Acen – Trip II The Moon (Kaleidoscopiklimax Mix) [1993]
March 1, 2011

The final mix of the wonderful Trip II The Moon series, called the Kaleidoscopiklimax Mix but for many it’ll always be affectionally known as Trip II The Moon Part 3. In a major departure from the first two, you’ve got a whole ton of new samples, the break is different with a completely different feel. If part two was the Darkside, this is the Melancholic side. If almost to acknowledge the final sunset of hardcore as it began to fracture into Jungle/Drum & Bass darkness and over the top Hardcore Cheese, The Kaleidoscopiklimax mix is a wry nod to the years and sounds before it. Its got the lot, heavy basslines, that huge piano break in the middle, the banging synth riffs and all the chipmunk samples you could want. The closing piano just caps off the greatness of the tune, building back up into the last hurrah. A legendary track that in my opinion never got the attention it deserved. Likely because the scene it was reminiscing had already moved on. Awesome.

From Discogs
I accidentally heard “Kaleidascopiklimax” very recently in an old mix i did, And i dare i say it, That is one of the only records in my collection that nearly reduces me to tears when i hear it. Not only that, But the flip side “obsessed 2” is pretty much more of the same, Its all very emotional, but its that very thing that makes this record what it is. Powerful stuff, not many oldskool breakbeat records can do that to a grown man.

Mr. Acen Razvi, the man behind the amazing “Trip To The Moon” series and considered part of Production House amazing talents, surprised everyone with the B Siede of his (Kaleidoscopiklimax) single, Honoring the Junglists greatest tradition of Breakbeat samples: “Obsessed II (Pictures Of Silence)” got no less than the drummers of “Funky Mule”, a classic by Ike Turner’s Kings Of Rhythm of 1969. On the A Side you can hear “We’re On The Move”, a sample of a timeless classic by Sinnamon (by the way one of the greatest male vocals of the dance music history); Eric B & Rakim are also remembered with a fragment of “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em”.