Mad Doctor X – 7even feat Cappo, D-Love, Don 1, Frisco, Navigator & Terra [2000]
September 9, 2011

My favourite track of the amazing Project X Pt2 EP from Mad Doctor X, such a smooth vibe with some amazing production and insane lyrical gymnastics. Yet another example of why Carter remains one of the best producers of any kind of breakbeat lead music in the UK. Granted, the album was released over 10 years ago but the fact this still gets heavy caning all over the place is a testament to the popularity not just of this album but of Carter himself. Amazing.

From Discogs
The undercover alter-ego of incredible Bruce Banna-like hip-hop veteran DJ Jason Carter. On the scene for years since he first blew up with Blapps Posse and Don’t Hold Back (released in 1990 and repressed 57 times since) the Mad Doctor has been busy working in the lab conducting his illicit experiments and concocting his ill beats in various disguises ever since: London Funk Allstars and DJ Toolz on Ninja Tune, Clusterfunk on Cooltempo, and most recently as Mad Doctor X on Freskanova. He may also be familiar as the man providing all the scratches on The Freestylers’ recent records.