Delerium – Deluxed [2002]
January 27, 2014

A truly superb reworking of the main theme from Clint Mansells Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. It evokes a pretty good chunk of Hybrid’s Theme from Wide Angle but with the strings from the soundtrack. Nothing at all wrong with that statement, this is a perfect snapshot of the turn of the millenium in dance music. The surge in breakbeat lead dance music tracks, huge sweeping synth arangements and soaring strings. Whats not to love!

UNKLE – Nursery Rhyme (UNKLESounds Shin Mix Edit) [2002]
April 10, 2012

Taken from the superb Shin mix of the mix album from UNKLE known as “Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats”. Taking the bass break from the original and just propelling it across the board into a rocking Dubby Trip Hop sounding break beast, this has to be one of the best re-edits of any UNKLE track ive heard. The sounds are wonderfully dark and grimy, giving Badly Drawn Boy’s lyrics a suitably filthy environment to wallow within. Thankfully the bassline is solid all the way through, adding a little level of distortion to the whole arrangement which only enhances the dirty feel of this track. What a tune.

From Discogs
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats is an outstanding release by Unkle, but there is a certain amount of confusion surrounding it. It’s first release was limited to 500, yet there would seem to be more than that floating around….and there is. A second release was made, still under the ‘for promotional use only’ tag (numbers will still be relatively low, a few thousand maybe). The differentiating feature is a barcode on the top side of the slip.

The rationale behind this ‘unofficial’ wider release would be the licensing of certain tracks from the album would be impossible in an official commercial release….hence, ‘for promotional use only’. People saying that these barcoded DADOEB’s are bootlegs should have a long hard think about it….among other things. Cause if they are bootlegs someone has put in one hell of an effort, firstly production (and if you did do a bootleg would you really differentiate it by wacking on a barcode…Duh), and secondly, getting it distributed to LOTS of shops (they aren’t just popping up in the UK, but also the US and Australia, and I would guess numerous other places). If a bootlegger can manage this, maybe he/she should think of starting label.

The more likely answer would be that a certain not to be mentioned label realised the licensing issues involved with this release and rather than altering the original sets decided to do a little creative circumvention.

Mr Lif – Phantom Feat. EL-P [2002]
March 13, 2012

Good lord i’ve been busy, apologies but its been that kinda week! That said, lets get right back on it with this huge joint from Mr Lif. Its the closeout track on the excellent “Emergency Rations” and what a way of wrapping up such a brilliant EP. Near perfect lyrical composition over that relentless climbing synth hook. Another masterpiece from Mr Lif, outstanding.

Ugress – Loungemeister [2002]
February 13, 2012

Back in the early 2000’s I was very heavy into my big breaks and funky rhythms, stuff that might have gone by the term “Big Beat” if it wasnt for all the cheese associated with that genre! That said, this track here from Ugress is the very definition of funky breaks, with its massive snare assault, funky ass bassline and panpipes for extra measure. I caught this on “Monkey Radio” back in the day but the EP for this is so damn rare, I never managed to snag myself a copy. Now of course, youtube has everything, hence, get on this one right now!

From Discogs
Ugress is a musician, producer and remixer from Bergen, Norway. He’s been producing music a couple of years, using samplers, synths and computers.

Ugress dives into a groovy, spooky and cinematic landscape of weird samples, loops and sounds. Strong rythms carries soundscapes and melodies forth. The sources of sampling include easy listening records of the 60ies, unknown and well known classic funktracks of the 70ies, computer games, television commercials and the oldest aswell as latest sci-fi b-movie. The compelling groove of a breakbeat (or two, or three) is, of course, always present.

Ugress released the first self-issued 12″ E-Pipe in 2000, and started playing live the following winter. The first gig was basically just a favour for Bergen Filmklubbs (Bergen Film Society) at their biannual releaseparty, and the gig was a success. With only one cinematic concert, the band was in heavy demand. During 2001-2002 the live reputation of the band created a stirr in Norwegian press, Ugress won several national compos, and caught the attention of several labels. Also, the funkish Loungemeister was heavily played on national radio, and used in numerous commercials and situations.

