The Psychopaths – Nightmares [1991]
February 1, 2011

First off, im so glad I never heard this in a club. Im not sure i’d be able to take it, Krueger scared the shit out of me as a kid and im not sure a dancefloor would have been the best place to relive those memories.

However, thats not to say the track is a bad one, on the contrary, its a total belter. That sub base is a brutal, writhing monster of a sound, chopped into tiny pieces by the breakbeat and interspersed with as many fucked up Krueger samples as you can find. The choir riff is just plain evil, damn, just so dark. At a time where Ital-Piano tunes were dominating the setlists, this fella creeps in and brings all the party kids crashing back down. Albeit, with a big ass grin your face. YES!

From Discogs
This kind of masterpiece only comes once in a life time. First time I heard this was on Jeff Mills’s Liquid Room 2000, I searched and searched and found it on Discogs Track ID. I don’t know how to describe the tracks. Jeff played from B-side, which has tools. What really thrilled me was A-side, the track makes the time and space totally paranoid: the children chorus, and samples and main female vocal, this is a pleasure nightmare. A real masterpiece. I believe this must have been the inspiration to Surgeon’s Waiting For Me.