Sphinx feat Sabrina Johnston – What Hope Have I (Our Tribe Mix) [1995]
February 6, 2013

Get in! Is there anything better than hearing Sabrina Johnston opening her pipes and belting out a face tearing vocal for 6 minutes? The rest of the track is a pretty laid back house bouncer that as per usual gets trounced by Johnstons amazing voice. One of many a vocal house tune released in 1995 but often overlooked for the bigger crowd pleasers. Junior Vasquez gave this a more banging workout with his Junior Factory Dub/Mix but for me, as with most of Johnston’s tracks, its all filler. Let Sabrina do what she does best and give it a bass drum!

Sugar Bear – Dont Scandalize Mine [1988]
February 2, 2011

“Call me a star, watch me shine”

Top Drawer Hip Hop classic. You gotta have some balls to sample the Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime doubly so. But this doesnt just nail it, it knocks it out the park. Absolutely epic. The lyrics are pitch perfect, conscious and hype at the same time, guaranteed to destroy anything in its path.

Theres a great write up over at Jesse Serwers blog with an interview with the man himself, Sugar Bear.

Nobody knew I was making a record. When I made ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine,’ I wasn’t even out there telling people this is what I am doing. I think I was just making a record because everybody else was doing it. I was just like ‘Yo, this is what I’m doing’ and this guy Paul Shabazz, who shared the studio with Hank Shocklee at 510 South Franklin, said, ‘I think we got something.’ We did two cuts, both at Web’s house, ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine” and “Ready to Penetrate.’ ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine’ means mind your business. I’m good with metaphors, I make up shit. That’s just a saying I made up. On the first demo, the beat on ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine’ was real slow.

Continue reading over at Jesse’s blog…

Royal House – Can You Party (Club Mix) [1988]
November 29, 2010

Absolutely massive, banging house track with a higher tempo than most releases of the time. The synth stabs drive the track along with plenty of sing along vocal stabs and the unrelenting “Can You Feel It!” sample dominating the track. A proper shape thrower in the classic sense of the word.

From Discogs
1988 Acid House explosion wouldn’t be the same without this anthem. Although this wonderfull title doesnt feature any 303 bassline it brings the same energy on the dance floor. Another unreleased dub version coupled with Tyree’s classic ‘Acid Over’is featured in the famous video ‘The Evil Acid Baron show’ the same year. The result is a pure mental effect!

Robin S – Show Me Love (Original Extended Mix) [1992]
May 16, 2010

Possibly one of the greatest tracks ever released onto the dancefloor, most people wont confess to loving it but the moment it gets dropped the place WILL go nuts, no exceptions. Ive always preferred the Original Mix but AKA does a great job of doubling the length of the track, keeping it DJ friendly but interesting enough to not get repetetive.

What is it that makes this so legendary? The Korg synth riff is clean, deep and iconic and Ms Stones voice just offsets the synth perfectly. The minute her opening “Aaaaaaaahhh” kicks in your cerebellum lights up and somewhere deep inside you just knows that your about to have a LOT of fun. Its as simple a house track as your ever likely to find but it does everything right, in fact, if I had any criticism, it would be that pathetic 4 beat but since that was par for the course at the time, i’ll let it go!

Since its release in 1992, this track has had multiple additional release cycles usually adding different mixes every time. You’ve got trance, pop, hard house, techno remixes of the accapella but out of all of them, I would say that StoneBridge nails it but best remix.

Robin S – Show Me Love StoneBridge Remix