Smoove – The Revolution Will Be Televised [2003]
September 21, 2011

What a track from Smoove! Taking the identical format of Gil Scott Heron’s seminal The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and turning it into an ironic social commentary was a stroke of complete genius. Whereas the original was a rallye call to everyone to stop being sedate and to race to action against the forces of oppression under the guise of Democracy in the late seventies, Smoove instead adopts a very British approach. In holding up a mirror to all the crap we all get fed day to day its a complete paradigm shift from the original. Gil Scott wanted you to stand up for what you believe, fight against the homogenisation of society, Smoove is simply showing that society hasnt moved anywhere. If not moved backwards with rampant commodification of everything including a societal revolution.

Of course, I could be reading into this too far, it could just be a track taking the piss out of the original. Regardless, the track is a blasting example of classic Acid Jazz production with a fantastic bassline and rocking break. Instant classic.

Jestofunk feat Ce Ce Rodgers – The Ghetto [1996]
April 4, 2011

The fantastic Ce Ce Rodgers lends his monstrous vocal talent to this Acid Jazz banger from Jestofunk. Its only found on the B-Side of The Ghetto 96 remixes and the original Acid Jazz Records Volume 1 album. Which in my opinion is a CRIME as its a bloody incredible modern funk number that easily trounces the middle of the road House Remix by JFK. Its got great horn work, infectious baseline and driving almost tribal percussion, all bundled together with Rodger’s incredible vocals. Absolutely mint.

US3 – Cantaloop [1992]
April 4, 2011

Dedicated to my good mate Moiz who’s leaving for pastures new, heading to Germany today. He dropped this classic on me a couple of weeks ago, i’d forgotten all about it too which is criminal as I used to cane the shit out of this track. Taking a massive chunk of Herbie Handcock’s “Cantaloupe Island” and sticking a quality rhyme section over the top makes this one of my all time favourite Acid Jazz tunes. Yep, I said it, Acid Jazz. Remember that? Before Jamiroquai took it all for himself and corporatized the whole genre, we had classic Jazz tracks being remixed with funky hip hop Rhythms and modern synth work? Quality stuff.

From Discogs
One heck of an amazing Acid Jazz track this is. With the fusion of hip-hop beats and trumpets, it really packs a punch to listen to. Definitely a song to listen when in any mood; the upbeat has been able to calm me down in my most difficult times. This is one heck of a great track from US3.

The Third Degree – Mercy [2009]
October 14, 2010

Duffy I can take or leave, I dont find many of her tracks all that inspiring. However, on the other hand, The Third Degree do a funk and soul packed cover of Mercy that blows the original away. Frankly, they could cover all of her tracks like this, absolute belter this.

Smoove – Commin’ Back (Northern Soul Mix) [2004]
May 18, 2010

Dead Men’s Shirts by Smoove is an absolutely incredible album of dry wit, soulful beats and jazzy compositions. Its all done with a tongue in cheek nod to Jon Smoove’s home town of Newcastle. Over the past decade he’s put out a string of cracking singles, this being one of my favourites by a mile. Its absolutely huge bassline gets a big ole kick up the arse from a banging percussion section and Jess Roberts’ powerful yet soulful voice mellows the track creating a balanced stormer of a tune. Phenomenal.

You can download the whole album HERE and its well worth it, its fucking grand.