Empress – Captain (James Yuill Remix) [2010]
October 18, 2010

Fantastic downtempo electronica remix from James Yuill. Heavy on the atmospheric but saturated in electronic goodness. Beautiful track.

From IndieShuffle.com
For a new band, getting your music out there to be listened to is crucial. One successful approach that is often employed is working with another established artist to produce a remix that raises eyebrows in both fan camps. Such was the case for Empress and James Yuill.
Formed in 2009, Empress already has a reputation for epic live performances. They’ve been described as “super talented and seriously addictive.” The band is made up by Janee (Vocals), Charlie Westropp (Guitar), Ben Athey (Drums), Owen Taylor (Guitar) and John Stevens (Bass). The original track, a darker electronic version of this remix, will be released November 1st, and can be streamed here.
James Yuill has evidently been flexing his remix muscles. He recently posted a collection of old remixes that were done quite a while back (mixed on headphones, apparently a no-no), including a few of Broadcast 2000 and one of Au Revoire Simone (today’s Bonus Song of the Day).
The contrast between those remixes and this brand new remix of the track “Captain” by Empress is astounding. Evidently, it makes all the difference when James puts his headphones on.