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The Poem – G. Cheung aka Nookie aka Cloud Nine [1993]
November 14, 2014

I heard a deep house track that had an almost identical baseline synth earlier this week which got me thinking of this cracker from Nookie aka Gavin Cheung. A man that needs almost no introduction as he is responsible for some classic early to Mid-Nineties Hardcore and Drum n’ Bass cuts.

This track has a real crossover flavour with shades of House, hardcore and even acid techno from around that period of late 93. Definately not a track you would have heard a lot of around that time, I dont ever recall hearing this on any mix, with the Wave Station track from the double A side of this EP getting the most air time. A shame really because this track really does feel light years ahead of its time.

Tekno Too – Cum On (Club Mix) [1992]
October 1, 2014

No, I had not forgotten you folks! Just been slammed like a beast as of late. That said, many hours of music have been consumed so there should be plenty to see around here for a while. Starting with this Turbo Cheese Behemoth from Tekno Too. I originally heard this on my beloved Grooverider, Dreamscape 2 tape and as a young 12 year old lad, it blew my uncultured socks off.

But what a hardcore track this is, hell it doesnt even bother with a handy DJ friendly intro. Nope, its just POW, here have a facemelting piano. Forget trying to beatmix this badboy. Just hard cut at the top of a buildup and you’ll have the place erupt. An absolutely unashamedly Hardcore banger in the classic sense of the word. No fancy stuff just a break to get you shuffling and an assortment of epic riffs and vocal stabs to get you grinning from ear to ear. Bonafide legendary status this one.

Sunset Regime – You Gotta Believe [1993]
February 5, 2014

Differing significantly from what would become Ramos, Supreme & The Sunset Regime’s seminal “You Gotta Believe”, this version by onle one of that triplet I believe actually predated its better known brother by a number of months. It was featured on the excellent Twice as Nice compilation from Fantazia and is far more a snapshot of what was happening late 1992 than what came about in the early months of 1993. Its a balls to the wall hardcore monster with huge pianos and phasered to fuck ravey synth sections all mashed together with that superb female vocal guaranteed to have you swinging from the rafters.

You can now buy this on Vinyl for the first time since release as Fantazia records have started to release their Album only classics as standalone vinyl EP’s.

From Discogs
Fantazia Sampler EP 3;
Following on from Fantazia’s Sampler EP #1 (1992) and Sampler EP #2 (2005) which feature tracks from the album ‘The First Taste’, this EP features 4 tracks from all three of Fantazia’s hardcore albums released between 1992 and 1994 – ‘The First Taste’, ‘Twice As Nice’, and ‘Made in Heaven’. Tracks A2, B1 and B2 have never been released unmixed or on vinyl before. Track A1 was originally released on the Chromatic II EP which is hard to find and sells for a decent amount.

Genaside II – Narra Mine (G Double E Remix) [1993]
November 7, 2013

If there is any more proof needed that the beginning of the 90’s had some of the most exciting and progressive experiments in electronic music then I challenge you reader to find it. Narra Mine was originally released in 1991 and considering its bouncy or cheezy peers it stood out like a beacon in the night. Absolutely dominating any place it was played in.

Two years later and the insanely gifted G-Double-E put an ever heavier breakbeat spin on it and released it along with the cracking Pete Lorrimer mix on a practically impossible to find white label promo. Is this track better than the original? Hard to say, the breakbeat junkie in me says “God Yes” but respect has to be paid to the groundbreaking original. Overall, if you want to hear one of the greatest breakbeat tracks ever to roll out of my homeland, start right here. Its a fucking masterpiece.

Supermarket – Supermarket [1992]
November 20, 2012

Alright, enough of working my ass off, lets get down to some proper tuna. Kicking off with a sneaky tune I heard only a handful of times but always wanted to know what the track was called. Now I catch it playing on Jumping Jack Frost’s EXCELLENT set from Amnesia’s Book of Love, quick spot of internetting and hey presto!

Now the track itself isnt really what you would call a classic, in many cases its more of a filler type tune had it not been the preponderance of MONSTROUS BREAKS. Im telling you, these might be a couple of my favourite breaks in any hardcore tune and i’m willing to bet y’all feel exactly the same way. Simple bassline, rocking breaks, what more could a guy ask for?

Family Foundation ‎– Xpress Yourself (Original Don Mix) [1992]
August 22, 2012

Oh My Gosh! A total stormer from the Family Foundation with a break so filthy it should come with a health warning. Chucked onto that is a ton of crowd pleasing synth riffs and the prerequisite female vocalist, making this yet another beloved hardcore classic.

The release itself is a cracker, with four excellent remixes featured on the vinyl and CD releases, all with their own slight twist on the original. But to be honest, nothing comes close to this version, no wonder its the Original Don Mix, it towers over the others! The very definition of a classic this one!

Family Foundation ‎– Xpress Yourself (Ragga Rave Mix)

Family Foundation ‎– Xpress Yourself (Extended Vocal Mix)

Family Foundation ‎– Xpress Yourself (Jungle Techno Mix)

Mix Factory – Take Me Away (XTC Come Hard Mix) [1992]
August 22, 2012

First off, make sure you have that bass cranked right up because this banger has a sub base for destroying dance floors. Its an absolute classic, found in just about every dj set during Autumn 1992 and for good reason. Listen to that vocal punch its way through the track, dominating even the excellent synth riff. Designed for soaring across the throngs of ravers desperately trying to grab a hold of the last shreds of summer! What a monster!

DTOX – The Trancer [1995]
July 27, 2012

Oh my god yes, this takes me back to loosing the Pyramid Stage of Dreamscape 20. Middle of the night, absolutely exhausted and Clarkee comes on and just rockets the entire place into orbit opening this this banger from DTOX. As hardcore techno tracks go, its got everything you could possibly need; the ferocious synth driving the entire track, a boomnig bassdrum and some string sections so you dont have a heart attack and die. I strongly recommend NOT listening to this in the car, you may find yourself over 100 before your halfway into the track. If your going to go Hardcore Techno, you could do a lot worse than starting here.

Freestyle & DJR – Madness (1992)
July 25, 2012

HUGE piano tune drenched in that crossover sound, heavy on the breaks and bassline and that whopping great piano riff. I heard this first on the classic Easygroove set from Fantazia’s 92/93 NYE celebration at Littlecote House. Thankfully, the synths are punchy and exciting, it doesnt go full force cheese at any point, preferring to keep the tempo up for some proper foot shuffling business. What a cracker of a tune!

T Power & DJ Skie – Brave New World [1993]
July 21, 2012

Now, if we’re talking late Hardcore/Crossover EP’s, the The Shape Of Things To Come E.P. from Soapbar should be near the top of your purchasing list. Featuring this classic Jungle/Hardcore tune from T Power and Skie, the intro alone is what just makes this a killer tune, the amen choppage that comes later is icing on an already cracking techno cake.

First time I ever heard this was on a DJ Sy set from Dance Planet Pure Energy Pt 2, wrapping up the night with this as the last track of the night. What a great way to play out the party, an absolute cracker.