Kraze – The Party (Tunnel Mix) [1988]

There’s a riff, that I often find myself humming. On those rare occasions when I get a quiet moment, its a good chance that this riff will be there, floating around in the background. You might even say, its a riff that haunts me. That riff is the bassline to Kraze’s “The Party”. Its so damn perfect in its execution, its as if the sequence of notes were always meant to be played next to each other in this way. Like there really is no other way for them to be woven together.

Now that might sound a bit off the wall but stick with me. This came out in 1988, I was beginning to listen to House music, moving away from the hip hop and soul I had been listening to. There’s a good chance that I probably heard this, like so many others on a John Peel show on a Sunday night. But, like a handful of other tunes, this has a riff that has just stayed with me since that day. Its so simple, so iconic that its not hard to see why its such a beloved track by so many. Sure, the vocals can grate a little but you know you have a wry smile in the corner of your mouth when you head “Y’all want this party start right? Somebody Scream!”. Its a snapshot of everything that made these dance music releases so damn brilliant. Its got a huge slab of Detroit Techno in its veins with a bucketload of NY House sass thrown in for good measure. Its a song who’s sole purpose is to make you dance. At home, at work, on the bus, in a club, in a field, at your desk. Consider my Party well and truly started.


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