Nas & James Brown – Get Down (The Boss) [2011]
March 5, 2014

Keeping on the Nas flavour but mashing it together with one of the seminal James Brown cuts was a masterstroke of genius. The Boss from James Brown being not just one of the best from the Godfather but also one of the best Funk Soul tracks of all time. Nas’ lyrics fit into this badboy like butter, completely flawless. Full respect to the YouTube guy, ESyms, this is amazing.

Vindahl – Sometimes ( 12″ Groove Version ) [2011]
June 17, 2013

If you havent purchased Tokyo Dawn’s seminal Electro/Groove/NuDisco/Funk compilation “The Boogie”, get right on that now. Its a huge assortment of the freshest sounding electro work i’ve heard in the past 10 years with Vindahl’s Sometimes being a real standout belter of a tune. This doesnt just rock you slowly, its a moog driven behemoth of electrofunk evoking memories of ’84 Freestyle flavour with a solid and unstoppably crisp modern delivery. Its so slick, its almost unbearable but that bassline just carries your ass along for a cracking ride.

For the record, this compilation has about 12-14 different, practically unknown artists that contribute to it and absolutely every single track sounds better than anything any of the heavy hitters have put out in recent memory. Anyone wanting to hear some seriously progressive Electropop would be doing themselves a serious disservice by not diving into that back catalogue. Start your journey right here.

Co-founder of the vanguard soul collective Boom Clap Bachelors, Vindahl has been involved with numerous offspring projects such as Ivory & Gold, Robi, Kris Mars and Non+.

“Vindahl – Serendipity”, the first album project to be released under his real name has been his secret heart project for more than four years now. Musical influences as diverse as Talking Heads, Trevor Horn and Prince shimmer through, complemented by lyrics often based on themes of duality.

David August – Hamburg Is For Lovers [2011]
March 16, 2012

One from a guy at work and what a cracker this is, taken from the excellent Peace Of Conscience EP. I’ve not been much into my deep house for a while since most of it of late hasn’t resembled the Progressive stuff I used to love. Instead its been a great deal of over produced electro or trance sounding bollocks. Now this on the other hand is how you do a deep house track in my opinion.

Keeping the beat simple is key, mix into it some melancholy chords and pepper it with some uplifting synth riffs. Top it all off with a cracking string set and your on to a winner. The track is so slick it could only have come from Deuchland!

Sei A – Frozen Flower (dangerDAN Remix) [2011]
December 30, 2011

Would you listen to that, just another cracking remix from dangerDan. Heavy on the atmospherics but the synth work in this is fantastic. Really appealing tones, understated but guaranteed to get your head bobbing along to that cracking kick drum.

My apologies for the sporadic posts over the Christmas break, its been a whole lot of moving around as of late but hopefully due to stabilise in 2012!

Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Dibby Dougherty + David Young’s ‘DhARMA’ Mix) [2011]
December 16, 2011

First off, I reckon Kate Bush’s original stomps the shit out of Placebo’s cover. However, thats only because its a masterpiece. Placebo’s cover is a superb homage to the original with Brian Molko’s scratchy, manevolent lyrics tearing a canyon through the arrangement as only Placebo can. Enter Dibby Dougherty and David Young. Two producers I know almost nothing about offering up their DhARMA remix on soundcloud for free? Why? God only knows, this track is a total corker. Pure, unapologetic progressive house in every sense of the word. Retaining a good portion of the original composition but layering the shit out of it is order of the day here, giving it a depth I think the Placebo cover sorely lacked. Sure, Kate still has this down and there are a couple of remixes that better it but I have to hand it to the guys, this is a fucking stormer. A guaranteed dancefloor destroyer.

Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar [2010]
December 8, 2011

I caught this on the truly quality EatBeatz, Tasty Beatz 2 mix on mixcloud and it would appear Mr Aloe has completely passed under my radar. Formerly an mc/lyricist he decided to channel his vocal talents into an album chock full of classic sounding Soul and Funk cuts and its bloody incredible. This being the track he’s probably best known for and for good reason, its a blissful experience in really soulful sounding production. Very slick, tight lyrics, an absolute masterpiece in my opinion. Loved it!

Taken from “The Gizzle Review”
This is sure to hit a chord with much of the world’s population during the current ongoing economic crisis.

More so, it’s a great song. Soul music has been experiencing a revival over the last few years and I Need A Dollar fits neatly in this mould. It marks a return to traditional songwriting and motown sensibility, with a tight funk/soul band and smooth vocal. This wouldn’t sound out of place on a Stevie Wonder or Bill Withers album. It’s got a catchy hook, punchy piano and a message that everyone can get behind.

