Blame – The Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix) [1992]

One of the most recognisable early nineties hardcore tracks, the 2 Bad Mice version keeps the beats hard and backs off on the cheese a bit. As always with the Mice, its all about beats and basslines and this does them both with style. I think I was still hearing this mixed into sets in 1994 which gives you an idea of how beloved a track this belter is. Honestly, it got on my nerves after a while but going back for a listen after a break just takes you right back.

From Discogs
The definitive version! Worth hunting down and paying the extra dosh for, the Seal vocal ‘music takes you round and round…’. It is only used twice, maybe it could have been used more but hey, what a tune, absolute stone cold classic! Check the 2 Bad Mice remix which is wicked also. Big up Blame, good to see he’s still around and making quality tunes, and Moving Shadow, so many essential releases and still going strong!


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  1. another classic, just the sound of the drum breakdown at the start is enough to bring memorys flooding back! niceone!

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