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Smoove & Turrell – Will You be Mine [2013]
July 28, 2014

My apologies for the delay in posts, its been a busy few months and sadly WP have changed their default posting backend making it rather troublesome to post on this POS Atom machine I use. That said, this is how you do a triumphant return, with a corker of a track like this.

Ive enjoyed pretty much every Smoove release i’ve heard. He’s got a real knack of kicking out some of the freshest sounding funk this side of 1979 and with his collaborations with Turrell, its just onward and upwards. Broken Toys is their forthcomming album, #3 in total and the standout track for me is this track. Its an absolutely perfect marriange of electro, funk and soul, with fantastic lyrics, a driving bassline from heaven and plenty of soul to keep you nodding. I heard it originally on Zemeralds most recent mix on Blue Racoon radio and must have repeated that part of the mix a dozen times before locating it.

For those interested, the link to the soundcloud copy of Broken Toys from Smoove & Turrell is below. Give it a listen, its amazing. Standout tracks other than the one above are Broken Toys and People Keep Talking but to be honest, the whole album rocks it.

Alexander O’Neil – Criticize (Ben Liebrand Remix) [1987]
October 13, 2013

An apt response to being off the grid for almost 6 months. Work’s a beast! Anyway, lets get back to it with this belter from O’Neil. Liebrand does what he does best and punches up the original arrangement with a face slapping bassdrum and catchy as all hell bassline. Thankfully he keeps the entire vocal arrangement from O’Neil although I could have definately done without ‘ALEX BABY’ hitting the track so often! But if you push your way thorough the intro, the rest of this is a soaring freestyle classic.

From Discogs
Fantastic record with a special nice video along . This was a big hit and in heavy rotation in 1987 on MTV . Whenever this one came up i was delighted . A female drummer , the impressive body of Alexander O`Neal weraing a suit and tie , while singing these fabulous lyrics , that couldn’t fit my feelings at the time any better : “Don’t criticize my life style . Don’t criticize my friends .. All You wanna do is criticize “.
Damn i wish i had this 12”..

Mix – Electrojunk Spring [2013]
June 21, 2013

Electrojunk – Spring 2013 by Dan Wuh. on Mixcloud

Since work is easing off, I figured it was time to get a bunch of the track’s ive been caning the past few months into a mix. Its a bit different to my other mixes but ive been really loving some of the beats and sounds coming through my soundcloud feed of late. So, on a far more relaxed, head nodding kind of trip this one.

Vindahl – Sometimes ( 12″ Groove Version ) [2011]
June 17, 2013

If you havent purchased Tokyo Dawn’s seminal Electro/Groove/NuDisco/Funk compilation “The Boogie”, get right on that now. Its a huge assortment of the freshest sounding electro work i’ve heard in the past 10 years with Vindahl’s Sometimes being a real standout belter of a tune. This doesnt just rock you slowly, its a moog driven behemoth of electrofunk evoking memories of ’84 Freestyle flavour with a solid and unstoppably crisp modern delivery. Its so slick, its almost unbearable but that bassline just carries your ass along for a cracking ride.

For the record, this compilation has about 12-14 different, practically unknown artists that contribute to it and absolutely every single track sounds better than anything any of the heavy hitters have put out in recent memory. Anyone wanting to hear some seriously progressive Electropop would be doing themselves a serious disservice by not diving into that back catalogue. Start your journey right here.

Co-founder of the vanguard soul collective Boom Clap Bachelors, Vindahl has been involved with numerous offspring projects such as Ivory & Gold, Robi, Kris Mars and Non+.

“Vindahl – Serendipity”, the first album project to be released under his real name has been his secret heart project for more than four years now. Musical influences as diverse as Talking Heads, Trevor Horn and Prince shimmer through, complemented by lyrics often based on themes of duality.

Corporation Of One – The Real Life [1988]
March 26, 2012

I reckon you could credit Corporation of One with the instigation of sampling Themes for Great Cities since this went stratospheric in 1988. I mean, hell it samples everything else as well! You have Queen, some Al Pacino from Scarface as well as that instantly recognisable string section from Simple Minds. But its how they are used that makes this track such a belter. Its breaks are clean and crisp, the moogy bass makes another appearance some four years before Farley and Heller got their hands into it.

Corporation of One was the pseudonym of Freddy Bastone, one extremely prolific remixer from the Bronx who’s work ranged from remixing Queen (surprise surprise), Bananarama, Brandy, Judas Priest, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Radiohead, Rod Stewart, and Taxi Doll.

Ultramagnetic Mcs – Ego Trippin(Original 12” Version) [1986]
October 10, 2011

Two years before the Ultra’s unleased the now legendary album, Critical Beatdown, they released this 12″ upon the world. What a cracker it is too, nothing but hype lyrics, a brutal bassline and some of the best MC’ing your ever likely to hear. Add the electro riff hits and its not hard to see what makes this track one of the all time classics. Amazing.

