Doof – Sunshrine [1996]
June 27, 2011

Fantastic atmospheric goa trancer from one of the masters of the genre. Its an amazinly simple sounding track but its so layered with crowd pleasing strings and synths that you cant help but get drawn in. Great great track.

From Discogs
Here we have another early classic from the goa heyday. Doof has kind of dropped off the face of the earth as of late, but Let’s Turn On was a major ripping album of its time. The title track is well known as the opening track of the uber-classic TIP Yellow, put there is plenty of other good stuff here. Angelina rips it up something fierce as does Destination Bom. Mars Needs Women also needs no introduction to old-timers. While is album isn’t quite of Twisted, TIP Color series caliber, it is definately a smoking old goa classic which all fans of the older sounds should own. 8/10

The first CD by Nick Barber alias ┬┤Doof┬┤… Released in the prime-time of trippy, psychedelic Goa-Trance music, 1996.
This is the typical sound of that era… every track is a trip of its own. After a slow intro, the song becomes more and more complex with a lot of effects, 303 lines, staccato-beats, synths, voice-samples etc.—- The true definition of Goa.
Every track is brillant in its own way. Perhaps one of the best CD ever made in this genre.