Nas – Get Down (The Quantic Soul Orchestra Mix) [2006]
March 4, 2014

Now this is what im talking about. A remix with big chunks of soul and funk and a healthy slab of reggae styled percussion. Not much not to love about this one, Nas laying down the exceptional lyrics from one of my favourite tracks of his and layered on top of some slickly produced post-modern soul. Beats for your feet never had a truer meaning wouldnt you say!

Global Deejays – Lonely [2006]
March 26, 2012

More Simple Minds I hear you cry? Absolutely sir! Another track featuring the Theme For Great Cities string riff. This time an offering from the huge, Global DJ’s. I have to say, I really do dig the vocal and its integration into the sample, it works perfectly!

The Freestylers – Hard to Stay [2006]
March 21, 2011

Mashing Jackie Mittoo’s “Hang ’em High” with Jean Jacques Perry’s EVA and chucking a belting vocal from Sharleen Hector over the top, the Freestylers (my guilty breakbeat pleasure) knock out yet another crowd pleasing head nodder. Say what you will about the Freestylers, their mixing is impeccable, their tracks are the catchy sort that will float around your skull for months after hearing them. Its tracks to make you dance and isnt that really the point at the end of the day?

Richie Spice – Youths Dem Cold [2006]
February 23, 2011

On the BBS at work we wound up with a pretty sizeable Reggae, Dub and Dancehall thread of total classics. In honor of Richie Spice playing Long Beach this week, up goes one of my top Roots tunes of all time. Catchy bass lines and hooks abound in this seriously conscious offering from Spice.

Trentemøller – Nightwalker [2006]
January 19, 2011

The whole of The Last Resort is incredible and i’ll likely wind up adding the whole album up here eventually, however this one is for my wife who is holed up in Park City Utah for the beginning of the Sundance Film Festival. The song evokes the grey darkness that can only be experienced halfway up a snowy mountain at dusk.

Depeche Mode – John The Revelator (UNKLE Remix) [2006]
October 18, 2010

UNKLE do yet another cracking remix, this time of Depeche Mode’s 2006 hit John The Revelator, found on John The Revelator (DJ Version) digital release. Depeche Mode lends itself perfectly to UNKLE’s brooding soundscapes and this is no exception. Its heavily layered, lots of dark brooding bass and synths chopped up with some great distorted guitars. Absolute perfection.

Trentemøller-Take Me Into Your Skin [2006]
January 31, 2010

Bit of a change of pace here, however no less brilliant a track. Definately one of my favourite downtempo artists, Trentemøller works wonders with electronica, weaving bloody incredible soundscapes in each of his tracks. In the same experimental ilk of Richard D James although easily far more accessible, Trentemøller has created a masterful back catalogue of exemplary electronic works. This is one of the easier to get straight into, definitely more a Sunday track, found on the superb “The Last Resort” album. An album you owe yourself. Believe me.

From Discogs
This is some of the most profound and beautiful techno / IDM I have heard. Production is second to none. Drum programming is genius. The first time I dropped the needle to the wax the slow build up of undertone crept into my mind and hasn’t left since. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The complexity of tracks like ‘Take Me Into Your Skin’ (that starts like a minimal drip of colour and sound and builds to splashing and thrashing crescendo) or the Spaghetti Western guitar and scalding broken beat of ‘The Very Last Resort’ are not to be missed. This is the future of techno. Deep, emotional, spine tingling joy.