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Clivilles & Cole – Pride (A Deeper Love) [1992]
February 6, 2012

How about we go the other way, this is a track that Aretha covered a couple of years AFTER Deborah Cooper lent her considerable vocal talent to this classic from Clivilles & Cole. This was a medium level hit for the boys, shame because its as classic a house track as any other. Lots of vocal talent from Cooper, lots of hallmark C&C funky bassline business.

A couple of years later, Aretha covered this track, turning it from a housey banger into a soul stormer. It got remixed a ton of times, even Cliviles and Cole did a couple of remixes, no doubt due to their original involvement. While all of Aretha’s mixes are great, her original is the better but I have to say, in this case, Deborah Cooper’s original vocals still sound better to me!

Aretha Franklin – Think [1968]
February 6, 2012

Almost immediately after Atlantic released “Baby Sweet Baby” they released this stormer from Franklin, launching a full on Soul Assault in the Billboard Top 100. Another track showcasing why Aretha retains her crowd as the queen of soul, its a high energy relentless soul pounder of biblical proportions. Naturally, this one went straight to the top until the Temptations knocked her off the top spot some 3 weeks later.

It found renewed popularity after the release of The Blues Brothers in 1980, in which Aretha actually starred. Still one of my favourite scenes from the movie to be honest. Cracking tune.

Aretha Franklin – Since You’ve Been Gone [1968]
February 6, 2012

Alright, lets get this week started properly, with a monster slice of Aretha. Possibly my favourite of all Franklin’s tracks is probably not her most instantly recognisable. But if your looking for raw Aretha vocal destruction, this is the place to start. Its an absolutely incredible soul track, busting at the seams with funk and heart. Taken from the truly inspired Lady Soul album, which in itself is rammed packed of classics, for me this is the definitive Aretha Franklin track. I wish every break up sounded this good!

Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (Bernard Edwards & Nile Rogers Remix) [1984]
January 12, 2012

Now thats a swing for the books. Echo and the Bunnymen to Sister Sledge! That said, looking at it objectively, its not that great a leap, both tracks are almost perfect representations of their genre.

The original Lost In Music was released in 1979 and I think my 1 year old mind heard this and latched on from that point since this is easily one of my top ten tracks of all time. I LOVE Lost In Music. The Edwards and Rogers remix done in 1984 encompasses what made the original so great and then beefed it up to make it DJ friendly. This is why you not only get an extra 40% of Sledge time thanks to the extended edit but you also get better build-ups and bridge sections to make it easier to mix in and out of. The end result is a master-stroke of re-editing.

There is not much that hasn’t already been said about Lost in Music, it was the Sisters biggest track by a long way, appealing to people that would have usually looked the other way at a “disco” track. I’ve heard this played everywhere from a club to Dave Lee Travis dropping it on a Sunday afternoon on Radio One back in the 80’s. A track that genuinely has mass appeal and for good reason, it reminds us all about those hedonistic times we have all had, wrapped up in a beat, a melody, a bassline, completely oblivious to whatever is going on leaving just you, the dance floor and the music. Simply amazing.

Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar [2010]
December 8, 2011

I caught this on the truly quality EatBeatz, Tasty Beatz 2 mix on mixcloud and it would appear Mr Aloe has completely passed under my radar. Formerly an mc/lyricist he decided to channel his vocal talents into an album chock full of classic sounding Soul and Funk cuts and its bloody incredible. This being the track he’s probably best known for and for good reason, its a blissful experience in really soulful sounding production. Very slick, tight lyrics, an absolute masterpiece in my opinion. Loved it!

Taken from “The Gizzle Review”
This is sure to hit a chord with much of the world’s population during the current ongoing economic crisis.

More so, it’s a great song. Soul music has been experiencing a revival over the last few years and I Need A Dollar fits neatly in this mould. It marks a return to traditional songwriting and motown sensibility, with a tight funk/soul band and smooth vocal. This wouldn’t sound out of place on a Stevie Wonder or Bill Withers album. It’s got a catchy hook, punchy piano and a message that everyone can get behind.

And yet, in this day and age, it sounds fresh and vibrant – a sure-fire summer hit. Along with Janelle Monae, Aloe Blacc is another young, funky black artist leading the way in the retro soul revival.

Give him a dollar, download this track (on 1st May) and play it all summer long.

Otis Redding – Change Is Gonna Come [1965]
October 5, 2011

Wow, just unbelievably good. Sure, Sam Cooke did the original and its fantastic in its own right but would you just LISTEN to that? Otis just owns this track, his voice is designed for this time of melancholy soul cut. What more can be said? This is one of those rare tracks that just speaks for itself. Stop reading, close your eyes and listen.

Bassomatic – Fascinating Rhythm (Lisa Loud Mix) [1990]
September 14, 2011

Probably one of the very best tracks released in 1990 and one of the very best examples of why electronic music became so huge. Since, this track isnt a house tune, nor is it a hardcore track. Its not techno, its not ragga, reggae or any other classification. Its all of them and none of them all at the same time. I also had no idea that Mr William Orbit was actually part of the Bassomatic crew, not that im surprised. Now I hear this track again and you can see his signature style all over it. Catchy hooks, rolling basslines, irreverent breaks in composition to keep the melody interesting but most of all, flawless production. The bass is pushed to the very limit of its range, so its loud without distorting, absolutely crucial to this track as the bassline is what dominates the entire track. I could gush about Fascinating Rhythm for hours, its without a doubt one of my favourite tracks of all time.

From Discogs
I remember very well hearing this for the first time aged just 9 years old on the Chart Show that used to be on Saturdays on ITV at 1200hrs, and i absolutely loved it. I think from that moment on, without realizing it, i knew i was going to end up being a music junkie. I still do to this very day. It’s all about the Lisa Loud remix here, odd because i never knew she provided the killer remix it until recently.

The track is a very odd hybrid of hip-hop tempo and break with a house feel and house sounds. The vocal is actually very good and fits perfectly. Those chrods are sublime and there are some nice keys in the chorus that compliment the vocals. It’s very hooky and very melodic.

It just goes to show how good those early acid house days really were, this tune is a melting pot of influences, whereas records today have to be neatly filed as house or techno, or trance, or dubstep which is not what music should be about.

2 For Joy – Let The Bass Kick (Heron Mix) [1991]
August 15, 2011

Yep, its the same name, its even the same title of the track but this couldnt be any more different to the Original Mix posted prior to this. Going for a more laid back, breaky funk/groove sound in no small part directly due to the bassline from “Memphis Soul Stew” and samples from “Whats Goin’ On?” by Marvin Gaye. One of my favourite tracks as a kid, I used to love sliding and grooving around the ole bedroom to this banger. A shame this never got more airplay!

Ann Peebles – Somebodys On Your Case [1972]
August 10, 2011

Absolutely faultless vocalist, Ann Peebles released tons of quality soul/funk tracks throughout the 70’s to huge critical acclaim. This is just one of those classics, funky as hell, conscious lyrics, buttery vocals. Perfection!

Un-Cut – Things You Do [2003]
August 1, 2011

Without a doubt, my favourite track on the whole of The Uncalculated Some. Its full on Jazz Funk DnB all the way with a breakdown that is just perfect! Get in!