Kevin Energy & Proteus – London Helsinki Underground [2004]
March 19, 2012

Right. Time for some face melting hardcore. Yes, thats right, some ridiculously high bpm, acid riffs that will split you in half and a light sprinkling of cheddar because really, you cant take Monday too seriously now can you?

So Kevin Energy is one of the longest running hardcore producers in the business, hell the guy had his own radio show on DreamFM back in 1994 aged 15. While ive heard plenty of tat from Energy, this track is taken from what I would consider to be classic KE production. Mental synth manipulation at 168bpm with a ferocious kick drum and enough buildups and drops that your brain is jelly by the end of it.

So, if your Monday feels a bit sedentiary, kick it in the face with this banger.