Deskee – Let There Be House (ABCD Mix 1)[1989]
June 29, 2011

Originally released as a more Hip-House number, it got re-released early 1990 with some significantly more up to date production. My favourite of these is without a doubt the ABCD1 Mix, its got a huge, banging intro using the fanastic bassline of the original and the Brutal Deluxe sample AND keeps the vocal rap complete out of the picture. Thats not to say that I hate the rap, its just fine but this mix is just perfect without it. Dark, sinister and banging, just the way I like my house music.

Quick shout out to the original Hip House mix too. Sampled to death and for good reason, the man is a talented lyricist.
Deskee – Let There Be House (Original Mix)

Colonel Abrams – Trapped 12′ inch version [1985]
April 18, 2011

Time to show some respect to the Colonel. Its still incredible to think this was released in 1985, what could be considered a freestyle track in the vein of Sinnamon. However, the track has far more in common with the House sound that emerged a couple of years AFTER this was released. Incredibly, it was a huge track, well received across the globe and could be pretty much heard everywhere on release. Yet, with a fanastic vocal and the backing of a hit single Abrams effectively dropped off the face of the Earth after 1989, releasing sporadic, average tracks forever in the shadow of this incredible release. Regardless, from a vocal standpoint, Abrams cant be faulted, his voice is close to perfection on this coupled with the direction of the extremely talented Richard Burgess and its not hard to see why its a winner.

From Discogs
This is Proto-House track that came out in 1985. It could easily fit into an early House set and it was played at clubs such as the Hacienda. It could also be classed as a Soul classic. Either way it’s just brilliant Black vocal Dance music of the highest order.

Charlatans – The Only One I Know [1990]
March 10, 2011

I have unwell cans! Im listening to everything in mono because the left headphone cable is shot. Hence why I didnt upload anything yesterday! However, this track is so kick ass, it neeeeds to be heard. Its a track I didnt adore when it was released, however, over the years its grown tenfold into one of my favourites of the time. Its more consistently excellent than many of the other tunes at the time (Monday’s, im looking at you). Total classic.

From Discogs
On the A side run-out groove it has etching that reads “There’s no message just pure politics”,then flip the record over to the B side run-out grooves it says “Good,arn’t we?”,with a spelling mistake in “aren’t” though the correct spelling has been etched then scored out before the flaw.Regardless of this most reviewers and listeners couldn’t fail but to agree,the single being a top 10 hit reaching the number 9 spot a week after it slid in the charts at number 24 on it’s 2 June release.One thing I found confusing on the sleeve was the songwriting credits.The bands surnames are all there apart from Jon Baker,his surname is displayed as ‘Day’.Before I thought it was a different person,until I saw this statement from Jon Baker,quote;”As a joke I once put my name down as Jon Day and it was something that stuck and even ended up in some of the songwriting credits”.

Raze ft Doug Lazy – Bass Power [1991]
February 25, 2011

Nothing but fond memories wearing out my Deep Heat 10 tape caning this in the car. The track has a great groove, cracking break and some wonderful vocals from Pamela Frazier. Doug Lazy brings the prerequisite male mc’ing but hey, dont hold it against him 🙂

From Discogs
Spearheaded by New York multi-instrumentalist Vaughan Mason, Raze was formed in 1986 as a studio/concept group were the idea was to have a different lead singer on each song. Mason hooked up with soul singer Keith Thompson in the studio for “Break 4 Love”, considered by many to be one of the best house songs ever recorded. And Thompson was only 25 years old when they recorded it in 1987! It was the group’s only song that made it to urban radio, debuting on October 22, 1988 at #24 for 16 weeks. Mason would move to D.C., setting up his Grove Street Records studio.

The Goon Squad – Eight Arms to Hold You [1985]
June 8, 2010

25th Aniversary of The Goonies this month, so this cut is the Freestyle monster that was featured on the sountrack (and deleted Octopus scene from the movie). Although it smacks of 85 so much, Arthur Baker does a stellar job of bringing some fantastic synth mastery to the proceedings.

