnb. I quite enjoy it myself. Tear you down was one of the big tracks of 2008, and I dare say it will continue to get rinsed into 09 (as I only heard it 3 times in 8 hours at summerbreak music festival in Adelaide). Beautiful Samples (which are apparently organised in key as they are classicly trained musicans) and just classy rollers.

On the flip side I was even more impressed with drifter! I thought that should have been the ‘a’. but what can you do..

Anyway before I drag it on too much, definately worth the cash! An excellent addition for any dnb lover.

Art Of Noise – Moments in love (Cyberdesign Remix) [2008]
February 2, 2011

Slight sidestep from the days Hip Hop, this awesome remix crossed my path today and I had to share. Taking the Electro-Pop original from Art of Noise and throwing a pretty heavy Progressive beat in the back, brings this classic bang up to date.

From Discogs
Although the original 10-minute version appeared on both the Into Battle release in 1983 and the Who’s Afraid album in 1984, “Moments In Love” wasn’t released globally as a commercial single until 1985, when the song was featured on the Pumping Iron II: The Women soundtrack. Reissues followed in 1986 and 1987, in some markets. Copyright dates indicate the edits & remixes were prepared in 1984.

Singles generally featured shortened edits of the album version. The 12-inch remixes were “Moments In Love (Beaten)” and the slower “Love Beat”. On the Daft compilation, the former was retitled “Love”, and an edit of the latter was called “(Three Fingers Of) Love”. 12-inch and CD singles also included an edit of “Beat Box (Diversion One)”, listed on the releases either as “Beatbox Diversion 10” or just “Beat Box”. In the US, “Moments In Love” was later paired with “Close (To The Edit)” as a double-A-sided reissue, accounted for separately in Discogs.

Bela Fleck & Oumou Sangare – Djorolen [2008]
January 4, 2011

Caught this as the opener for this mornings “Morning Becomes Eclectic” from Jason Bentley on KCRW. I wasnt really paying all that much attention to the radio if I’m honest, I was just driving into work until the vocals on this track blew me away. Its a beautiful track, Oumou Sangare’s voice is faultless forcing Fleck’s banjo into second place. A beautiful song, very sensibly placed on Flecks new album. A track likely to get many more listeners in tune with both Bela Fleck as well as Oumou Sangare. I know i’ve become a fan.

The Lyrics are as so;
The worried songbird,
Cries out in the forest,
The worried songbird,
Her thoughts go far away,
The worried songbird,
cries out in the forest,
The worried songbird,
Her thoughts go far away,
For those of us who have no father,
Her thoughts go out to them.

From Amazon
Béla Fleck has spent most of his career moving the banjo into the future–i.e., away from what he calls “the white southern stereotype” and, with the help of his band the Flecktones, into genres not normally associated with the instrument–but with Throw Down Your Heart, he goes in the opposite direction, traveling to Africa to explore the banjo’s ancient roots.

Oumou Sangare is the voice of feminism in West Africa. In a region where polygamy is the norm, and women are often viewed as the property of their husbands, Sangare’s music has come to symbolize the struggle against gender imbalance. In addition to their social content, Sangare’s songs are full of the joy and spirit that the traditional rhythms of Mali have been communicating for generations. During the mid-1990s, Sangare has become one of Africa’s biggest pop stars, as well as a major force in the European and American world music scenes.

Read more: Oumou Sangare Biography

Quivver – Chasin A Feeling [2008]
October 18, 2010

A great, dark atmospheric break / DnB track from John Graham aka Skanna aka Quivver. Graham has a talent for composing dark meloding breakbeat tracks, I dont think there’s a single release by Skanna I didnt like. This is more laid back, enough tempo not to get boring but the break takes a back seat to the composition. Cracking!

Mark Knight & Funkagenda vs. Paul Thomas-Arena(MK’s Very Clubby Mix) [2008]
September 24, 2010

As tech house goes, this one sits firmly near the top of my list of favourites. Simple, catchy as hell riff, invoking memories of some of the progressive stuff from Stress Records from the early nineties. Quality.

From Discogs
While Mark Knight’s solo efforts are often on the cheesier electro end of progressive and tech house, when collaborating with other producers such as Paul Harris, D. Ramirez and Funkagenda the results are much more impressive. Arena is another example of this, however the sound achieved is far from fresh. I wonder what exactly Paul Harris brought to the table, considering that all this track comprises of is a series of samples and techniques lifted from other Knight/Funkagenda tracks with the addition of a riff lifted from a classic trance track released in 1999. The main hook in Arena has been appropriated almost verbatim from Andy Ling’s “Fixation”, however this incarnation manages to squander the epic tension and release and the euphoria of the original, despite a two

Apparat – Wooden (Anders Ilar Rmx) [2008]
June 30, 2010

Taken from Apparats truly superb remix compilation “Things to be Frickled”, this is probably the most ambient of all the IDM offerings and what a track it is. The track is almost 7 minutes of lush string compositions, organic basslines and a metronomic synth snare to keep tempo to this otherwise purely ambient track. It evokes memories of some truly classic ambient and abstract Guerilla and Leftfield works mixed up with, dare I say, a refined structure that would give even the mighty FSOL a run for their money. Anders Ilar has many truly epic compositions, few that reach these heady heights but worth a look in if your wallet is itching for something truly abstract.

From Discogs
Deep IDM from Apparat, both doing remix duties and getting himself remixed. Swayzak’s dancefloor sensibilities get a click and cut treatment in “Smile and Receive,” and Boyznoize receive an electro-flavored mix of “Shine Shine.” He gets a hand from Ellen Allien for a dark mix of Paul Kalkbrenner’s “Queer Fellow,” while Raz Ohara has the gentleness of “Where He At” echoed in a slow and thoughtful mix that explodes with sound 2/3s of the way through. The female vocals on Nitrada’s “Fading Away” receive a backdrop of clattering percussion. But it’s his mix of Lusine’s “Drift” that stands out the most, a stuttering melody that gives way to long, modulated synths. But Apparat (oftentimes accompanied by Raz Ohara) receive as good as they get: Telefon Tel Aviv get their hands on two tracks, “Komponent” and “Arcadia,” and work their considerable mellow magic on the former and go to the dancefloor with the latter. Meanwhile, Chris de Luca and Phono get groovy with “Holdon” while Modeselektor gives the track an acid flashback. Boyznoize return the favor on “Arcadia” with an almost ambient mix, punctuated with acoustic guitar and Rhodes chords. Monolake take “Steinholz” on a deep and abstract journey, and Anders Ilar gets even more blissful with “Wooden.” After repeated listens, I’d say Apparat frickles well, in addition to being well-frickled.

Contour – If All You Need Is Time [2008]
June 4, 2010

A quality, summer tinted cut of slick DnB, soulful vocals, soul packed synth section and a cracking break. Thank Crunchie its Friday.