Astralasia – Aloo [1994]
June 27, 2011

A beautiful piece of Psytrace from 1994, with more a focus on the relaxing nature of Goa rather than the up all night with your head full of madness rocking out. Simply breathtaking in its execution, it retains a decent amount of beat so you dont get bored. The strings are just phenomenal, all encompassing and lush. Total perfection.

From Discogs
‘Aloo’ really does make this cd worth tracking down and it is only available in this format to my knowledge unfortunately. First heard it only within the last few months on a rather anonymous digital-only radio station called ‘Chill’, appropriately enough, a station with no dj waffle but with a playlist that sounds like someone’s iPod on permanent shuffle; however this track would always be a welcome re-appearance.

The title track currently sounds a little dated but ‘Aloo’ offers timeless wholesome uplifting ambience that really is a joy to hear; smiles all round when played I assure. ‘Zero Celsius’ whilst of the same gentle ambient persuasion, and by no means a dud track, nevertheless after ‘Aloo’ sounds rather average by comparison.

The title of this release is an Arabic term meaning “hashish eater” and is the origin of the English word “assassin” – I don’t know if that’s relevant to this release but it’s a great bit of trivia! The title-track Hashishin is a 130bpm dance track with a positive vibe and a cheerful “to a better place” refrain – it’s nice enough, maybe slightly poppy, but the key track on this EP is the second one. Aloo is quite simply a totally divine piece of floaty, trancey, beat-led chill-out music. This fades into the equally chilled Zero Celsius giving you a quarter-hour of very pleasant and relaxed listening …whatever you’re eating. 😉