From Discogs c/o Mentally MadBoy do I remember when this record dropped! And what a great time for hip hop this was. Also brand new at this time was Eric B. & Rakim’s “Eric B. For President” and Boogie Down Production’s “South Bronx”, and Biz Markie’s “Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz” was just a week or two away. The Radio was never the same. “Ego Tripping” in particular stands out the most to me. At this time, it was the first rap record to actually sample the breakbeat in it’s entirety. Marley would use the SP1200 on “The Bridge” and “Eric B’ For President” before this record, but he didn’t loop the breakbeat, but rather reconstruct them, which was also mind blowing. Ced-Gee used the SP12 in a different way. He also chopped up the “Substitution” break, but inserted bits and pieces mainly throughout the hook. When Keith and Ced were rhyming, it was a straight up loop, and this was the first time on wax for that. Marley Marl and Ced-Gee were the only ones in 1986 who used the SP1200 drum machine, and they definately started the next phase of hip hop. Now rappers would not rely solely on drum machine beats for their records, like a linn drum, or a roland 808. Rappers were now turning into crate diggers, looking for a new loop or sample for their records. With every Marley Marl produced record, or Ultramagnetic record, producers had to step up their game. This IS my favorite rap record from 1986, and absolutely should be in every old school rap fan’s collection!

Nigo – Freediving(Stereo MC’s Remix) [1999]
September 19, 2011

Cracking breakbeat remix from the Stereo MC’s of Nigo’s otherwise anemic downtempo offering. The Mc’s did the dirty with the break, making seemingly double that of the original, adding some nice piano touches. It pretty much turns this track from a downtempo yawner to a fantastic, end of set track.

Bassomatic – Fascinating Rhythm (Lisa Loud Mix) [1990]
September 14, 2011

Probably one of the very best tracks released in 1990 and one of the very best examples of why electronic music became so huge. Since, this track isnt a house tune, nor is it a hardcore track. Its not techno, its not ragga, reggae or any other classification. Its all of them and none of them all at the same time. I also had no idea that Mr William Orbit was actually part of the Bassomatic crew, not that im surprised. Now I hear this track again and you can see his signature style all over it. Catchy hooks, rolling basslines, irreverent breaks in composition to keep the melody interesting but most of all, flawless production. The bass is pushed to the very limit of its range, so its loud without distorting, absolutely crucial to this track as the bassline is what dominates the entire track. I could gush about Fascinating Rhythm for hours, its without a doubt one of my favourite tracks of all time.

From Discogs
I remember very well hearing this for the first time aged just 9 years old on the Chart Show that used to be on Saturdays on ITV at 1200hrs, and i absolutely loved it. I think from that moment on, without realizing it, i knew i was going to end up being a music junkie. I still do to this very day. It’s all about the Lisa Loud remix here, odd because i never knew she provided the killer remix it until recently.

The track is a very odd hybrid of hip-hop tempo and break with a house feel and house sounds. The vocal is actually very good and fits perfectly. Those chrods are sublime and there are some nice keys in the chorus that compliment the vocals. It’s very hooky and very melodic.

It just goes to show how good those early acid house days really were, this tune is a melting pot of influences, whereas records today have to be neatly filed as house or techno, or trance, or dubstep which is not what music should be about.

Ceci Bastida – Controlar [2011]
August 23, 2011

I caught Ceci’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl for KCRW’s Global Soul and for me it was one of the best performances of the evening. This being the standout track for me, its a ridiculously catchy electro fused pop track that is propelled along completely by Ceci’s vocal talent. Of course, being sung entirely in Spanish helps, its got this filthy electro feel to it with a ridiculously catchy set of riffs that will have you nodding and humming the track for hours afterwards.

From Her Bio Page
Her collaboration with DJ and producer XXXChange (Spank Rock, Amanda Blank), “Controlar,” became an internet hit after being picked up by and She was also featured on “S.O.S.,” a duet with rapper Pigeon John and the Mad Decent approved Israeli hip hop crew Soulico.

Her live shows, beloved for their unique covers of Kanye West, Miike Snow, and The Clash, have won her critical praise and packed houses, from L.A. to Mexico City to New York City (The New York Times featured her July 2009 performance in a special photo spread on new Latin music).

Her debut comes in the wake of Ceci’s acclaimed pair of performances at 2009’s SXSW Music Festival, where she played a Billboard showcase and shared the stage with Jason Lytle, The Low Anthem, and Fanfarlo. She earned rave reviews and was named one of “The Top 21 Performances at SXSW.”

Xilent – Choose Me [2011]
July 20, 2011

Ive been a huge fan of Xilent’s Drum & Bass/Neurofunk work for months now but this offering is a bit of a change of pace. Leaning heavily towards the dubstep sounds that are so prevalent these days, he puts his own stamp on that sound with a wonderfully uplifting and choppy track thats as epic in scope as any Liquid Dnb or Uplifting trance track.

The whole Choose Me EP is a complete and total banger and well deserving of a visit. Sure its definately not classicly dark braaap braaap stuff but I think thats what makes this track such a breath of fresh air. Any fool can distort the hell out of a long sweeping subbase and stick a beat behind it, Xilent on the other hand crafts a complete masterpiece with Choose Me.

Xilent – Choose Me II A totally banging Electro-house mix from Xilent.
Xilent – Choose Me II (Dubstep remix) Remix of the above track. Sounds practically identical to Choose Me but with the inclusion of some more vocal work and 2 extra minutes.