The Poem – G. Cheung aka Nookie aka Cloud Nine [1993]
November 14, 2014

I heard a deep house track that had an almost identical baseline synth earlier this week which got me thinking of this cracker from Nookie aka Gavin Cheung. A man that needs almost no introduction as he is responsible for some classic early to Mid-Nineties Hardcore and Drum n’ Bass cuts.

This track has a real crossover flavour with shades of House, hardcore and even acid techno from around that period of late 93. Definately not a track you would have heard a lot of around that time, I dont ever recall hearing this on any mix, with the Wave Station track from the double A side of this EP getting the most air time. A shame really because this track really does feel light years ahead of its time.

Renegade feat Ray Keith – The Terrorist (PA Mix) [1994]
December 13, 2009

6 minutes of ruffness. Absolutely legendary DnB cut from Ray Keith. Immediately recognisable, everyone knows that drop is comming but that bassline is out of this world. Literally WROTE the book on rollin’ – love it.

Incidentally, the Piano is sampled from Japan’s “The Nightporter” taken from their 1980 LP “Gentlemen Take Polaroids”.

From Discogs
Whoever listens this timeless Breakbeat classic “Terrorist” by Ray Keith & Gavin Cheung (A.K.A. Nookie) for the first time will never imagine what comes right after the opening dramatic pianos taken from Japan’s “The Nightporter”: an oscillating bassline from Kevin Sauderson’s classic “Just Want Another Chance” (1988) as Reese and the Amen Break based Breakbeat storm (sampled from the complete drum solo drop out of “Amen, Brother” by The Winstons, 1969) that would cause a very singular impact on the history of Jungle & Drum n’ Bass. As a natural consequence, “Terrorist” was included on many important compilations such as ‘Drum & Bass Selection 2’, ‘Jungle Fever Vol. 1 – The Jungalistic Revolution’, ‘Jungle Mania 2’, ‘The Ultimate Jungle Collection’, ‘Radio Dreamscape Volume One’, ‘World Dance – The Drum + Bass Experience’, among others.
Although there is no credits on the sleeve or label for Nookie, he was with Ray Keith the composer and producer of this single.