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Smoove & Turrell – Will You be Mine [2013]
July 28, 2014

My apologies for the delay in posts, its been a busy few months and sadly WP have changed their default posting backend making it rather troublesome to post on this POS Atom machine I use. That said, this is how you do a triumphant return, with a corker of a track like this.

Ive enjoyed pretty much every Smoove release i’ve heard. He’s got a real knack of kicking out some of the freshest sounding funk this side of 1979 and with his collaborations with Turrell, its just onward and upwards. Broken Toys is their forthcomming album, #3 in total and the standout track for me is this track. Its an absolutely perfect marriange of electro, funk and soul, with fantastic lyrics, a driving bassline from heaven and plenty of soul to keep you nodding. I heard it originally on Zemeralds most recent mix on Blue Racoon radio and must have repeated that part of the mix a dozen times before locating it.

For those interested, the link to the soundcloud copy of Broken Toys from Smoove & Turrell is below. Give it a listen, its amazing. Standout tracks other than the one above are Broken Toys and People Keep Talking but to be honest, the whole album rocks it.

Mix – Electrojunk Spring [2013]
June 21, 2013

Electrojunk – Spring 2013 by Dan Wuh. on Mixcloud

Since work is easing off, I figured it was time to get a bunch of the track’s ive been caning the past few months into a mix. Its a bit different to my other mixes but ive been really loving some of the beats and sounds coming through my soundcloud feed of late. So, on a far more relaxed, head nodding kind of trip this one.

Funkmasters – Have You Got The Time [1984]
January 12, 2013

Saturday Electrofunk time and this is a classic slice of UK Funk with an incredible vocal section. Gone are the overly twangy guitars, instead you have a bloody fantastic synthesizer explosion and synthetic guitars (or could that actually be a keytar?). Who cares, I defy anyone not to be nodding their head with a massive grin on its face. While the track may have dated for 1984, for the time, it was way ahead of the pack.

Jam Jam – Don’t Look Any Further [1990]
June 28, 2011

So I fired up Greg Wilson’s Glastonbury mix today and what does he open with? A remix, of a remix of Denise Edwards’ “Dont Look Any Further”. The first time i’d heard this track was on the very first “Megabass” compilation from Telstar, as part of the “Get Down To The Funky Beat” mix. Then I heard the original, also a cracker in its own right, before hearing today, the following remix. Amazing how a track can remain almost entirely unchanged for 27 years and still find its way into the largest music festival the UK has. Likely due in no small part to the truly fabulous bassline that dominates the track.

The original 12″ from Denise Edwards,

The opener to Greg Wilson’s Glastonbury set.

Harris & Orr- Spread Love [2005]
April 27, 2011

What a cracking B-side this is. Nothing but pure soul-funk right here, great sunshine tinged lyrics. Quality.

RIP Loleatta Holloway
March 22, 2011

Loleatta Holloway

Its a sad sad day for music. We lost one of the truly great female vocalists. In this day of autotune and refined marketability, Holloway continued to find cuts of her vocals in all manner of music, in many cases without any financial compensation. Her voice remains one of the most sampled in the history of music with Love Sensation being one of the most prolific accapella’s of all time.

I grew up with Loleatta Holloway’s voice, from the originals back in the early to mid Eighties to the rise of the sampler and House & Garage tunes from 1987 onwards. From that point on, I dont think ive heard more than 20 different electronic tracks before I find one with a vocal from Holloway. Ive lost the plot with her, i’ve danced around a field with her voice floating across the fields, heard in raves, mixtapes, hardcore, house, drum & bass, commercials, movie trailers, on my ipod about four times a day and i’d hazard a guess that she was playing the day I got married. There are very few artists that I know of that can claim to have been in the collective audio unconscious of sample based music lovers for almost four decades.

She was one of the truly great vocalists of our time and one that will be very sorely missed by me. In an effort to do any kind of justice to this memory, lets get the music underway.

RIP Loleatta Holloway, you were fucking amazing.

