Rood Project – Thunder [1994]
November 25, 2011

Legendary track from the man who would become Bay B Kane, Mel Tanur. Its got an even split of 94 dark Jungle and what would soon become “Intelligent” DnB, supposedly one of the very first. Regarless of its lineage, the quality of this track cannot be overlooked. The break work is top notch with Amens and a cheeky shaker break layered perfectly. Add those haunting strings and a rough as hell bassline and its easy to see why its such a winner. Bona fide classic tune.

From Discogs
This is my favourite drum n bass tune of all time. Many people seem to have forgotten it ever existed. It was ground breaking in many ways, I consider it to be ‘the first’ “intelligent” drum n bass track, a good few months before Bukem started doing the same sound. The track starts of with lush strings and female vox “ooh” “ahh”, etc… the intro is loooooong, before dropping into HUGE mashed up amen and HEAVY bass that might destroy you’re speaker if you’re not careful. Totally underrated and awesome.