Mary Kiani – Let the Music Play (Perfecto Radio Mix) [1996]
July 8, 2011

Cracking progressive house banger from Kiani and Perfecto, so much better than the original. I have to admit I do rather like the Perfecto vocal more but since there’s no copy of it anywhere, the radio edit will have to do. Its a pretty standard Progressive House offering but thats no bad thing, with some excellent production from Oakie.

Our House – Floor space (Balls ‘n’ All Mix) [1996]
June 23, 2011

Forget about all the other mixes, you want only this one. Released on Perfecto, its one of those crossover trance tracks put out on Perfecto that got caned by Oakie et al. For the most part, the track is a pretty middle of the road filler track, it bounces along happily, until you realise it is in fact just a four minutue buildup to the main event. That brutal 303 riff that comes cutting through the track at 4 mins in is a slice of acid drenched joy! WICKED.

Our House – Floor space (Balls ‘n’ All Mix) [1996]
November 5, 2010

A perfecto classic that takes WAY to long to get going but when it does, its like being hit in the face with a trance brick. I dug this off Fluro 1 from Oakenfold. The first few minutes of the track bounce along happily, with that familiar Perfecto sound, bouncy, trancy… Then after about four minutes, the track goes dark… menacing… and then that acid riff drops and off you go. The latter half of the track is pure banging Progressive Trance bliss.


Virus – Sun (Man With No Name Remix) [1995]
April 26, 2010

How do you take one of the best Progressive House tunes of the decade and make it more awesome? Ask Martin Freeland aka Man With No Name as this remix is the definition of unbelievable. Up goes the tempo, in comes a brutal kick drum and so many layers you could be listening to six different tracks. Whats particularly excellent is how the track doesnt slide into Psytrance – its Prog House roots are preserved but updated to be even more stellar a track.

Martin, your a fucking genius mate. What a tune.

The Infinity Project – Stimuli [1995]
November 19, 2009

Simon Posford does it again with this Psytrance / Progressive stormer. It found itself being caned by Oakie on his legendary Goa Mixes, subsequently appearing on every Fluro mix album and from that point, in just about every trance and progressive house set going. The dark bass keeps the track pounding along, the sprinkling of classic ambience vocals and a face ripping synth riff make it a standout.

From Discogs
Raja Ram, a trained jazz flautist and member of the 1960’s band Quintessence, formed The Infinity Project in 1989 along with Graham Wood. In December of that year they organised their first party and played their first primitive tracks. Over the next few years The Infinity Project started releasing their first material on labels such as Fabulous and Dragonfly Records. Then in 1994, Raja Ram and Graham Wood, along with Ian St. Paul, formed the legendary Goa Trance label TIP Records.

Simon Posford (Hallucinogen), although not a full member of The Infinity Project has co-produced/engineered many of their tracks, and has a long-standing friendship and musical partnership with Raja Ram. Other notable collaborators include Martin Freeland (Man With No Name) and Nick Barber (Doof). By 1998 The Infinity Project had split-up, with Raja Ram and Graham Wood concentrating on their other projects.