And yet, in this day and age, it sounds fresh and vibrant – a sure-fire summer hit. Along with Janelle Monae, Aloe Blacc is another young, funky black artist leading the way in the retro soul revival.

Give him a dollar, download this track (on 1st May) and play it all summer long.

Gobshite (MGC) – Khmenglish [2011]
November 8, 2011

Yet another belter from Gobshite & MCG, this time wrapping a language lesson up in a rocking break and funky as hell bassline. Its a great showcase for Gob and the boys, with irreverent but effective lyrical gymnastics keeping the track fresh as a daisy. Just as one of the comments say, “…proof that not all English people behave like ignorant c*nts when abroad”

Taken from Gobshite’s Youtube Page;

A gon gayp is a frog, a chikaye is a dog, to tarp is to snog a bon tup tuk’s the bog, if you’re a moron then we say you amoke, you ot loy that means you’re broke and if you chu uk then you must smoke, if you’re crazy im’a call you ch’goot, you’re kçhul if you’re lazy meeun means you got loot, s’dap, that means listen man i glisten on beats, i keep these fine rhymes bahime and bahime means sweet, yo, your ming is your auntie, your uncles your bpooh, leave you rappers muk krahom or red faced to you, lahor is good, add the ot if it’s bad and sabay that means your happy add the ot if your sad, your pataya’s ya pad, ya pah is your dad, you keung you must be mad and bong thom means your a gangsta lad, cheeers, see you laters what i’m saying to toys, chuop khnear pil krowie man and chol gow moi……

I aint fluent but i chat it a bit, Gobshite coming through on a Khmenglish tip,
i aint fluent but i chat it a bit Gobshite reppin’ right on a Khmenglish tip,
I aint fluent but i chat it a bit, Gobshite coming through on a Khmenglish tip,
i aint fluent but i chat it a bit Gobshite reppin’ right on a Khmenglish tip

Tik-tik is a little and charan means a lot, and if you need to chop your mop we say gut sot, and if you’re pissed then that means you’re srovung, don’t know the answer to the question then just say ot dung, chnang is tasty, ot chnang if it’s rank and ch’ngoy that means it’s smelling good, sahoy means stank, to neekyay is to speak, if your kh’sowie you’re weak and if you jong meun panyaha …you want grief, teeth are th’meng, if you’re young you’re kh’meng, your songsa that be your Mrs and your poohma’s your friend, cheap it towk and th’lay means expensive and if somebody mentions gom plerng you best be apprehensive, barang means westerner, before it meant French, kh’nyom mow pee Anglais so put that shit on the bench, i love Cambodia cus’ here i feel freer, in Khmer we say Kh’nyom srolang Kampuchea!!!

Mindtech Podcast – 014 mixed by Disphonia [2011]
September 6, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Absolutely cracking podcast from the Mindtech boys and Disphonia. Its raw as hell so strap in and get going!

Ceci Bastida – Controlar [2011]
August 23, 2011

I caught Ceci’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl for KCRW’s Global Soul and for me it was one of the best performances of the evening. This being the standout track for me, its a ridiculously catchy electro fused pop track that is propelled along completely by Ceci’s vocal talent. Of course, being sung entirely in Spanish helps, its got this filthy electro feel to it with a ridiculously catchy set of riffs that will have you nodding and humming the track for hours afterwards.

From Her Bio Page
Her collaboration with DJ and producer XXXChange (Spank Rock, Amanda Blank), “Controlar,” became an internet hit after being picked up by and She was also featured on “S.O.S.,” a duet with rapper Pigeon John and the Mad Decent approved Israeli hip hop crew Soulico.

Her live shows, beloved for their unique covers of Kanye West, Miike Snow, and The Clash, have won her critical praise and packed houses, from L.A. to Mexico City to New York City (The New York Times featured her July 2009 performance in a special photo spread on new Latin music).

Her debut comes in the wake of Ceci’s acclaimed pair of performances at 2009’s SXSW Music Festival, where she played a Billboard showcase and shared the stage with Jason Lytle, The Low Anthem, and Fanfarlo. She earned rave reviews and was named one of “The Top 21 Performances at SXSW.”

Bjork – Virus [2011]
August 22, 2011

Caught this on KCRW this morning and it blew me away. Deep rumbling bass, almost Dubsteppy in its arrangement, playing underneath this ridiculously eccentric bells and vocal composition from Bjork. You have to give it a couple of listens to really let it settle in on you but once it does, its a wonderful experience. Uplifting as only Bjork can do, with that mental voice of hers with some bonkers lyrics that make sense only after the third or fourth listen. Classic, irreplaceable Bjork business.