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Sunset Regime – You Gotta Believe [1993]
February 5, 2014

Differing significantly from what would become Ramos, Supreme & The Sunset Regime’s seminal “You Gotta Believe”, this version by onle one of that triplet I believe actually predated its better known brother by a number of months. It was featured on the excellent Twice as Nice compilation from Fantazia and is far more a snapshot of what was happening late 1992 than what came about in the early months of 1993. Its a balls to the wall hardcore monster with huge pianos and phasered to fuck ravey synth sections all mashed together with that superb female vocal guaranteed to have you swinging from the rafters.

You can now buy this on Vinyl for the first time since release as Fantazia records have started to release their Album only classics as standalone vinyl EP’s.

From Discogs
Fantazia Sampler EP 3;
Following on from Fantazia’s Sampler EP #1 (1992) and Sampler EP #2 (2005) which feature tracks from the album ‘The First Taste’, this EP features 4 tracks from all three of Fantazia’s hardcore albums released between 1992 and 1994 – ‘The First Taste’, ‘Twice As Nice’, and ‘Made in Heaven’. Tracks A2, B1 and B2 have never been released unmixed or on vinyl before. Track A1 was originally released on the Chromatic II EP which is hard to find and sells for a decent amount.

Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime – Sunshine [1993]
July 22, 2011

what a cracker from the trio of terrific tunes, Ramos, Supreme and the Sunset Regime. These fella’s were untouchable back in 93 for their uplifting hardcore tracks Gotta Believe and Sunshine both featured on this same 12″. Its got a very faint cheese aroma, thanks to the box throwing sounds of the introductory synth riff. But get past this and your laughing, the riff is dropped early on for the squelchy bassline, strings and some piano business. Then the vocal drops and your head explodes. Later years had DJ’s pitching this up 15-20% to please the kids but be honest now folks, the breaky, stompy uplifting original speed is where its at. Classic.

From Discogs
For hardcore, 1993 was a year that most will remember for the quality dark tunes that were produced, but for those that liked hardcore tunes that featured piano and strings breakdowns then this release from Ramos, Supreme and Sunset Regime is a must. Both tracks were classics and were caned by all the top hardcore DJ’s. ‘Sunshine’ features a breakdown of strings and piano with “I wanna dream of the sun shining” vocals laid on top. ‘Gotta Believe’ in my personal opinion is the better track of the two, with a buildup of piano resulting in a huge breakdown of piano and strings that wants the listener yearning for more.

RIP Loleatta Holloway
March 22, 2011

Loleatta Holloway

Its a sad sad day for music. We lost one of the truly great female vocalists. In this day of autotune and refined marketability, Holloway continued to find cuts of her vocals in all manner of music, in many cases without any financial compensation. Her voice remains one of the most sampled in the history of music with Love Sensation being one of the most prolific accapella’s of all time.

I grew up with Loleatta Holloway’s voice, from the originals back in the early to mid Eighties to the rise of the sampler and House & Garage tunes from 1987 onwards. From that point on, I dont think ive heard more than 20 different electronic tracks before I find one with a vocal from Holloway. Ive lost the plot with her, i’ve danced around a field with her voice floating across the fields, heard in raves, mixtapes, hardcore, house, drum & bass, commercials, movie trailers, on my ipod about four times a day and i’d hazard a guess that she was playing the day I got married. There are very few artists that I know of that can claim to have been in the collective audio unconscious of sample based music lovers for almost four decades.

She was one of the truly great vocalists of our time and one that will be very sorely missed by me. In an effort to do any kind of justice to this memory, lets get the music underway.

RIP Loleatta Holloway, you were fucking amazing.

…the key to her appeal is that she doesn’t push herself too far to the front. The pleasure of listening to divas like Whitney or Rihanna is that it’s an aspirational experience – women want to be them, men want to be with them. Holloway is a different proposition: a collective experience, of mutual understanding and shared joy. She takes the utopian ideals of clubland – sex, community, abandon – and massively amplifies them back at the dancers, singing to each one of them and the club as a whole. As her voice surges onto and fills the dancefloor, it really does feel like we’re all getting stronger.
Taken from a Great Obituary from the Guardian

D.E.A. – Summer Vibe [1994]
December 4, 2010

Way back when, I picked up this cheeky little album called “Happy Hardcore 2”, released back when the term had barely gotten traction as a genre definition. While most of the album offered some pretty standard hardcore tracks, at the very end, was this absolute gem. Shunning cheesy shape throwing riffs for face tearing breaks, an absolutely HUGE bassline and a piano/vocal cut so uplifting you’d be swinging from the rafters in a heartbeat.

For me, D.E.A’s Summer Vibe is one of the best examples of proper Happy Hardcore, before all the cheese, integrating the crossover sound and skipping the four to the floor for big break sections. Its tracks like this that defined the post-hardcore sound for me. Truly perfect.