Steinski & The Mass Media – The Motorcade Sped On [1986]
November 22, 2013

As an outsider, its hard to appreciate the huge cultural significance of the JFK assasination. It’s only now beginning to dawn on me what a huge effect that it had on the people of the USA. Seeing the huge ammounts of coverage, eye witness testimony’s and interviews with pensioners who lined the motorcade, its clear that the wound is still raw for many.

In their own inimitable way, Steinski & friends drummed up this sampling classic in some way to offer their own acknowlegement i’d expect. Its a classic example of the sampling skills these guys had, keeping the rest of the track to a simple breakbeat. This song is all about the subject material. I wonder if Cronkite ever gave this a listen..

From Discogs
Absolutely killer version of this classic cut-up tune and awesome quality on my M- copy. Check the live version available on the Death Of Vinyl (DOVentertainment) compilation that is extended with additional samples that clocks in about 30 seconds longer. This is a stunning achievement in the cut and paste era so grab it while and where you can.

Alexander O’Neil – Criticize (Ben Liebrand Remix) [1987]
October 13, 2013

An apt response to being off the grid for almost 6 months. Work’s a beast! Anyway, lets get back to it with this belter from O’Neil. Liebrand does what he does best and punches up the original arrangement with a face slapping bassdrum and catchy as all hell bassline. Thankfully he keeps the entire vocal arrangement from O’Neil although I could have definately done without ‘ALEX BABY’ hitting the track so often! But if you push your way thorough the intro, the rest of this is a soaring freestyle classic.

From Discogs
Fantastic record with a special nice video along . This was a big hit and in heavy rotation in 1987 on MTV . Whenever this one came up i was delighted . A female drummer , the impressive body of Alexander O`Neal weraing a suit and tie , while singing these fabulous lyrics , that couldn’t fit my feelings at the time any better : “Don’t criticize my life style . Don’t criticize my friends .. All You wanna do is criticize “.
Damn i wish i had this 12”..

Ultramagnetic Mcs – Ego Trippin(Original 12” Version) [1986]
October 10, 2011

Two years before the Ultra’s unleased the now legendary album, Critical Beatdown, they released this 12″ upon the world. What a cracker it is too, nothing but hype lyrics, a brutal bassline and some of the best MC’ing your ever likely to hear. Add the electro riff hits and its not hard to see what makes this track one of the all time classics. Amazing.

From Discogs c/o Mentally MadBoy do I remember when this record dropped! And what a great time for hip hop this was. Also brand new at this time was Eric B. & Rakim’s “Eric B. For President” and Boogie Down Production’s “South Bronx”, and Biz Markie’s “Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz” was just a week or two away. The Radio was never the same. “Ego Tripping” in particular stands out the most to me. At this time, it was the first rap record to actually sample the breakbeat in it’s entirety. Marley would use the SP1200 on “The Bridge” and “Eric B’ For President” before this record, but he didn’t loop the breakbeat, but rather reconstruct them, which was also mind blowing. Ced-Gee used the SP12 in a different way. He also chopped up the “Substitution” break, but inserted bits and pieces mainly throughout the hook. When Keith and Ced were rhyming, it was a straight up loop, and this was the first time on wax for that. Marley Marl and Ced-Gee were the only ones in 1986 who used the SP1200 drum machine, and they definately started the next phase of hip hop. Now rappers would not rely solely on drum machine beats for their records, like a linn drum, or a roland 808. Rappers were now turning into crate diggers, looking for a new loop or sample for their records. With every Marley Marl produced record, or Ultramagnetic record, producers had to step up their game. This IS my favorite rap record from 1986, and absolutely should be in every old school rap fan’s collection!

Adonis – No Way Back [1986]
September 20, 2011

Unbelievable that this track is 25 years old and still hits as hard as the day it was released. Unlike the crazy 303 tweakers that came after it, Adonis produced a purely electronic masterpiece that will still destroy a dancefloor today. Its simplicity is astonishing with almost all the emphasis on the beats only with that unrelenting bassline that is frankly, a slice of genius. All those tracks you have heard with uplifting basslines can very likely trace their lineage back to this simple five tone pattern. Absolutely amazing.

From Discogs
At the very beginning, Adonis was into Citizen Band Radios, back when his nickname was Popcorn Kid (he used to love popcorns!). A CB friend named Love Child introduced him a guy named Gary B (which would be the man behind the robotic vocals on “No Way Back”). Love Child told Adonis that there was this DJ he should meet – Gary B would be the one that would introduce Adonis into the House Music World.

Mr. Acid Buddha (Adonis) was the only kid in Chicago with a CB Radio attached to his bike with a motorcycle battery and a generator to power up the CB radio. He was all into technology at the mid eighties.

Gary came over his house, and they talked about the music industry in Chicago, and Adonis played some music there (he was a musician with tons of records in his house, from Blues to Jazz and R&B – but not a DJ or a producer yet), and Gary brought on a record with him which was Jesse Saunders’ “On And On” that changed his life.

This early House record gave a very intense inspiration to several of these youngsters willing to take the lead on the dance music Universe. After that meeting, it gave Adonis more of a desire to create House style tracks that would be original and not copies of other records basslines.

“No Way Back” production started with the basslines first, then the drums with the use of the roland TR-808. One day, Adonis was going to studio and Gary B. was with him, so Adonis told him to do the vocals, because he wanted Gary to be a famous DJ like Ron Hardy and Farley (Jackmaster Funk).

The metalic, futuristic vocals – “Release my Soul, I’ve lost control! Release my Soul, I’ve lost control! Too far gone! Too far gone… Ain’t No Way Back!” suggested quite a lots of interpretations. According to the author, it was like getting lost in the sound of music to a point where you can’t find your way back to being normal again. Once you was introduced to the sound, you changed for life; your thinking would be expanded into other dimensions forever. That’s what Adonis music was all about.

As soon as Adonis finished recording “No Way Back”, Marshall Jefferson heard it; he wanted Adonis to give him the demo tape so that Marshall could have it on an Virgo EP; Marshall Jefferson knew that it would be a big record even before Adonis did, but the author said no, he didn’t want to.

Sometime after that, Adonis was at the largest party of the year, and he had the “No Way Back” track on tape. A DJ name Larry Thompson was DJing that night. That’s exactly when Adonis found out he was going to have an effect in the Chicago scene. Steve Silk Hurley had just introduced one of his newest track to the fans at the party, and no one had ever heard “No Way Back” before. After playing Hurley’s track, Larry Thompson asked Adonis if he could play “No Way Back”, so he played, and the whole place lost their minds. All the DJs asked what the f*ck was that, who made that track – then Larry Thompson told Adonis, that he’ was on the map now. After that, Larry Sherman from Trax Records pulled Adonis to the side and gave him his business card.

About that classic, his friend Marshall Jefferson said with deep respect that No Way Back had been out and was hitting really hard, and everyone thought it would be a good idea to have Adonis down for co-production.

Enya – Boadicea (1986)
March 22, 2010

Taken from 1986 LP – on Atlantic records.

I know, I know how cant it jump from Silvah bullet to Enya? I’ve no idea but I have had this song in my head all day so just had to let it out. Haunting.