The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist [2000]
January 4, 2014

Happy New Year folks! To celebrate the madness of working the entire holiday period, here’s one of the very best sample based tracks of the past decade. It takes some serious talent to mash this amount of completely disconnected samples together into a track that not only makes sense but is insanely catchy as well. The music video is completely off the wall but the track is a masterstroke in breakbeat lead samplage. Its a track you’ll be humming long after you first heard it.

Jonny L – I Want You [1995]
June 16, 2011

Absolutely brutal Amen choppage with this banger, such an amazing, classic track off the excellent I’m Leavin’ EP. BLINDING!

From Discogs
One of the best EPs in the genre. From the haunting and catchy vocal tunes to the tearin’ and dystopic bladerunner sampling “more life”, the production quality and execution is infallible. “I want you” is one of the first tracks to use a pitched-down amen and it has wonderful instrumentation (in golden era of house sort of way). “I’m leavin'” would still make a great last tune of the night despite the lyrics-so very touching! Sam has the most intricate apache work i’ve ever heard on wax with really nice lush synths and a wonderful vocoded vocal bit.

This is an example of self-realized dnb at its’ finest.

Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight [2011]
May 23, 2011

Never heard much of the Friendly Fires before but if this uplifting electro number is anything to go by, there will be a whole lot more in the near future. Actually, the reason im posting this is because somebody over at XL got the cracking idea to cut all the free rave footage on Youtube together into a cracking complementary music video. Quality Dance Energy clippage, lots of Fantazia and Dreamscapes in there. Some Energy and Sunrise clips as well as some wicked gurners. Awesome stuff.

T99 – Anasthasia [1991]
January 25, 2011

This on the other hand, is a belter of a track. Keeping the cheese riff to its rightful place and mixing it up with some quality string work. Plus, its got a breakbeat, which means its more a hardcore slant than any of that previously mentioned shite masquerading as techno. I guess this is why this track found its way into many a DJ box and ive never heard LA Style played live. Still, when Derek May claims your song will destroy techno, your kinda up shit creek 🙂

From Discogs
The intro of “Anasthasia” is a sample of the intro of the “Carmina Burana” Cantata.
It was the first release using the begining of “Staaaatu Variabilis” as a stab.
The intro is amazing and makes me shiver every time I ear it.
This sound was used all over 1991 and 1992 just like the hoover sound of “Mentasm”… over and over
If these 2 sounds wasn’t discovered, only half of the techno “hardcore” of that era might have been put out….

Liquid – Liquid Love [1995]
July 7, 2010

I have to say, CQ from EnMass reminds me a great deal of this belter from Liquid. Its the first track off Liquid’s first album “Culture” and what a track it was. The whole album stuck out in 1995 for being such a pure electronic departure from the Jungle / Hardcore / Fluffy House that was so prevalent, leaning heavier on the Leftfield school of purer electronica. The whole album is fantastic and this is one of my favourites. A great melancholy string section, with that blissful vocal break in the middle, atmospheric enough to absolutely DESTROY a large sound system. The track sound best played as loud as possible with the bass cranked all the way up.

From Discogs
Bought it in 1996 and still one of the very best albums I have in my entire records collection. I have never felt more emotion in a “dance” music album. Rhythms are particularly well done (between binary and breakbeats) and synths are often melancholic. The whole is very coherent and simply beautiful.
This is a masterpiece.

Awesome 3 – Dont Go (Kicks Like A Mule Original Mix) [1992]
June 10, 2010

Played. To. Death. Is all you can say about this tune. It was underground, it was overground, shit it probably Wombled free for all I know. I dont think I know anyone that hasnt heard this track. Usually came packaged in and around Baby D’s Fantasy in any old Ritz club night but everyone knows where it came from. Its got its heart firmly placed in the cheese corner with uplifting piano business and unoffensive vocals and that cracking kick drum break from KLAM. Cracking

From Discogs
Well well well, now the only problem with this tune is deciding which mix to play as all three mixes are very playable. I still think the original is best however.

The piano line is instantly recognisable – why arent pianos used in dance tunes anymore!?!, the break is stolen from the Stone Roses “Fools Gold” which may have been sampled from something else – its a familiar break – these old breaks work so well in a house template. The bass and breaks really drive the track along. The vocals are actually quite good although lyrically it is simple. Another timeless classic from probably the most pivotal era of dance music and when breaks really did sound phat and roll, unlike todays disjointed breaks tunes.

The Kicks Like A Mule Remix is the one that got all the attention back in the day. Great to mix into with the cuts, scratches and shouts of “DONT”…”GO”. The K.L.A.M mix has some heavy hitting sub kicks too that do sound great on a club system. Again, their mix also uses a very nice break. Other than that they havent messed with the track too much, apart from swapping the break.

Nu- Matic – Its Strange (Dances Are Changin’) (1992)
April 26, 2010

Taken from “Spring in my Step” 12 inch on XL Records,

Here Numatic take a slice of Mr Barrington Levy “Strange” and add some early 90’s break beat pressure, with some nice reggae toasting over the top!

Taken from the record inlay – “XL Recordings accept no responsibility for speaker damage”


SL2 – Drumbeats (1992)
April 26, 2010

Taken from 1992 12 inch “Way in my brain” on XL Records

I woke up this morning after having an intense dream that for some reason seemed to have the “oooo, ooo, ooooh, oo ” sample of this track on loop, so here it is in all it’s glory, the rather nice B side to way in my brain. It’s all about that sample for me..

“you play me in a dream you better wake up and buy the vinyl!”


Nu-matic – Treat Me Right (Original Mix) (1992)
April 1, 2010

Had to post the original as well, just love this tune! more bass please….


Nu-Matic – Treat Me Right (Revitalised Mix) (1992)
April 1, 2010

Taken from on 1992 12 inch “Body Fusion” on XL records

It’s all about the reggae skank sample with this old track from Nu-Matic, got it from 5hq sale section for a quid! Still love it!