From Discogs
With the breakdance scene begining lose popularity the music was starting to break into two categories, Rap and freestyle.
Eight Arms to hold you which appeared on the the Goonies movie soundtrack exploded onto the underground dance scene and people did not know what kind of style this music was but in actual fact it was a massively under supported by radio anthem of the dawning garrage/Freestyle scene.
Produced by Arthur Baker, Huge keyboard synth arrangments and a catchy song make this a must for all Freestyle lovers. Should really have been the “Let the Music Play” of Freestyle.

Michael Jackson – Workin’ Day & Night [1979]
May 26, 2010

Michael Jacksons first “official” solo studio album was the 1979’s “Off The Wall” and what an album it is. I dont think Jackson ever truly bettered this collaboration with Quincy Jones, managing to keep the album clear of all the Disco cheese of the time and packing it to the rafters with Funk, Soul and Pure Unadulterated Fun. One of my favourite tracks is the one above, heavy on the disco flavor but cheeky as all hell. Ive been putting in the hours just recently (hence the lack of quality updates) and find this fella to be a perfect way to describe it.

From Discogs
One of the tightest disco albums, with many hits and even more not so known tracks, of which many are as tight as the hits. Michael Jackson’s first successful solo recording, the previous records probably trying to continue the Jackson 5-format. Quincy Jones’ production and the new disco/funk/soul-sound in addition to Mr. Jacksons developing skills and charisma made this record both a smash hit and a record which continues to entertain and overwhelm even after thirty decades have passed since the original recording date.

If ever an artist has given so much to music worldwide, it is Michael Jackson. This album has more funk, more soul and more shake than any other album. From track 1 to 10 it is a ride of musical bliss. My fave tracks are Get on the floor, Off the wall, I can’t help it and Burn this disco out (If you’ve never heard these try to). Thriller was good but this shows what Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones were all about.

N-Joi – Mindflux [1991]
April 20, 2010

Speaking of Techno, how about this pounder from N-Joi? Yes, Shagratt lifted whole parts of this for the world famous Amiga demo “Jesus On E’s” but in its entirety its a competely different beast. Pure unadulterated synth madness demonstrating clearly why the N-Joi lads made such a huge impact on the growing scene. ‘Kin classic.

Jesus On E’s Amiga Demo just for fun 🙂

N-Joi – Malfunction [1990]
April 13, 2010

And then the B-Side of Anthem’s 12″ release featured this complete opposite Euro styled techno behemoth. Its got the lot, driving tech-bass synths, vocal AND acid stabs, sweeps, bloody everything. A proper, unapologetic shape thrower of a tune. Awesome.

From Discogs
Forget about Anthem, Malfunction is is the killer track on this release. Still playable now, a timeless classic from that golden era of real Techno. It takes me right back, an all round, well produced piece of musical madness!!

N-Joi – Anthem [1990]
April 13, 2010

The first 7″ I ever bought and what a cracker it is. Its also 20 years old in what… four weeks (Released beginning of May 1990). What makes this track so downright awesome? Its that drop from the beginning before your hit in the face with pure joy. You’re led in slow until Saffrons vocals kick in with the piano and catapult you into bliss. Its a track that is beloved by just about everyone I know and for good reason, N-Joi nailed the early 90’s party scene with their blend of uplifting vocals and heavy techno productions. I still have this 7″ too, in mint condition, back at the folks. 20 years and still getting used in mixes, not a bad legacy eh?

To celebrate 20 years of Anthem Brixton Jamm are throwing a monster party in Brixton I truly wish I was attending. Link here :
From DiscogsNjoi – 20yrs of Anthem

This is the 1991 re-release of Anthem, which found it’s way into the UK top ten thanks to its uplifting vocals courtesy of Saffron and a sample of Gwen Guthrie.
Of all N-Joi releases, this is probably the one which is best known commercially, however, it hugely benefits from a couple of decent remixes and the inclusion of the mighty Malfunction on side B.