Alexander O’Neil – Criticize (Ben Liebrand Remix) [1987]
October 13, 2013

An apt response to being off the grid for almost 6 months. Work’s a beast! Anyway, lets get back to it with this belter from O’Neil. Liebrand does what he does best and punches up the original arrangement with a face slapping bassdrum and catchy as all hell bassline. Thankfully he keeps the entire vocal arrangement from O’Neil although I could have definately done without ‘ALEX BABY’ hitting the track so often! But if you push your way thorough the intro, the rest of this is a soaring freestyle classic.

From Discogs
Fantastic record with a special nice video along . This was a big hit and in heavy rotation in 1987 on MTV . Whenever this one came up i was delighted . A female drummer , the impressive body of Alexander O`Neal weraing a suit and tie , while singing these fabulous lyrics , that couldn’t fit my feelings at the time any better : “Don’t criticize my life style . Don’t criticize my friends .. All You wanna do is criticize “.
Damn i wish i had this 12”..

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam ‎– Let The Beat Hit ‘Em (Paradise Garage Club Mix) [1991]
April 6, 2013

We dont often get to revisit a track around these parts because usually i’d like to think ive uploaded the definitive version of that given track. However, since I had this mix rocking my socks all afternoon at work, it seemed prudent to give it a revisit.

Gone is the exceptional vocals from Lisa Lisa, replaced with a genre spanning house banger that will have your head bouncing for hours after you’ve stopped listening. You’ve got huge slabs of synth work in here, some light breakage and a truck load of classic house rhythm. Topped off with the occasional vocal stab and some cheeky nods to the original and your laughing. I just cant get past how great some of the remixes of this track are.

Clivilles & Cole – Pride (A Deeper Love) [1992]
February 6, 2012

How about we go the other way, this is a track that Aretha covered a couple of years AFTER Deborah Cooper lent her considerable vocal talent to this classic from Clivilles & Cole. This was a medium level hit for the boys, shame because its as classic a house track as any other. Lots of vocal talent from Cooper, lots of hallmark C&C funky bassline business.

A couple of years later, Aretha covered this track, turning it from a housey banger into a soul stormer. It got remixed a ton of times, even Cliviles and Cole did a couple of remixes, no doubt due to their original involvement. While all of Aretha’s mixes are great, her original is the better but I have to say, in this case, Deborah Cooper’s original vocals still sound better to me!

The Chimes – Heaven [1989]
December 9, 2010

Its all about Pauline Henry’s vocals here and what a vocalist she is. Hugely powerful voice, lots of range, she is incredible. Locke & Peden must have jumped for joy when composing this track as all they really added to Henry’s vocal track was a nice downtempo funk bassline and that cracking breakbeat arrangement. Sure, there’s some jazzy piano at the end but nobody really cares by that point. Your slackjawed at the vocals from start to finish.

Mass Order – Lift Every Voice (Classic Boot Mix ) [1991]
September 27, 2010

Soulful classic from Mass Order, way back in 1991. Utilising Loleatta Holloway’s vocals from “Love Sensation” and combining the duo’s great vocal talent with a cracking Garage tinted house beat, Lift Every Voice was huge. Played to death by DJ’s on both sides of the pond, it evokes a great summer feeling.

From Discogs
Mass Order was a House Music duo from Maryland, whose members were Eugene Hanes and Marc Valentine. They released one album, Maybe One Day, in 1992. Their single Lift Every Voice (Take Me Away), was a soulful song that was instrumental for the sub-genre of Garage House, which was made popular in the late 80s and early 90s by House Music DJ Tony Humphries and features samples of soul diva Loleatta Holloway on this record as did black box on ride on time too the “take me away” bit .

Mantronix – Take Your Time (Club Mix) [1990]
August 26, 2010

A mint vocal from Wondress just makes this otherwise rocking breakbeat / New Jack offering from Mantronix. It decimated clubs on release and while, not as commercially popular as “Gotta Have Your Love”, I think for me its their best track by a mile.

From Wikipedia
Mantronix was an influential 1980s hip hop and electro funk music group founded by DJ Kurtis Mantronik (Kurtis el Khaleel), and rapper MC Tee (Touré Embden). Mantronix underwent several genre (and line-up) changes during its 7-year existence (1984–1991), from old school hip hop to electro funk to house music, but the group is primarily remembered for its original, heavily synthesized blend of old school hip-hop and electro funk.

Magnetic Man – I Need Air (2010)
June 14, 2010

Annie Mac premiered the brand new tune from super group Magnetic Man on the weekend. Magnetic Man consisting of Benga, Skream and Artwork have been quiet for a while now so I doubt there’ll be many complaints that they let this track go. No idea who’s on the vocals for this one or whether this is off an upcoming project, however enjoy this piece of British-Based, musical brilliance.

From Discogs –

“Magnetic Man is a live perfomance dubstep supergroup consisting of Skream (aka Oliver Jones), Artwork (aka Arthur Smith) and Benga (aka Adegbenga Adejumo), and funded by the Arts Council England”


Leftfield – Swords [1999]
January 20, 2010

An absolutely farkin’ amazing tune from Leftfield, originally found on the legendary Rhythm & Stealth album but later released with a bunch of half decent mixes. But its all about the journey of the original. Its layering is perfect, conjuring a landscape of synthetic beats and sounds that would sound better suited to an ambient release if its wasnt for the malevolent broken beats and bassline that roll beneath the surface. Absolutely epic..

From Discogs
Leftfield’s ‘Swords’ is a piece of music that is so amazing that five years after first discovering it, still gives me shivers down my spine when I hear it. Beautiful vocals, swooning synths, and a throbbing bassline all make this one of my most favorite tunes.