The Beastie Boys – Jimmy James [1992]
August 22, 2014

It took me a while to really get into the Beasties. By the time they had put out Pauls Boutique, I was neck deep in hardcore breaks, rave and techno and sorta just missed all their releases around the golden period of 1989-1996. I was actually fortunate enough to go to one of their last Wembley concerts (with backstage pass) and had an absolute blast. I would say it was that concert that had me revisit their back catalogue. That and my better half reminding me how incredible Pauls Boutique is.

This being the first release AFTER Paul’s Boutique had showcased the Beastie Boys talent for breaking out of the mould they had been shoehorned into, it had some huge shoes to fill. To be honest, I think I may actually say that this track stands alone, better than any one track from Pauls Boutique. Its mature, its got some great rhymes and the beat is top notch. Whereas the entire album of Paul’s Boutique stands together as a twelve course meal of sample mayhem, Jimmy James is like the best damn burger you have ever eaten. Taken on its own, its a bloody masterpiece.


US3 – Cantaloop [1992]
April 4, 2011

Dedicated to my good mate Moiz who’s leaving for pastures new, heading to Germany today. He dropped this classic on me a couple of weeks ago, i’d forgotten all about it too which is criminal as I used to cane the shit out of this track. Taking a massive chunk of Herbie Handcock’s “Cantaloupe Island” and sticking a quality rhyme section over the top makes this one of my all time favourite Acid Jazz tunes. Yep, I said it, Acid Jazz. Remember that? Before Jamiroquai took it all for himself and corporatized the whole genre, we had classic Jazz tracks being remixed with funky hip hop Rhythms and modern synth work? Quality stuff.

From Discogs
One heck of an amazing Acid Jazz track this is. With the fusion of hip-hop beats and trumpets, it really packs a punch to listen to. Definitely a song to listen when in any mood; the upbeat has been able to calm me down in my most difficult times. This is one heck of a great track from US3.

Mantronix – Got To Have Your Love [1989]
December 9, 2010

Yet another example of a huge vocal leading the track. Wondress does an incredible job on this track with Kurtis and Toure keeping the rest of the arrangement simple. The bassline is an instant classic though, immediately recognizable and complements the vocal perfectly. This track along with “Take Your Time” literally propped up Mantronix second album, “This Should Move Ya” but its well worth a look.