Harris & Orr- Spread Love [2005]
April 27, 2011

What a cracking B-side this is. Nothing but pure soul-funk right here, great sunshine tinged lyrics. Quality.

Future Prophecies – Eastern Organic [2005]
April 6, 2011

A totally rocking B_side from Future Prophesies, some really great ambient liquid work nicely juxtaposed by the facemelting Neuro business. Rather miserably, FP have decided to pack it in and work on some new material separately. I can but only hope they plan on bringing their specific flavour of fluid beats to the Neurofunk flavours as they have in this banger. Quality

Lali Puna – Nin Com Pop (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) (2005)
February 12, 2011

Taken from “Lali Puna – I thought I was over that : Rare remixed and B sides”

Morr Music 2005

From wiki –

Lali Puna is an experimental electropop band from WeilheimGermany[1] (close to Munich). Founded in 1998 by Korea-born Valerie Trebeljahr (vocals and keyboards), other members include Markus Acher (also member of The Notwist), Christoph Brandner (drums) and Christian Heiß (keyboards). The latter joined Lali Puna in 2003, after keyboard player Florian Zimmer had left the band.

They have so far released four studio albums, a compilation album and several EPs, all published by the Berlin-based independent label Morr Music. Two singles were released prior to the band signing with Morr.

Acher and Brander are also members of Tied & Tickled Trio.



Aalto- Resolution (Original Mix) [2005]
December 3, 2010

A truly wonderful slice of the more progressive side of trance with huge orchestral sweeps, a four minute buildup and some great vocal chopping. Definitely one of the better offerings from the glut of trance tracks that drowned the scene back in 2005.

From Discogs
Of the two mixes present on this release, I was drawn most closely towards the Oliver Prime Remix on the B-Side. This mix, which is characterised by a frenetic bassline, chunky sounds, mysterious atmospheres and excellent use of the vocal effects from the original would arguably slot much more comfortably into a techy or progressive set than the more uplifting Original Mix would. After two excellent ‘orthodox’ trance productions from the Finnish duo, this release represents a welcome and exciting change of direction.

Sketch and Code – Evolution [2005]
October 20, 2010

Found lurking towards the end of Aphrodite’s mix album, Overdrive, is this banger from Sketch and Code. A quality jump up style, plenty of vocals from Kim Nile and a huge jazzy influence. Fantastic!

Tweet – Boogie 2Nite (Fat Camp Edit) [2005]
August 11, 2010

Ive been caning Greg Wilson’s Essential Mix from last January, again, for like the millionth time. This re-edit of Tweet’s soulful Boogie 2nite has a massive injection of ElectroFunk/Disco tinged soul in it. Crackin’ vocal, monster bassline. What more could you ask for!

From Discogs
If you like Shelter style US Garage, or even Jazz n Groove style House, then you’ll love this mix. So much soulful feeling and emotion it’s energy keeps you up and lively while plucking at your heartstrings with every note. Still to be found in Marques Wyatt’s or Timmy Regisford’s sets even though it was pressed last year. An eminent example of quality modern soul music. Definite classic in the making.

Sarah Bettens – Come Over Here (Kraak & Smack Remix) [2005]
May 14, 2010

Six day weeks fry your head, thats for damn sure. This Kraak & Smack remix takes the acoustic feel of the original and pushes the electronica overtones to produce this slick as all hell funky electronica version. Bettens vocals are treated with respect, kept at the forefront of the tune but the backing bassline and string section just make it a lush sounding track. Hopefully it’ll work its magic and keep the cogs turning!

Sarah Bettens – Come Over here (Original Cut)

Raw DMX – Do It To The Funk [2005]
March 17, 2010

Greg Wilson resurfaced about four to five years ago after a big hiatus from the club circuit. He is one of my favourite DJ’s of all time, seamlessly mixing Disco, Funk, Electro, Hip hop and Electro-Funk with newer club hits. If you’ve never heard a Greg Wilson mix, do yourself a favor, get over to his soundcloud.com page and get listening. If you have a love for some of the best mixing you’ve ever heard coupled with buildups, breakdowns and fucking SLABS of funk, Greg is your man.

Taken from his first release “Credit To The Edit Vol One”, he uses the moniker Raw DMX as the publishing platform for this huge mashup of Raw Silks “Do It To The Music” into DMX Krew’s “We Got The Funk” creating an Electro-Funk Juggernaut. The day Greg comes to LA is the day I will return to a club. Fucking. Grade A Awesomeness. Get those feet pounding.

Greg Wilsons Soundcloud Page
All About Greg Wilson

Apparat – Komponent (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) [2005]
February 4, 2010

Cracking downtempo electronica from Apparat aka Sasha Ring. Picked up on a DJ Vorn selection of mixes names “Shoegazer”. Hunt ’em out, they are bloody fantastic. Taken from the Silizium EP.

From Discogs
The backing strings yield a touch of tension without overdramatization, carefully offset by the softened IDM glitch and bassline and Raz Ohara’s skilled vocals, settling in a place between lyric and hymn. A piece of art, to be sure, but not jaw-dropping.
D1 starts with a warm electric piano with a little repetitive glitch perhaps reminiscent of the less grating portions of Oval. A minute in and you’ve got that soft syncopated thump and trademark synth that lets you know it’s Telefon. It builds with a beautiful dusting of acid which works well behind and beside the vocals, earning second place on this release. D2 is a sparser mix that has the vocals play out in front of a small string arrangement that wouldn’t be out of place – alone – at a recital.