The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist [2000]
January 4, 2014

Happy New Year folks! To celebrate the madness of working the entire holiday period, here’s one of the very best sample based tracks of the past decade. It takes some serious talent to mash this amount of completely disconnected samples together into a track that not only makes sense but is insanely catchy as well. The music video is completely off the wall but the track is a masterstroke in breakbeat lead samplage. Its a track you’ll be humming long after you first heard it.

Cygnus X – The Orange Theme [1994]
February 28, 2012

Now here’s a track that inspires either flat out joy or absolute hatred in all that know it. Its one of those tracks that has been played to death for years, for me, thats for good reason, its a blinder of a track. Its a guaranteed floor filler, appealing to a wide slate of electronic music fans and perhaps thats one of the reasons it inspires such hatred in many. Its origins are from “A Clockwork Orange”, made by one Wendy Carlos who in turn took inspiration from Henry Purcell’s “March” from “Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary”.

Hoffman, under the Cygnus X moniker simply cranked the speed up, chucked in a bass drum and wavey ravey acid riff underneath and stuck it on wax. As you’ve probably noticed, im a big fan of simple arrangements and this is no different. There are hundreds of remixes, many of which make small insignificant tweaks to capitalise on the popularity of the original. The standouts for me being the Man With No Name mix released in 2000;

and the VERY crowd friendly, Moonman’s Orange Juice remix from ’99

Regardless of your opinion of the track, its hard to deny that The Orange Theme played an integral part of the techno and trance scenes. For good or bad its a track that can transport me back to dark, smoke filled rooms with lasers in an instant.

From Discogs
One of the best classical techno-trance themes. My guess is that it is techno-trance at its best. Unforgettable, but then again we must remember that the original melody was created by the genious Purcell, and beautifully worked by Wendy Carlos on the “Clockwork Orange” famous theme.

Eye Q reached the pinnacle of the classically melodic euro trance milieu with the ‘The Orange Theme’.

The Original Mix takes the ‘Vernon’s Wonderland’ (Vernon) approach, but raises the stakes to a quick 147+ bpm, and adds background bubbly acid line to drive it through. The result is a classical music masterpiece that has been often copied and remixed, but never bettered.

That is not to detract anything from the remixes here though, they are both worthy treatments.

Recreating a song composed by a classical music composer (such as Beethoven) into an electronica tune sounds like a good idea in almost every instance, but I have yet to really find an example of this that has really worked. The Orange Theme, which is also the main theme from the movie “A Clockwork Orange”, is just not very good. Granted, the Solar Stone remix is good trance, with a great build, but the main synth line is just not that good. It really isn’t that catchy, and is just plain cheesy. There are better trance anthems out there that are worth owning in this format.

I’ve always considered “The Orange Theme” a turd in Eye Q’s catalogue. It’s crude, in-your-face and unsophisticated, and reeks of UK superclubs and “Now that’s what I call trance” compilations.

But the flip side of this original release is magnificent. See, “Introspective” is just that – a pensive, poignant track imbued with the kind of warm melancholy often heard in the best early 90’s trance. You needn’t waste your time on the overplayed A side – this is the real deal. Beautiful.

Del Tha Funky Homosapien Feat.Hieroglyphics – Burnt [2000]
November 23, 2011

Hieroglyphic’s and Del, a perfect combination of West Coast flow generating some of the sickest rhymes in history. This track is no exception, with Del’s masterful rhythm and orchestration mixed up with some absolutely incredible lyrical business from the Hiero guys. The whole track is absolutely mint but just blasts into the stratosphere when, at 2:45, Del changes the arrangement entirely and couples it with Opio’s top drawer rhyme. An absolute masterpiece of Hip Hop, there’s a lot of artists that could do with going back to the drawing board, giving this classic a listen.

Mad Doctor X – 7even feat Cappo, D-Love, Don 1, Frisco, Navigator & Terra [2000]
September 9, 2011

My favourite track of the amazing Project X Pt2 EP from Mad Doctor X, such a smooth vibe with some amazing production and insane lyrical gymnastics. Yet another example of why Carter remains one of the best producers of any kind of breakbeat lead music in the UK. Granted, the album was released over 10 years ago but the fact this still gets heavy caning all over the place is a testament to the popularity not just of this album but of Carter himself. Amazing.

From Discogs
The undercover alter-ego of incredible Bruce Banna-like hip-hop veteran DJ Jason Carter. On the scene for years since he first blew up with Blapps Posse and Don’t Hold Back (released in 1990 and repressed 57 times since) the Mad Doctor has been busy working in the lab conducting his illicit experiments and concocting his ill beats in various disguises ever since: London Funk Allstars and DJ Toolz on Ninja Tune, Clusterfunk on Cooltempo, and most recently as Mad Doctor X on Freskanova. He may also be familiar as the man providing all the scratches on The Freestylers’ recent records.