However, it was a remix that caught the attention of Port Azur, freshly started Norwegian electronic label by Tuba. While hunting for tracks to include on their first compilation, they came across Ugress remix of Slowphos “Would You”, and tried to find more. Luckily, they did, and during spring 2002 a deal emerged. The result: A 12″ vinyl EP Loungemeister, and Ugress first full album, Resound.

The album was released on Sept 9th 2002, and was immedeately sold out. At first there were planned and printed 3000 copies. But preorders demanded more than double that, so the first shipment was 8000 copies. This was sold out in the first few days, and new pressings had to be ordered continously. The album debuted at 2nd place in Norwegian charts to everyones surprise, with raving reviews and huge attention in Norwegian press.

Since then Ugress music has been featured almost everywhere, from movies and television programs to nightclubs and coffee shops. And internationally, things are starting to pick up, with radio and video play as far away as Australia and Iceland. International release is planned for February/March 2003.

Way Out West – Mindcircus [2002]
October 27, 2010

Way Out West’s album “Intensity” is a fucking incredible slice of progressive house and this is probably the best bloody track on the album. Tricia Lee Kelshall’s vocals just send this track into orbit, silken, smooth and emotional. Throw into the mix, a cracking break and bottomless synth arrangements and your laughing. Absolute bliss. Gabriel and Dresden did a farkin supreme vocal trance remix of this number and for many, is the only version that they know. I’d put this a close second behind the original since the original arrangement has far more depth than the remix.

Way Out West – Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix

From Discogs
This piece of vinyl contains one of my most favourite vocal progressive house tunes ever. I’m talking about the Way Out West Club Mix. It’s a beauty of a tune! Especially the parts in the break where they fade down the tune, and then pop it right back! Beautiful!
Cheesy talk: When I listen to it and close my eyes I picture myself that I’m in China. The sounds fit perfect with images of chinese architecture in my head.

The other mixes are pretty good too. Jaimy & Kenny D. gives it their typical sound and the result is a much heavier and deeper production.

Doves – Pounding [2002]
September 14, 2010

I cant believe that I got married 6 bloody years ago today. The track that will forever remind me of my wife.

Antipop Consortium – Ghostlawns (2002)
April 9, 2010

Taken from 2002LP “Arrhythmia” on Warp Records

Take Three MC’s, and 3 MPC’s all played live, and you get the finest hiphop electro crew on the planet.

“Run around the field but never move like a fence….”

from discogs –

Antipop Consortium was one of the most inventive underground hip hop crews in the early 2000’s. The Consortium was formed in fall 1997 to turn the commercial Hip Hop scene on its head. It consisted of the three vocalists (Priest, Beans and M. Sayyid) which come from the New York street poetry scene and producer E.Blaize in the background.

After a series of cassette only releases on the own label Antipop Recordings and some underground singles the label Ark 75 released the group’s debut album “Tragic Epilogue” in 2000.

Their music is bridging the gap between Hip Hop and Intelligent Dance Music. Because of that avantgarde electronic label Warp Records, known for releasing such artists as Aphex Twin or Autechre, signed the Group in 2001 and released the EP “The Ends Against The Middle” and 2002 the second album “Arrythmia” with world wide acclaim. So the music came also more and more into the ears of electronic listeners.

After a long cooperation and uncountable collaborations and side projects with other artists the group temporarily split in August 2002 to pursue other projects. They reformed in August 2007


Illogic – Stop Lyin’ (2002)
January 16, 2010

Taken from 2002 LP – Got Lyrics? on Weightless Recordings

Over a beautiful chunky and uplifting beat Illogic get’s “ill” with the microphone!

“Every line is a spear, every fans heart a target….”


Chicken Lips – He Not In (Mutiny’s Real Life Mix) [2002]
January 6, 2010

Caught the Greg Wilson edit at the end of one his Train Wreck mixes, found this version thats a stack better than any of the others. A nice crisp break, brutal moog riff and just enough layering to keep things interesting. Its simple foot tapping brilliance!