Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Dibby Dougherty + David Young’s ‘DhARMA’ Mix) [2011]

First off, I reckon Kate Bush’s original stomps the shit out of Placebo’s cover. However, thats only because its a masterpiece. Placebo’s cover is a superb homage to the original with Brian Molko’s scratchy, manevolent lyrics tearing a canyon through the arrangement as only Placebo can. Enter Dibby Dougherty and David Young. Two producers I know almost nothing about offering up their DhARMA remix on soundcloud for free? Why? God only knows, this track is a total corker. Pure, unapologetic progressive house in every sense of the word. Retaining a good portion of the original composition but layering the shit out of it is order of the day here, giving it a depth I think the Placebo cover sorely lacked. Sure, Kate still has this down and there are a couple of remixes that better it but I have to hand it to the guys, this is a fucking stormer. A guaranteed dancefloor destroyer.


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