X-Static – Free [1991]
April 4, 2011

Oh yes, y’all know this. The track samples the cracking vocal hook of “The sounds in the air will make you move and groove” from Jomanda’s On Top (Of The Groove) from 1986. It then drops in a great rumbling moog-y bassline and rolling break, tosses in that synth riff that is so cheesetastic you cant help but grin and then tops it off with a piano riff that can rip the roof off any place. The pace was slow enough that you could find it mixed into house sets, bridging different hardcore break tempo’s and drops very nicely into an array of R&S techno releases from around the same time. An oft overlooked classic.

From Discogs
I bought this records about 11 or 12 years ago when I was about 14 or 15 years old and here in the Midwest, USA, was having trouble finding oldschool hardcore, acid house and other classic dance music. I bought some records from an online dealer, but he was out of stock of one of the records I ordered so he returned some of my money and sent copy of “Free” for free as an apology for the part of my order he couldn’t fill, he said he thought I would like it based on previous purchases of mine. I had actually thought about buying it as I had heard it before online, but having the actual vinyl it became one of my favorite oldschool tracks, The original version has such a nice vibe and the remix was always good for raging or rolling or while otherwise altered. The production isn’t extremely clean, it’s ind of dark and murky (?) in parts, especially on the remix which adds to its ravey vibe. And the vinyl is heavy and pressed super loud. You can always find copies real cheap here on discogs and it’s more than worth picking one up if you’re into this era of breakbeat and dance music, and it in my opinion it’s one of the best earlier releases on Production House,