Reese Project – Direct Me (Joey Negro Disco Blend Mix) [1992]
September 12, 2010

Thank god for Kevin Saunderson, one of the early techno pioneers, he never lost the soul of the Motor city. Managing to effortlessly cross techno and garage into banging house-esque arrangements, he remains one of my top producers of all time. I mean, he was responsible for Inner City for Chrissakes!

Anyway, Joey does probably his best remix of all time with this 6 minutes of house bliss. Treating the vocals just as they should be, he throws in this massive piano, cracking breakdowns and all the sprinkles a house bunny could ever crave. Summery as hell. Played it to death on my holiday. I went to Hawaii. It was ace.

From Discogs
This 12″ contains one of joey negro’s finest remixes to date. i think it must be the piano riff that wins it for me and i know the joey negro mix was featured on the original 12″ but i wore that out playing it to death so thank god it was re-pressed on this remix 12″, sadly one bad point it ends a bit funny with a fade out when your least expecting it.

Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space – Reach For Me (Long Ass Mix) [1992]
June 21, 2010

Cracking deep soulful house groove from Murk & Network records. Pamela Williams was the original vocalist on this until she was replaced by Tamara Wallace for the final release. What a vocalist she is, pitch perfect for the deep bassline that drives this track onward and upwards. Classic.

From Discogs
A classic piece of house music and Murk’s finest moment. This is deep, hypnotic, haunting house music of the very highest order. There is a fantastic baseline throughout that really lifts the record, with the lovely vocal slipping in and out.

Love Revolution – Give It To Me Baby [1991]
November 13, 2009

Almost entirely samples from other tracks, this beast was caned by Sasha on release. Gotta love that bassline, nasty electronic slicey bassline in direct contrast to the full force uplifting piano and vocals. In fact, my only criticism would be the anaemic beat section thats just crying out for a fucking HUGE break.

Neal Howard / Altern-8 – Re-Indulge [1991]
November 13, 2009

2nd track on the B-Side of “Activ-8″ and probably the only track on the whole 12” that hasnt aged horribly. Taking Neal Howard’s (one half of Altern-8) piano break from “Indulge” released 12 months prior, a nice Amen break dropped in the back and remastered gives Re-Indulge a classic, timeless feel to it.