Total Science – Archive [2009]
February 26, 2014

Only available as far as I know on various Hospital Records compilation which is a shame because a crackin’ little rolling tune. Definately harking back to early Hospital Records vibes with a nice slab of sweeping basslines and twinkly synths. It’ll not win any awards for innovation but give it a listen, I guarantee you’ll be rocking by the end of it.

Bertie Blackman – Town of sorrow (Mic Newman remix) [2009]
October 7, 2012

Town of sorrow? Well, its not that bad but my month long hiatus is predominantly due to deadlines and a general lack of access to new music. Having your work ‘net restricted can be a real pain in the ass!

Anyway, I grabbed this off a cracking mix by a DJ called Andrew Lord, who does a bunch of his own remixes. He’s got a cracking eye for really deep but groovy house music and this banger is no exception. Sure, it takes it time to get going but the vocal riff from the original Town Of Sorrow is slotted in at the perfect point. A solid 3 minute buildup to a vocal breakdown that just kicks the track up a notch when that beat comes back in.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Keep your dance music simple folks, its always going to be better that way!

Mr Lif – I Heard It Today [2009]
March 28, 2012

Another corker from Mr Lif, this time the title track from the socially conscious album of the same name. Without a doubt, Lif has a gift for wrapping the Zeitgeist up in some bloody incredible rhymes. A commentary on the financial crisis that kicked into overdrive in 2009, holding up a mirror to the state of modern day society. The actual composition itself is excellent as well, the electronic tip really works with the frantic lyrical delivery. Quality.

Bomb The Bass – Black River (Gui Boratto Remix) [2009]
September 28, 2011

What an incredible remix from Gui Boratto, preserving the wonderfully melancholic vocals but dropping it over a completely different flavor of composition. Darky, haunting but slightly uplifting with a slice hint of malevolence. The track is a masterstroke of electronic, giving all the big boys a run for their money. You can find this masterpiece either on the 12″ release of Black River or alternatively on the incredible album from Bomb The Bass, Future Chaos. If you dont have this album, rectify that immediately, its chuffin’ amazing.

A great review of Future Chaos from Bomb The Bass

London Elektricity – Just One Second (Apex Remix) [2009]
June 13, 2011

Taking the fairly anemic London Elektricity track, Just One Second and laying the hell out of with with a fantastic string section giving it the body that the original so sorely lacked. Cant fault Apex for that, keep the remix simple where you can and you’ll almost always have a winner. Quality.

Quick thanks to my old man for hooking me up with this one. Quality linkage Dad!

Vieux Farka Touré – Fafa (J-Boogie remix) [2009]
March 16, 2011

Nice fat beats from J-Boogie taking this View Farke Toure track up and above the original for me. A perfect slice of downtempo pseudo-world/alternative business. Vieux Farka Toure is one of my favourite global artists, with his own unique style and sound that fuses many popular genre’s together into an intoxicating melting pot. A great way to ease into Wednesday!

Percy Filth Feat Stig of the dump, Sonnyjim, Dr Syntax & DJ Weetamix – Elbow Grease [2009]
January 11, 2011

YES! Huge track from Percy Filth et al, found on the the excellent Elbow Grease EP. The lyrics are snappy, irreverent and agressive and match the rawness of the mad chop up backing track from Weet-A-Mix. Mental.

On an unrelated note, we obliterated the visit count yesterday, seems there’s a LOT of Shamen fans out there, we hit 130+ unique hits, helped in no small part to William Orbit retweeting the link on his twitter feed. Much respect, nice one.

The Third Degree – Mercy [2009]
October 14, 2010

Duffy I can take or leave, I dont find many of her tracks all that inspiring. However, on the other hand, The Third Degree do a funk and soul packed cover of Mercy that blows the original away. Frankly, they could cover all of her tracks like this, absolute belter this.

Florence & The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Leo Zero Remix) [2009]
August 6, 2010

Taken off the CD of the same name, ignore the middle of the road popness of the original, skip the adventurous but ultimately tedious Lionheart remix and make a b-line straight for this absolute stormer from Leo Zero.

Preserving the parts of the vocal that are actually harmonic, Zero knocks up the piano with some huge strings and keeps the tempo at a steady 100bpm. Its an anthemic, all encompassing remix that totally shadows the original.

The Sound Stylistics – The Taking of Peckham 343 [2009]
June 29, 2010

Yeeeaaaaaahhh! Seriously kick ass funk beast this one from The Sound Stylistics, a group of guys representing some of the very best session players in the UK today. This one has a great soundtrack-esque feel to it, embodying some of the golden themes of funk from back in the 70’s Blaxploitations days. Its got probably one the greatest breaks in history and anyone in their right mind should be rocking out at that point at the very least. Absolutely banging.

From Discogs
This group consists of some of the best musicians on the planet, and a veritable who’s who on the London funk scene, featuring the classic JTQ rhythm section of James Taylor (organ), Gary Crockett (bass) and Neil Robinson (drums) alongside guitarists Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds) and Mark Van der Gucht (Galliano).