Sublime – Transamerican (Chicago Mix) [1992]
September 13, 2011

Been a busy busy few weeks and this cracker from Sublime has a very appropriate title as to why. Seems i’ll be leaving Los Angeles for a while in about 4 weeks to return home to England both for work and a change of pace. So you could say im going to be sort of Transamerican!

This is just another example of why both Sublime (aka Havana) and Limbo records were some of the biggest Progressive House contributors of all time. Its a relentless banger of a track thats got that ferocious synth staccato riff belting its way through the track until the break comes and gets everyones hands in the air. COME ON! What a tune!

Mukkaa – Buruchacca (X-Cabs Remix) [2000]
June 2, 2011

Generally I would say you couldnt do better than the original, but X-Cabs remix of Buruchacca might be an exception. What a banger this is. It takes the incredible original and only very lightly switches the arrangement around, brings the tempo up some and layers the synth hooks more. Overall making it sound far more trancey than its Progressive House roots but in doing so turns it into an even bigger face melter. Pure arms in the air perfection, thank God for Limbo!

Yosh – Its Whats Up Fron That Counts [1995]
March 25, 2011

Taking its lead from the Dreamin’ Accapella from Loletta Holloway, this pretty middle of the road bouncy house number got absolutely CANED back in the mid nineties.

From Discogs
A most ordinary release, which can be reduced to track 4. This is the one that dominates this cd and the 12″ releases and it is the reason that it got my 5 points. I heard this track in a mix by Steve Mason in 1995 on BFBS Radio and since then it became one of my favorite house/breakbeat/hardcore/techno mashup tunes ever, next to Josh Wink’s “Higher State of Consciousness” and Theriot’s “The Wicked”.

In my opinion it could still be played today. Classic 1995 stuff.

Ready For Dead – Ready For Dead (Ambient Mix) [1993]
March 17, 2011

Now this is what im talking about, a classic ambient track with a huge progressive house slant. Reminds me of some of my all time Guerilla and R&S favourites. Its superbly layered with several soundscapes moving together in unison while that unrelenting bassdrum keeps the track from getting stale. The string section in the middle is just awe inspiring, an absolute joy to rock out too. The regular mix is a lot less floaty and a lot more banging than this version with a face tearing acid number, its a great AA 12″ if you can find it.

Ready For Dead – Ready For Dead (Original Mix)

Ready For Dead – Ready For Dead (Ambient Mix) [1994]
March 24, 2010

Had this playing in the car this morning, off the absolutely classic Ambient Senses – The Vision compilation.

Despite this being an “ambient” mix, it shares more with the burgeoning Progressive House scene at the time rather than any ambient release. Still, the things it does share are faultless. Hugely layered track, strings and a driving bass and plenty of cheeky acid. Absolute bliss.