Acen – Close Your Eyes (xxx Mix) [1991]
March 1, 2011

You know, there’s been absolutely no Acen around these parts since I started the blog. Can you believe that, we have cruelly overlooked the contribution of one of the biggest hardcore acts in history! Well, time to put and end to that, kicking off with one of my favourites, the XXX Mix of Close Your Eyes. Yep, its the one you heard everywhere and for good bloody reason. Its a heavy breakbeat assault of epic proportions, lots of subbase, Public Enemy samples and that hypnotic “Close Your Eyes” vocal. Its all great… until that synth hits and then its a whole different ballgame. It just took a great hardcore track into legendary status BOOOOOOM!!! Here come the drums INDEED! Class!

From Discogs
If one tune encapsulates the genius of Acen for me, then “Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix)” is the one. I have never come accross another hardcore track which appears to squeeze a whole “rave” into it’s 7 minute running time.
With it’s energetic start to warm you up. “Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix)” then builds up in intensity with mentasmic rave stabs, Jim Morrison/Public Enemy samples and rolling breakbeats (NWA’s “Straight Out Of Compton”???). Then then the “rush” hits you near the end with these almost heavenly synths and exclamations of “ECSTACY!!!”.
For a non-drug user to feel such feelings of elation when hearing this track, just goes to show the sheer brilliance of Acen’s compositions. Throwaway, rave-crap??? Not a chance!

What can you say about this track? This track just says ‘Dreamscape and seriously good times’. Probably one tune Ill never ever get bored of hearing. Everyone talks about the Beatles sample but for me the killer line has always been the Jim Morrison [Doors]line…..”Just close your eyes….go insane”. Godammn this track STULL makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.11/10