Castle Trancelott – Indoctrinate [1995]
July 8, 2011

Belting trance number from Mr Patrick Prins, as the title track for the fantastic Indoctrinate EP. Its a dark unrelenting tune with some cracking sweeping strings that just soars over your head. Whether packed into a club or in a field, its just one of those tracks that sweeps you up and carries you for miles. All the time, trying to not look down because the evil bassline beneath you is just waiting to eat you alive!

From Discogs
Patrick Prins was responsible for this masterpiece, as well as most of the quality underground house at the time. ‘Indoctrinate’ is quite possibly the greatest house record ever made. Everytime I listen to it I get chills up my spine… The word ‘atmospheric’ really doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Ignore the remixes that have come since, track down the original mix and sit back and soak it all in! Perfect!

A top class release from Mr Prins himself, the Way Out West mix takes the original Indoctrinate into a different league with a phat, plodding bassline which underpin’s the entire track. It continues to swirl and chug along until the mosterous acidic break down 2/3rd’s of the way though. A real grit your teeth and go for it moment, this tune turned dancefloors to pulp and had dozens of spotters leaning over the booth, trying to pick the name up. Side B was even stronger, with the almighty ‘Gloom’ which went on to feature on the seminal Sasha & Digweed ‘Northern Exposure’ mix CD. It is a seriously dark and brooding beast that drives along with an energy level that’s hard to beat. The break down offers spooky FX, haunting chants, and a bass line lower than a snakes belly. The off beat claps of thunder sound enormous on a big system, and the kick is absoultely nailed to the mutha fckin ground. Tunes like this will sound amazing in another 10 years time, let alone today. If your a DJ, next time you have a sweaty club with a low ceiling and a good sound system, play the Gloom and engrave your set in to the memory of the punters for the rest of their lives.

Mary Kiani – Let the Music Play (Perfecto Radio Mix) [1996]
July 8, 2011

Cracking progressive house banger from Kiani and Perfecto, so much better than the original. I have to admit I do rather like the Perfecto vocal more but since there’s no copy of it anywhere, the radio edit will have to do. Its a pretty standard Progressive House offering but thats no bad thing, with some excellent production from Oakie.

Our House – Floor space (Balls ‘n’ All Mix) [1996]
June 23, 2011

Forget about all the other mixes, you want only this one. Released on Perfecto, its one of those crossover trance tracks put out on Perfecto that got caned by Oakie et al. For the most part, the track is a pretty middle of the road filler track, it bounces along happily, until you realise it is in fact just a four minutue buildup to the main event. That brutal 303 riff that comes cutting through the track at 4 mins in is a slice of acid drenched joy! WICKED.

Virus – Sun (Man With No Name Remix) [1995]
April 26, 2010

How do you take one of the best Progressive House tunes of the decade and make it more awesome? Ask Martin Freeland aka Man With No Name as this remix is the definition of unbelievable. Up goes the tempo, in comes a brutal kick drum and so many layers you could be listening to six different tracks. Whats particularly excellent is how the track doesnt slide into Psytrance – its Prog House roots are preserved but updated to be even more stellar a track.

Martin, your a fucking genius mate. What a tune.