Alpines – Empire (Creep Remix)[2012]
June 14, 2013

Well now the pressure is easing at work, I can go to work on getting this blog more frequently updated! The Alpines are a trio from South London, Bob Matthews (guitar and production) and Catherine Pockson (pianist, singer/songwriter). They have kicked out some really stellar downtempo, atmospheric crackers over the years and this is no exception. Taken from the EP of the same name which incidentally is a cracking buy in its own right, this remix by Creep is an absolute stormer. Preserving the vocals and adding a deep and dark flavor to the arrangement, you get a fantastically forward looking electronica track.

Sister Sledge – Lost in music (Dimitri from Paris remix) [2012]
January 16, 2013

I have no idea how I missed this from March 2012. Its no secret that I think “Lost In Music” is one of the greatest tracks ever released with the Nile Rogers re-edit being the creme of the crop. That is, until now because I think Dimitri gives ole Nile a serious run for his money. The intro goes in a completely different and absolutely wonderful direction, going with a string intro that is just INSPIRED. What a way to kick off a track everyone knows, then your back into familiar territory but keeping it entirely intrumental, Dimitri drops in the accapella and its just so fucking GOOD. The track is sped up about 10% which gives it even more punch, its a absolutely brilliant remix, completely and totally awesome. Play this LOUDLY on repeat while I get out of this chair and start dancing round the office.

Dadub – Refraction [2012]
August 8, 2012

Now this is what you call ambient electronica, a journey through some of the lushest soundscapes you can imagine. Clocked this from the Electronic Explorations podcast courtesy of Rob Booth and I strongly suggest you go subscribe.

As for Dadub, what else is there to say other than stick it on, close your eyes and let it wash you away.

Strange Rollers – Preachin Jazz [2012]
March 27, 2012

Caught this banger on Billy Daniel Bunter’s Monday Music podcast and what a tune it is, easily one of the best tracks ive heard in a while. It is most definately channelling the likes of Alex Reese, Earl Grey with the heavy Jazz slant but manages to make it sound ridiculously fresh. The break is super clean, the vocal stabs are perfect but that jazzy vibe is pure bottled sunshine. Absolutely perfect.

George Benson – Give Me The Night [1980]
January 1, 2012

One of the smoothest disco funk tracks your ever likely to hear from one of the most gifted artists of the genre. I defy anyone not to tap their feet and nod their heads to this classic. Its been remixed a ton of times, some of them pretty good (I even up’d one on here way back in 08) but nothing beats the original. It was written by Rod Temperton, who’s other contributions to music include Thriller and Rock With You. Not bad for a pasty white Englishman!

Another milestone for 2012 is that last night we passed 8K unique views to “From The Cans”. Which is incredible since this site is just over 3 years old and I never thought anyone would read it other than Fiver! So thank you all very much and have a great 2012!