Mukkaa – Buruchacca (X-Cabs Remix) [2000]
June 2, 2011

Generally I would say you couldnt do better than the original, but X-Cabs remix of Buruchacca might be an exception. What a banger this is. It takes the incredible original and only very lightly switches the arrangement around, brings the tempo up some and layers the synth hooks more. Overall making it sound far more trancey than its Progressive House roots but in doing so turns it into an even bigger face melter. Pure arms in the air perfection, thank God for Limbo!

Rage Against The Machine – Renegades Of Funk [2000]
March 15, 2011

I never paid much attention to RATM after their first album, I found Battle for Los Angeles to be a bit… heavy if you get my meaning and Renegades ive never even heard. However, this track in its single form got plenty of play in my neck of the woods. Its a huge behemoth of Breakbeat Hip Hop driven rock madness with Zac De La Rocha touting some chuffin excellent name checks and lyrics behind the maelstrom.

Believe it or not, its actually a cover of Africa Bambaataa’s Renegades of Funk and if you give it a listen you’ll catch all the nods and wry nudges to the original but I have to hand it to the guys, they dragged it kicking and screaming into the 2000’s.

Africa Bambaataa – Renegades of Funk

Came courtesy of Anne Marie who dropped this on her profile and i’d forgotten how much I love it.

From Wikipedia
“Renegades of Funk” is a song written by Afrika Bambaataa, Arthur Baker, John Miller & John Robie and recorded by Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force. Released in 1983 as a single on the Tommy Boy label, it was also included on the 1986 album Planet Rock: The Album. The song is an eclectic fusion of electronic music and heavy percussion, with politically fused rap lyrics that draw a connection between past revolutionaries and bohemians to present day street artists. It was produced and mixed by Arthur Baker and John Robie. Mastering was by Herb Powers Jr. It was not until 1986 until the song appeared on Planet Rock: the Album.

In 2000, Rage Against the Machine recorded the song on its cover album Renegades. The group played it live for the first time at its reunion show at Coachella 2007. The music video directed by Steven Murashige was a montage of film stock-footage clips, as the band had broken up when the video was released.[1] The montage consists mostly of funk and hip-hop music and events of the Civil Rights movements, interspersed with live footage of the Los Angeles Phantom Street Artist Joey Krebs spray-painting his infamous Outline Silhouettes of Figures mixed with media stills of individuals the song implies are renegades:

Aesop Rock- I’ll Be Ok (Feat. Slug) (2000)
April 26, 2010

Taken from 2000 LP “Float” on Mush Records featuring Slug from “Atmosphere”

Bumpin some millenium hiphop today!

from discogs

“It’s Aesop Rock time, again. The eclectic rhyme-sayer who burst onto the radar with his universally acclaimed Definitive Jux debut album Labor Days and then followed it up with the anthemic EP Daylight, returns to reclaim the truth and hand out lyrical beat downs to those who stole the up-rock and buffed the trains. Over four albums of futurized funk, Aesop Rock has been blowing minds with detail-driven narratives and dexterity defying word play. From the early records Music For Earthworms, Appleseed and Float to the masterful Labor Days, his singular voice has filtered tales of Lower East Side city life through a highly personal lens. And that voice has reached out and touched an enormous amount of people. Surprisingly, while his last two efforts were legitimate underground hits (moving more units than most indie artists, hip hop or otherwise, do in their entire careers) Aesop went into near seclusion for most of the time, avoiding the spotlight that was desperately seeking him out”


Edan – Mic Manipulator (2000)
April 26, 2010

Taken from 2000 LP “Primitive Plus” on Lewis records

On the subject of nice summery music, here’s a hight light from the classic “Primitive Plus” from back in 2000, a fantastic break along with Edan’s complex rhymes works a treat! I sure am glad I grabbed the vinyl back in 2000,

From discogs

“Edan Portnoy is a Rockville, Maryland raised MC, producer and turntablist also known as the Humble Magnificent. He has released 2 full albums, several 12” singles, remixes and mixtapes.

He has contributed beats for Mr. Lif, Murs, Akrobatic and Time Machine. A remix of Vast Aire & MF Doom’s song “Superfriends” was beautifully reworked by Edan for Adult Swim’s free “Chocolate Swim E.P.” MP3 download. He has also collaborated on several projects with Cut Chemist.

Though he hasn’t released an album in quite some time, he announced at ATP: The Fans Strike Back that he’s releasing a new mix project in late 2009 called “Echo Party”.


Two Lone Swordsmen – Brootle (2000)
April 9, 2010

Taken from 2000 LP “Tiny Reminders” on Warp records.

Sounds a bit crispy this youtube link, but Andrew Weatherall & Keith Tenniswood bring a storming peice of electro for a what I consider to be the best track on the LP, if you dont have a copy, you need to find one. Classic.


Taskforce, Braintax & Jehst – Cosmic Gypsies (2000)
February 7, 2010

Taken from 200 Voice Of The Great Outdoors EP on Low life Records.

Another from my crate – quality space age lyrics from Taskforce, Braintax and Jesht, 3 of the UK’s finest.

Still love this tune after 10 years and never get bored of the lyrics.