…the key to her appeal is that she doesn’t push herself too far to the front. The pleasure of listening to divas like Whitney or Rihanna is that it’s an aspirational experience – women want to be them, men want to be with them. Holloway is a different proposition: a collective experience, of mutual understanding and shared joy. She takes the utopian ideals of clubland – sex, community, abandon – and massively amplifies them back at the dancers, singing to each one of them and the club as a whole. As her voice surges onto and fills the dancefloor, it really does feel like we’re all getting stronger.
Taken from a Great Obituary from the Guardian

Les Rhythm Digitales – Soft Machine [1996]
November 18, 2010

One of my favourite tube tracks, great when you’ve had a heavy night and your feeling a bit shifty in the morning.

es Rythmes Digitales’s Darkdancer album was way ahead of it’s time so people didn’t know what to do with this excellent release from 1999 when it came out. Most anyone who was into electronica back when this was released they were either dancing to the euphoric beats of trance or chilling to a downbeat track in the backroom of a club.

As I listen to this album today it still sounds very fresh. Every track is very nicely produced by Stuart Price aka Les Rythmes Digitales, aka Thin White Duke, aka Zoot Woman. He even brings on Shannon of Let The Musi Play fame and the Wouldn’t It Be Good musician Nik Kershaw on a couple of the tracks. The album sounds like the early 1980s dance music with the added electronic elements of today.

Greg Wilson – Two Sides Of Sympathy (Greg Wilson Edit) [2007]
June 22, 2010

Absolutely STORMING remix/mashup from the man himself, Greg Wilson. He re-edits his original to be longer with more break and vocal work and its just massive. You’ve got one half of the track sampling the hell out of Unfinished Sympathy and the other rocking a pitched up Sympathy for the Devil from The Stones. Seamlessly weaving them together is Amerie’s accapella from 1 Thing and what a vocal it is. Fucking incredible job.

From Phonica
Following on from the coupling of essential Greg Wilson edits, “I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1” and “Gotta Keep Workin’ It”, the 2nd release in the Reactivate series brings together 2 more super sought after GW favourites from recent years. “Two Sides Of Sympathy” has become something of a signature track for Greg, combining the PTA edits, “Unfinished Thing” and “One For The Devil”, for a truly mammoth mash-up of Amerie, Massive Attack and the Rolling Stones, which has rocked dancefloors worldwide following its limited 2007 Edit The Edit pressing, having originally been a GW exclusive during the preceding years. Flip the record over and you’ll find another limited release from 2007, Greg’s remix of Sugardaddy’s “Hypnotise” – a silky smooth groover that was first issued on his own short-lived B77 imprint and now re-appears in what’s sure to be an even more conducive climate for this epic vocal delicacy.

Aleem – Release Yourself [1983]
May 6, 2010

Now this right here is a fucking incredible Electro track. Its got the lot, quality vocal hooks, a pounding 808 drum machine and that deep dark oberheim/moog brapping in the background. There’s no cheese in this belter, its pure unrestricted excellence from start to finish, sublime. Release Yourself!

From Discogs
This record actually help inspired a genre of music(Freestyle) in the mid 80s. Indeed one of the most important dance song of its time. People used to go crazy when djs played this track in the 80s. Club dancer used to “freestyle” to this song. A true classic.

Timeless electro that I just never get bored of playing!
With its soulful vocal telling you to ” release yourself ” over and over, 808 drum patterns and synths that put this track right next to “Hip Hop Be Bop” ,”Al naafiysh” and “Planet rock”!!
Also appears on Electro 5 which for me is the best of the Streetsounds Electro series, absolute sublime cutting and mixing especially when it drops in from Captain Rocks ” Future shock ” ….
….And its Twenty three years old ….
Now that’s a future shock!

….this is one of the few records that i know of that you can play just about anywhere, and a few true heads will pop up and give you respect for playing. techno, soul, hip-hop, freestyle, it doesn’t even matter, this thing crossed over and got it’s due. it’s got that early sampling feel, a thick vocal, and a drum kit that beats you up on any system out there. where i’m from, it wasn’t a great big hit, but still, anytime you break it out you will get “that look” from a few folks who spent the better part of the night staring into their drinks. tune!

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Ashley Beedle Re-Edit) [2007]
March 17, 2010

Wow. What a re-edit this is, so good its not even a label yet – simply put its allegedly a reworking for easier set mixing than the 12″ Original mix its derived from. Taking cues from the Synth-Pop original, Ashley Beedle puts a modern twist to it giving it all the layers in the world, stretches out the buildups and tightens the choruses. The vocal is timeless but is reworked to cut back on the whine and keep the best version of the chorus at the forefront. Mixed into this is a deep, dark rolling sub bass and stomping percussion that drives the track on relentlessly. This is absolutely my favourite track of the day, perhaps the week. Its EPIC sounding and deserves several replays.