Mega’Lo Mania – The Finest [1994]
January 18, 2011

Kicking off this short week with an absolute BELTER. If your going to do Hard Trance, your first stop should be Nils Ruzicka and Ramon Zenker as Mega’lo Mania. This for me is probably their best offering by a mile, keeping the vibe really positive, great string work and a couple of synth riffs so catchy, they’ll destroy pretty much any dancefloor.

From Discogs
The Finest is a simple-sounding, but very good tune. It has a positive feel, and a good flow. The extra track Antasy maybe takes some time to really enjoy, but is a very underrated track! However, in my ears, Gozzle is way off here. Keeps little of the feel of the original, offers nothing new, is slow and boring. Probably there are people that like this style also, but it has nothing to do with Mega ‘Lo Mania…

If you have the opportunity to buy the original single, I would recommend that over this one. However, this one is definitely worth the money also, just ignore Gozzle 🙂

Mega’Lo Mania – Moonsign [1994]
November 30, 2010

Oh dear lord yes. Here is it. This track has let me loose in many a club and its not hard to see why. Its a really slow builder, gradually layering all the parts of the track on top of each other but when its get to the peak, man its so worth it. Hugely anthemic, arms in the end and then… out of nowhere…. an AMEN BREAK !! Dear god yes! At that point I am lost.. you cant get me back… im in it for the long haul… arms in the air, surrounded by strobes and dry ice… silhouettes in the fog, smiling faces. A track that simply embodies some of the finest nights out ive ever had. Beautiful, thank you again Mr Ramon Zenker!

Mega’Lo Mania – Time (Club Mix) [1996]
November 30, 2010

Another one from the extremely talented producer, Ramon Zenker. Its such an incredible hard trance banger this one. Huge trancey string synths give this track an anthemic kick to the nuts, grabs you by the lapels and drags you onto the dancefloor. Nicely layered with some complex 303 business and a heavy kick drum but bottom line, this is all about the anthemic tint to the track which is pretty rare for a hard trance track. Get in!

Exit EEE – Wheels Of Motion [1993]
November 30, 2010

Wow, 303 mastery in this banger from the B-Side of Exit EEE’s Epidemic 12″ – Jurgen Driessen and Ramon Zenker show some great Hard Trance mastery for the whole 6 minutes. Awesome.

From Discogs
Jurgen Driessen and Ramon Zenker create a infectious trance classic with Epidemic, a very popular club ecstacy fuelled tune from the 90’s. The diamond though has to be ” Wheels of Motion “, a much overlooked and unknown progressive acid trancer which sounds somewhat Hardflooresque and has a simple yet very effective drum beat pattern in it and a lovely crisp 303.

Wait for the middle of the track though when another cracking squelching 303 line comes in which drives and intensifies the track!